Sequoia Twist Lock Leg Kit

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Sequoia pontoon boat table mounting package.

This table mounting package includes the Sequoia system leg, floor and table mount.  

Mount any table to the Sequoia pontoon table system.

  • 5" diameter stainless steel floor mount.
  • 27" twist-lock pontoon table leg.
  • 28" overall length with all three parts put together.
  • Locking table mount designed for Sequoia leg.


    Ask a Question
    • Can you ship one of these to Australia

      Unfortunately, we do not offer shipping outside of the United States. Sorry for this inconvenience. 

    • I'm looking to add a down-rigger to my pontoon this year. I was wondering if this leg kit would be suitable to utilize in that application. Is the table mount plastic or metal?

      No. Unfortunately, this Seqouia Twist Lock Leg Kit is not designed to work this way.

    • I have an rv and need the leg to be 36" tall. Is there anyway or anywhere I can get that tall?

      Unfortunately, we do not carry this Sequoia Twist Lock Leg Kit in 36" tall. I would suggest looking at Amazon or Ebay for that specific part. 

    • Is it possible to get a 27/28" table leg and the table mount only? I already have the floor mount and a 31" table leg would be 3" higher than my current table.

      Unfortuntately, we do not offer the Table Leg and Table mount separately from the Kit. 

    • How much weight does this support? We are considering using it to mount a small gas grill.

      This table leg can support 25 Lbs. I would not recommened using this as a grill mount. Most marine grills have a mount specially designed to mount on pontoons or a simliar support to this table mount. 

    • Does this come with the black cap for the base when the pedestal is not in use?

      Unfortunately, it does not, The ponton floor mount does not have any sharp edges and sits rather flush to the ground and your pontoon carpet or vinyl flooring so it does not cause to many issues.  It is not uncomfortable if you happen to step on it. 

    • I just need the 31" twist lock table leg. Do you sell just that?

      We usually do not just sell the pontoon table leg by its self but would be more then willing to make this happen for you. Please e-mail us at and we will get you all taken care of. 

    • Do you have a 36” table leg available?

      Right now we only offer the 27" length for the sequoia system

    • Hi, other sites list the Sequoia floor plate diameter as 7" while you specify 5". Which is correct? Thank you.

      I just measured one to double check and the diameter is 5"

    • Is the upper black table mount plastic or metal?

      The upper top black mount for this pontoon table leg kit is metal.

    • Can you remove leg from table top mount to stow away.

      Yes you can remove the pontoon leg and mount to stow it away on your pontoon boat.

    • I need to order the new table leg kit; however I also need one additional base that screws into the boat in order to move the table if desired. Do you sell just the metal base that screws into the boat?

      No I'm sorry we do not sell the pontoon table leg mounting bracket on our site. Please fee to e-mail us at and we will be happy to help you.

    • Is the table mount plastic or metal?

      The pontoon table mount is made of metal.

    • Can the top of the table leg be cut down? I need something shorter then 31"

      Yes, you can cut this pontoon table leg down if you need to. 

    • when you lock the table leg into the base, should the black plastic base turn to lock it to the floor?

      Yes, with the table leg locks into place by turning the black base. 

    • Do you sell the table?

      No unfortunately, we do not offer tables at the moment. 

    • Does it have an umbrella attachment

      No, this product does not have a umbrella attachement. 

    • Is this leg kit complete all 3 parts?

      Yes. Currently the floor plate is out of stock. 

    • How do you remove the center pole from the black base on the table? it appears to be locked into the groove.

      Yes, they are supposed to be together. You should not need to remove that piece. 

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