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Use these hinges on pontoon gates that lift up and out of a door stop.

  • Stainless steel lift hinges allow you to lift and lock your gate into the floor stop.
  • 18" x 2" hinge comes with stainless steel self-tapping screws for installation.
  • Use these hinges with our door stops.

Questions & Answers

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  • What does the hinge attach with? Screws or rivets ?

    We include self tapping screws to attach the pontoon hinge to the rail of your boat and pontoon gate. 

  • Will this hinge work on either a LH or RH swing gate and approximately how high does the hinge lift, thanks

    Our Pontoon Gate Lift hinge only raises a max of 1 inch. It will work on either a Left Hand or Right Hand swing gate on your pontoon boat 

  • does lift hinges come in 4" or can the 18"be cut to 4"

    These only come in 18". I cannot recommend cutting these as they may not work as advertised. 

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