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  • How much does it weigh

    The 5 Step Pontoon Boat Ladder weighs 20lbs. 

  • Hello We have a carver 355 aft with a large moulded swim platform that has an auxiliary gas tank in it. What lentgth are the screws to mount the brackets? Would this ladder work for us?

    The screws for the 5 Step Pontoon Boat Ladders are a standard 2 inches. Depending on the measurements of your available space would determine if this Boat Ladder would work for you.

  • What is the distance from the hooks to the ladder where it would touch the boat

    The distance from the Hook Style attachement to the part that touches the Pontoon Boat is 10.5". 

  • Would this work for dogs?

    Depending on the ability of your Dog, they should be able to use the 5 Step Pontoon Boat Ladder, with a little practice. 

  • Can you put the mounting brackets on the side where you can open a door and use it that way? I don’t have rear entry

    Yes. You can attach this 5 Step Pontoon Boat Ladder anywhere you have the space available. We do recommend pulling it out of the water before starting to move the boat. 

  • So i am guessing this latter don't fold up when not in use and under way ???

    Correct. This 5 Step Pontoon Boat Ladder does use a hook style release for easy removal from your Pontoon Boat. 

  • Can you use it as a ladder to climb on a houseboat ?

    If the measurements of the 5 step Pontoon Boat Ladder match up to the measurements of the available space you have, then it should be just fine. 

  • I don't see how it comes up when you are underway ? Does it come up out of water when boat is under way ???

    Yes. The 5 Step Pontoon Boat Ladder uses quick release J-Hooks that help for easy removal. You will need to remove this ladder before starting to go on your way. 

  • It doesn't fold up tho, does it?

    Unfortunately, this Pontoon Boat Ladder does not fold up. It is very easy to uninstal and place on your boat when traveling.  

  • Can this ladder the 5step with lg handrails be used when pontoon on trailer is on dry land

    Yes, it will install and function all the same. This 5 Step Pontoon Boat Ladder would work just fine on land or lake. 

  • How many inches between each step? I have bad knees and can not step up more than 6 inches

    There are 11" inches between each step On the 5 Step Poantoon Boat Ladder. 

  • I'm assuming the ladder folds up for travel?

    The 5 Step Pontoon Boat Ladder, does not fold up but is designed for a quick release when moving on your Pontoon Boat.

  • Does this ladder fold up

    The 5 Step Pontoon Boat Ladder does not fold up. It is designed to be stored on your Pontoon Boat whenever you are moving in your pontoon boat. 

  • What do u do with the ladder when pulling boat with trailor? When not in the water dont u have to take it off and store it when traveling ?

    Since the 5 step Pontoon Boat Ladder uses "J-Hooks" you will simply take those from the Footman Loops and store it on your Pontoon Boat.

  • Does this ladder fold up at all or does it remain in a downward position all the time?

    This 5 Step Pontoon Boat Ladder does not fold up at all. The side pieces are one solid unit. This pontoon ladder is designed to be removed and stored on your pontoon boat when you are in moving. 

  • Will it fold up on the back of the pontoon

    This pontoon ladder does not fold. 

  • The mounting hardware with this ladder came with to small metal plates. Are these mounted on the top surface or underneath? I notice the hook style ladder attachment kit does not contain the plates. Are the necessary and what are their purpose?

    The two metal plates you are referring to are mounted underneath the deck of your pontoon boat. These help to reinforce the foot man loops that sit on the floor of your pontoon boat. This ensures that the the moutning hardware does not pull from your deck when people are using the pontoon ladder to get back into your pontoon boat. 

  • is the ladder removable and stowable?

    This pontoon ladder is removeable and stowable. It does not fold so it rather larger when stowed on your pontoon boat. 

  • So far I'm liking this ladder as my wife and I are looking for a longer ladder. You've already addressed a couple of concerns of difficulty in getting out of the water. What I haven't seen is storage during transportation on the road and water. It doesn't seem it folds. My current one is too short and is connected to the side of my boat and pivots.

    You are correct this ladder does not fold.  It is a larger ladder that does take up a bit of space when not in use. Many customers find a spot on the floor of thier pontoon to store the pontoon ladder when not in use. Also you could leave the ladder on land when you know you are not swimming. 

  • Does this ladder fold up out of the water?

    This pontoon ladder is removeable. When you are not using it you simply lift it out of the water and place it your pontoon boat. 

  • What material is this ladder made from? Stainless steel? Aluminum? Other ??

    This pontoon ladder is made of aluminum. 

  • What does this weigh ?

    This pontoon ladder weighs about 19 lbs 

  • How does it anchor on the rear deck? Can I see the mounting hardware or picture?

