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My father and I were working with a local marina during their open house. We were explaining to one of their customers why restoring his used pontoon boat was a good idea.  I remember him telling me that for the price of buying new furniture and replacing his carpet, he could buy a new pontoon; then he laughed and walked away. That was the moment was born. 


When we started, a few companies were selling pontoon pieces and parts but they didn’t offer them as packages and generally it was difficult to figure out what you needed to refurbish a pontoon.  We pioneered pontoon furniture grouping, arranging complete pontoon seat packages and pricing them as a group.  We pioneered packaging re-deck kits so that the do it yourselfer could easily know everything that they needed; carpet-decking-glue-hardware, etc.  We pioneered “free shipping”, there’s nothing worse than making the purchasing decision and getting hit with a $200.+ shipping surprise.    


In the earliest years we were working with a high quality OEM pontoon furniture manufacturer. A good company with good products but they didn’t know anything about the aftermarket. They sold most of their  pontoon furniture to boat manufacturers, unboxed and put directly on new boats.  They didn’t have expertise in packaging and UPS  shipping damage cost us tens of thousands of dollars.  They had beautiful furniture but everything was designed to go on new pontoons.  If a bench seat costs $700 on a $25,000 new pontoon boat, no one really notices.  When the second owner wants replacement seats, he won’t spend $1400. for a couple of benches.  This type of thing has plagued us all the years we’ve been in business.  New boat builders don’t pay much attention to costs, it’s all in the package. Aftermarket customers won’t pay $85 for a corner caps or $800 for a standard bimini top.  We’ve worked hard over the years to find or develop accessories and parts that are OEM quality without the high price tag.


Our success has always been tied directly to offering high quality products with same day shipping.  We’ve learned that when you make the decision to buy, you don’t want to wait weeks for delivery.  Most other re-build suppliers rely on “drop shipping” from the manufacturer.  Forwarding the order to the manufacturer who handles everything.  We tried drop shipping from the manufacture and frankly it’s hurt our reputation. We built a successful business on having quality products and immediate shipping.  When we forward your order to a disinterested third party, we lose control. For 2012 we are offering pontoon furniture built to our specifications, our design and packaged so that we know it will get to you safely.  We’ll keep products in stock for immediate delivery, shipping within days, if not hours upon the receipt of your order. That’s how we built this business and that’s our way forward for future growth. We warranty what we sell and should you ever have a problem we won’t have you contacting the manufacturer, we’ll take care of it.     


James Myers


PontoonStuff, Inc.

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We also own and operation the websites below which offer boat seats, bass boat seats, boat carpet and accessories for sale.

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