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DeckMate boat seats pedestals exceed ABYC standards of safety.

Beautiful, highly polished aluminum adjustable boat seat pedestals with standard 4 bolt swivel mount. Easily secure any boat seat to these high quality pedestals.


Key Benefits


  • Works with Bucket Seat and Pontoon Fishing Seat
  • Adjusts between 9" and 12" in height
  • Adjusts in 1" increments and locks in place
  • 9" low profile base is stamped from aluminum, not cast, for superior strength
  • 2-7/8" diameter post is strong enough for any environment


Ask a Question
  • What size bolts nuts / screws do i need to install this?

    You will need 1/4" - 20 Bolts or screws to install the Adjustable Boat Seat Pedestal. Length is your preference. 

  • Can you remove pedestal from the flush mount bottom

    No. This Adjustable Boat Seat Pedestal is built as a solid unit. Makes it much more sturdy

  • Is the swivel base a standard 7" x 7" dimension?

    Yes. This is a very universal Adjustable Boat Seat Pedestal. It may not match exactly to pre existing holes drilled from other Pedestal Bases. 

  • Will this pedestal work on a 1974 starcraft bass boat

    Since our Pontoon Boat Products are not boat specific, you will need to compare the measurements we have listed to the available space to check if this will work for your Pontoon Boat installation. 

  • Will this mount work on a 2007 G3 Captain seat

    Since all of our Pontoon Boat Products are universal, we can usually determind based on measurements. These Adjustable Boat Seat Pedestals use a standard 4 bolts design. 

  • Where do I get the mounting hardware?

    Mounting hardware is not included with theAdjustable Boat Seat Pedestal. It does use 1/4"-20 bolts or screws and these can be found at any hardware stores. I would suggest using Stainless Steel.

  • Will this work on a 2015 Harris sunliner. My pedestal is only 10 inches long and I need 14 inches

    Yes. Our Pontoon Boat Pedestal uses a standard 4 bolt design to attach your seat to the base. The hole may not line up exactly with you previous Pedestal, but should work either way. This Pontoon Boat Pedestal adjusts from 10 inches to 14 inches. 

  • Are the heights described for the pedestal (10 1/2 being the minimum and 14 inches being the maximum) measure from the bottom of the base to the top of the seat mount?

    Yes, That is correct way to measure the minimum and maximum hight for the adjustable boat seat pedestal. 

  • can you put a slide mount on this pedestal

    If you have an exsisting slide mount you would like to place on this pedestal it most likely will not fit. Slider mounts are very specific to the the pedestal. For best results I would recommened purchasing our slider pedestal. I have included a link below. 

    Adjustable Boat Seat Pedestal w/ Slider

  • I recently purchased an 18.5' fish and ski 2008 Glastron boat. The model is GT185. The helm seat is very low to the deck and creates serious visual issues with a passenger forward of the helm when underway. I'm looking for a replacement pedestal base that will resolve this issue and offer the advantage of height adjustment. Will this pedestal work on my boat.

    This pontoon pedestal will work for your pontoon boat. I would mesure the exact hieght of your exsisting pedestal. I would then put a life jack or something similar on top of the seat to give you the 14" height that this boat pedestal is to make sure it will solve your problem. You might also want to look at our pedestal with a slider.  I have included a link below. Our slider pedestal extendes to 15". 

    Adjustable boat seat pedestal with slider

  • does it include adjusting back and forward plate as is shown on the video?

    This boat seat pedestal does not slide back and fourth. We feature two pedestals in the video. A typical pedestal that swivels and adjusts up and down. This is the listing for that pedestal. The one you are asking about is our slider pedestal. That also adjust back and fourth, up and down and swivels. I have inlcuded a link below to our boat pedestal that does slide. 

    Slider Pontoon Boat Pedestal

  • Will this seat swivel 180 degrees & lock in place? If this does not swivel, do you have one that does?

    Yes this pedestal swivels 360 degress and can be tightened into place. 

  • do they swivel

    Yes, this boat seat pedestal swivels 360 degrees. 

  • This pedestal is ok for a sea ray driver side?

    Yes, this boat seat pedestal will mount properly to your captain's chair.

  • On my bottom of my seat the bolt pattern is 5x5 will this work

    Yes our seat pedestal mounts will have slotted openings and will fit your bolt pattern.

  • will this mount work on a 2002 bennington for the captains seat?

    This pedestal should work well for you. 

  • The premium pontoon bucket seat shows the adjustable boat seat pedestal as the only option. My question is can the adjustable pedrstal w/slider be used with the bucket seat?

    Yes, the adjustable boat seat pedestal with slider can be used with this pontoon bucket seat as well.

  • I'm restoring a 97 bayliner capri 1700 la driver and front passenger seats are back to back lounge seats sitting on seat boxes I'm thinking about using pedestal seat instead will this base work? When I replace the deck I'll do away with the seat boxes and glass in wood to mount pedestals too

    Yes, This pedestal will for you to replace your existing seat boxes with a pedestal seat. I would double check the height of the pedestal to make sure you will not sit to high up to fit under your console. Typically bayliner consoles are not a roomy as a pontoon console so you may want a shorter adjustable pedestal.

  • How fast is shipping how many days to Georgia

    Shipping to GA takes around 2-3 days. 

  • will this fit a 2007 maxum 1800 mx?

    You will need to compare our meansurements to your available space to determine if it will fit or not. 

  • Can I install the sliding unit on my 2017 Sylvan 8524 Mirage, using the existing captain seat?

    Possibly, These pedestals are made with standard measurements in mind. These are not boat specific but are considered universal. 

  • I want to buy two folding classic seats for my pontoon. I want to make it so they are removable. Do you sell a pedestal that would allow for this option?

    We do offer a removable pedestal. Please follow the link to find it.

  • Is the base flush mount or does it require a hole in the deck?

    For this pedestal, it will sit flush on the deck. You need to have 6 bolts that are 1/4 #20 to install this to the base. 

  • Will this work with a 2006 Starcraft? And is the slider (front to back) an extra cost or does the 69.99 version slide front/back?

    Yes. These Adjustable Seat Boat Pedestals are universal and the Seat Sliding Pedestal costs 89.99.

  • will this pedistial mount to the floor of a 16 ft boston whaler

    As long as you have the correct amount of available space, this Adjustable Boat Seat Pedestal should fit without any issues. 

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