    This pontoon boat ladder attaches to the deck of your pontoon boat with two footman loops. If you scroll through the picutes underneath the larger image you will see the mounting hardware. You can also veiw at the link I have provided below. Pontoon ladder attachment kit

  • Does this ladder flip up or does it drag in water while boating?

    This ladder flips up and is removeable. You will want to completely remove the ponton ladder while the boat is in motion. 

  • can you mount this ladder on the front of the boat? Without a pontoon to brace it against? or would it break the mounting hardware off?

    This pontoon ladder can be mounted on the front of your pontoon boat. It does not need to be supported by the pontoons on your boat. 

  • If I order it tomorrow when will I receive it. I am in New York

    We ship all orders for pontoon ladders the same day if ordered by 4 P.M EST. It is about a 2-3 transit time to New York. 

  • How fast is the shipping?

    We ship all pontoon ladders, accesories and replacement seat orders the same day if order by 4 EST. The time in transit will depend on your location. I have inlcuded a link to our shipping map below. 


  • I looking for a pontoon step ladder with handrails that stows underneath

    Unfortunately we do not offer such a ladder for pontoon boats. I have not heard of one with handrails that stows underneath the pontoon. However, your question made me think why couldn't we build a nice set of stainless handrails that would mount to the deck above where the ladder stows making it easy to get in and out of the pontoon. We will work on this and thank you for your question!

  • Do you have a picture of the hardware?

    Please click the link to view a photo of the hardware. Pontoon boat ladder mounting hardware

  • How is the ladder removable? We have to pull everything out of the water for winters here in Ohio...

    On the front of the ladder are what we call J-hooks, these hooks will mount into the footman loops you install on the deck of your pontoon boat. To remove or install the ladder you just flip it upwards so you are able to hook the J-hooks into the footman loops. It is a very simply process and only takes a few seconds.

  • Can this be used in salt water attached to a deck? What about barnacles?

    This any of our pontoon boat ladders can be used in salt water. I'm sure barnacles will find there way onto the ladder. Here is what I found to help clean them off. "Use a plastic putty knife to remove it, gently inserting it under the edges and prying it loose. Wipe the ladder off with lime remover and a sponge to remove any traces of the barnacles that remain. Clean the ladder by pouring a small amount of mineral spirits on a cloth and wiping the surface."

  • How much does the 5 step ladder weigh? Do you have storage clips so it can be secured on the back transom without worrying about a big wave sending it overboard? What is the warranty?

    This ladder weighs 20 lbs. I'm sorry but  we do not offerr any storage  clips with this ladder. This ladder has a 3 year warranty. 

  • How much does the 5 step weigh, whats the total depth at handrails for storage!! Thanks, Mike

    The total depth of the complete ladder is 14-1/2. This pontoon ladders weighs approx. 19lbs.

  • Can this be mounted on the front of the pontoon boat?, or does it need support of the tubes?

    Yes, this pontoon ladder can be mounted in the front of your pontoon boat. It does not need to be supported against the tubes.

  • Can I mount this to a dock

    Yes this 5 step ladder will work perfecty for a dock. All the mounting hardware is included. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • I am trying to decide between this ladder and one that is 30 dollars cheaper on another sight. The only difference in comparing the two is this one 2 1/4 higher overall. Materials, step width etc. all the same. Do you think the extra inches will make a difference? Thanks

    Ouch... that's a big price difference! Would you mind sharing a link with the product to me, I'd be happy to price match that pontoon ladder with ours. The few extra inches can really help depending how tall you are or if you have difficulty getting out the water, age, weight, etc all come in to play. The deeper in the water the pontoon ladder is the easier it is to board the pontoon. But either way we'll price match the cheaper ladder for you so you can have more height. Thank you for the opportunity. 

  • Does ladders come with mounting hardware?

    Yes, all of our pontoon boat ladders will come with the mounting hardware you need. You won't need to worry about any parts or hardware. In the rare case that something might be missing or gets lost of the box from shipping damage just contact us and we'll overnight you what you need. We try to make everything very simple.

  • We have a 26' Chris Craft deck boat and bith have bad knees. Can we mount this to our swm platform?

    Yes this ladder should mount just fine so long as you can screw or bolt the mounting hardware to the swim platform. This boat ladder will work well for you as it extends far down into the water and will help with boarding. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Is there support braces that go against the the pontoons? I weigh 300lbs... Is it sturdy enough for me?

    There is not additional bracing on this pontoon ladder that will support it against the tubes. I understand your concern as I'm 260lbs and run into trouble with ladders myself. I do use this ladder on my pontoon boat though and I haven't had any problems. We always take care of our customers so if you do purchase the ladder from us and it fails for any reason we will cover it under warranty and either replace it or give you a full refund with no cost to you.

  • From the level of the deck, how far down does this ladder hand down? I'm wondering if I could make this work on my houseboat.

    From the top of the Deck to the bottomw of the Ladder would be 62". 

