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Because we design, manufacture and sell our boat seats, we offer more comfort and durability for a better price.  DeckMate pontoon boat seats allow you to design furniture layouts that fit your boat's interior space with color choices that complement your pontoon. With DeckMate, you'll get more than just good looking boat seats, you'll get quality seating with the industry's best warranty.  


Our boat seats are built to last, here's the difference with DeckMate:


We build our boat seats with better materials and since we sell them directly to you, we offer higher quality boat seats for a better price.


  • Thicker, UV treated marine vinyl with double the mildew resistance than any competing line of boat seats.

    • 30oz marine grade vinyl treated to resist sun damage and mildew, we spend extra money and use double the mildew resistance in our vinyl than any of our competitors to ensure our boat seats last. We use smooth, luxurious seat vinyl that is soft to the touch and will not hold dirt or grime.


  • Thicker thread that is UV treated and mildew resistant creates stronger seams that will not split or rot.  Vinyl & foam won't matter if your seams fall apart, DeckMate boat seats are built to last with seams that will hold.

    • 100% polyester, marine grade thread is mildew and UV treated.  DeckMate seats are stitched with the thickest thread available to prevent splitting.
    • Double top stitch sewing on major seams greatly increases the strength and life of our boat seats. 


  • 100% plastic frame construction with fully enclosed seat bases for storage.  We have designed every aspect of our boat seats, including the plastic frames, to ensure they last.

    • Injection molded plastic seat back and seat bottom cushion frames will not attract or hold moisture. Boat seats that use wooden frames hold moisture inside the seats, creating mildew and rot from within.
    • Fully enclosed seat bases are designed with drain channels underneath to keep deck water flowing under the bench seats rather than pooling in front.


  • Mixture of soft and dense foam gives support and comfort where you need it most.  DeckMate boat seats use plastic sealed foam packs to prevent water from entering at the seams.

    • We've designed DeckMate boat seats with soft foam back rests and seat bolsters while using firmer foam in the main seating areas.  This design creates a very comfortable seat that will not breakdown or become flat over time, our boat seats will remain comfortable.


DeckMate Pontoon Seat Warranty - The Pontoon Stuff Promise.


You never need to pay for pontoon seats that do not meet your expectations.  If your pontoon furniture arrives damaged or with any defects, we will pay the return cost and replace your pontoon seats immediately.


Pontoon Seats & Furniture Warranty Information


  • Lifetime warranty on all DeckMate pontoon seat frames and components.
  • 3 year warranty on all DeckMate pontoon seat vinyl and upholstry.


*Vinyl & upholstery warranty covers fading, cracking, split seams and any defects during manufacturing.


DeckMate pontoon seats have the industry's best warranty.  As the largest retailer of pontoon seats & accessories for sale in the country we know how to stand behind our products. Our success is directly tied to our ability to provide good customer service.  If you experience any problems with your pontoon furniture, please contact us so we can make it right.


We sell pontoon seats, pontoon parts, pontoon ladders, pontoon accessories, pontoon furniture, pontoon boat covers, and all the other pontoon stuff you need! Let us know how we can help you restore your pontoon.

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