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Toon Jack pontoon boat storage blocks.

The storage accessory you don't want to be without!  

Don't damage your pontoon boat tubes by storing your boat on cement or wooden blocks. Toon Jack's support your boat without damaging your tubes.

  • Each Toon Jack block is rated for 3,000lbs so you can safely store any size pontoon boat.
  • Made from strong co-polymer plastic that is UV and temperature stable.
  • 13" W x 13" D x 8" H

Proper placement of your Toon Jack storage blocks.

Place rear storage blocks at the end of each tube and in the front under the main weld line where the bow tube is attached to the main pontoon tube. 


Ask a Question
  • Do you make 4or5 inches putting them on dollies

    No. The only ones that we have available are listed on the website. 

  • How many blocks do you get for the $99.99?

    You will receive a set of 4 Pontoon Boat Storage Blocks for the price of $99.99.

  • Will these supports work with 24" logs?

    Yes, these Pontoon Boat Storage Blocks will work perfectly with 24" Logs

  • how due you get your boat off the trailer & onto the storage blocks, with out damaging the logs/tubes

    Yes it is possible alot of this will depend on the style of your pontoon trailer. Lucky for you are not the first person to ask this question. I will include two links below that should be very helpful and some what entertaining. People on pontoon forums have asked the same exact question and other people have offered up ideas and insight you should find helpful.   



  • Can I just order one of these?

    I'm sorry but we only sell these as sets of four.

  • Are these blocks ok to support the boat while I change the decking, flooring and seats without damaging the tubes?

    Yes these blocks will work great for your pontoon boat while you are restoring your boat. 

  • Will the Toon Jacks work with a (Ercoa) pontoon that has hexagonal tubes?

    These Toon Jacks will work with the Hexagonal Tubes you have.

  • can you buy 6 for tri tune

    Unfortunately, we only offer them in a 4 pack. 

  • will these support fiberglass tubes as well ?

    These will support any types of tubes. 

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