  • We have a 2855 Bayliner Ceira and are hoping this would be able to be mounted to the molded swim platform.

    As long as you have the available space on your Pontoon Boat, this 5 Step Pontoon Boat Ladder should work just fine. 

  • I'm looking at this ladder to be connected to a public bulkhead to lower onto a boat slip. Can you give me the angle dimension from the base that connects to the bulkhead to the ladder. How much more than 90 degrees is the angle? Thanks

    The 5 Step Pontoon Boat Ladder has an angle of 100 degrees. This is taken from the point that will meets the decking.

  • Has anyone ever used this ladder on a dock.

    Yes this pontoon ladder can be used on your dock as well.

  • Does the hard ware come with it

    Yes all the hardware is included with this pontoon ladder.

  • Does this ladder fold?

    This pontoon ladder does not fold.

  • My ladder mounts in the rear and fold in half, do you have a folding 5 or 6 step rear mounting folding ladder?

    We suggest you take a look at our Stern entry pontoon ladder. You can find it here: Stern Entry Pontoon Ladder

  • Are the hooks on the ladder made of stainless steel? Are they available to purchase if one breaks ?

    The 5 step pontoon boat ladder hooks are made of stainless steel. If they break we will glady warranty them out.

  • How wide are the stairs. Not sure it would fit where the door is.

    The 5 Step Pontoon Boat Ladder has an overall width of 18"

  • How much weight will it hold.

    The 5 step pontoon boat ladder will support 350lbs.


    This can be used on a dock. We recommend using the supplied hook style mounts and screwing / bolting those to your dock and it would make it so you have a way to remove it when needed.

  • What is the weight capacity?

    The 5 Step Pontoon Boat Ladder will support up to 350lbs.

  • It does come with hardware doesn't it?

    the 5 step pontoon boat ladder does come with quick release hook style mounts in the box.

  • what is weight capacity of ladder

    The 5 step pontoon boat ladder will support up to 350lbs

  • I assume from reading the details that the hook mounting hardware is included?Thank you and everything is in my cart ready to order.

    The 5 step pontoon boat ladder does come with the mounting hardware. It uses the hook style quick release mounting hardware that you are looking for.

  • I have a 1970 pacemaker and am looking to replace my fly ridge ladder with something like this. Would this work for something like that?

    Yes, depending on the height of your fly bridge, this pontoon ladder should work for your application.

  • Will this work on Manitou Explode 2011 serial # T1167013G011 rear entry

    Yes this pontoon boat ladder will work great for your Manitou Explode pontoon boat. 

  • If I side mount what will protect my toon from scratching or being dented?

    These will est up against your toons. If you are looking to protect them further, you could add any kind of rubber backing to railing of ladder. I can tell you though, that we have not had any complaints of the ladder scratching or dents. 

  • Are your ladders available in custom sizes?

    No, we only offer them as they are listed on the website. 

  • Does this ladder come on and off easily ? Want to use it for swimming purposes then remove it

    Yes. This uses a loop style attachment. The ladder has j hooks which are very easy to remove. 

  • purchase this ladder very pleased do you sale the bracket to attach it to the boat would like to use it for our dock as well

    Yes we do. We are currently out of stock on them. You can find them almost anywhere. They are a standard loop.

  • Will this work on a starcraft pontoon.

    You will need to compare our meansurements to your available space to determine if it will fit or not. 

  • Will this work in a regular boat 18’ wellcraft

    You will need to compare measurements from our ladder to the available space you have. 

  • Does the ladder fold up while traveling or stay down I would want to put it on the front of my boat

    You will need to remove the ladder from the water when in motion. 

  • What is the ladder made of steel or aluminum

    This Pontoon Ladder is made up of Aluminum.

  • Do you guys offer any kind of bracket to attach the steps to while I’m traveling or running down the lake?

    No, we only include the hardware that comes with the Ladder. We do not offer any separate parts. 

  • Concerned about storage? How much space would it take up? Our pontoon is 20ft

    Since this ladder is 76" of total length, that would be how much space it would take up. 

  • How heavy is the ladder? I am a 70 yo woman and often go boating alone or with my peers. I am concerned it would be too heavy for me to lift on/off.

    It looks like this Pontoon Boat Ladder weighs roughly 20lbs. 

  • I have a 2004 Tritoon. It is more of a fishing boat. It has a factory mounted side ladder. Its just a little tubular ladder. We are in our late 60's and find it very difficult to use this ladder. We need a ladder that can withstand 230 pounds. Will I need a ladder that has braces that fit up against the pontoons? Or will your 5 step ladder work? I was worried that the ladder would move back and forth as we were trying to mount. Thanks.

    The 5 Step Pontoon Boat Ladder will not move forward, it will only move backwards as if you are trying to remove it from the Boat. 

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