Red/Green Navigation Lights

Pontoon Boat Lights


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Ensures your pontoon boat will be seen at night.

Pulsar™ side navigation lights for pontoon boats with 1-mile visibility.

Twist lock design secures lens and cover to base. Includes a 9-Watt (#906) wedge base lamp and 7” wire leads for connection to 12 VDC power supply. Installs directly to deck with two #10 fasteners (not included).

  • 1-mile visibility red and green navigation lights.
  • Cover and lens conceal installation fasteners and seal water out of lamp and hull.
  • Smooth contours prevents lines from snagging on housing.
  • Plastic covers with easy twist lock housing that makes installation easy.
  • Lighting arrives to you ready to install.


Ask a Question
  • Where are these mounted traditionally on the pontoon boat?

    You are required to mount the navigation lights on your pontoon boat's starboard and port side in the very front of your pontoon's deck. So they need to be mounted on the very front left and right sides in the front of your pontoon boat.

  • Do these lights, available in chrome or brushed aluminum silver in color

    We have these lights with a stainless steel cover, you can find them here:

  • is this 2 lights

    Yes you will receive a port (red) and starboard (green) side lights. You will recieve a pair of navigation lights for your pontoon boat.

  • Do they come with wiring

    These lights come with a small 2" lead of wiring.

  • What is the hole size needed to mount install these lights?

    You will need to drill a 3/4" hole to properly install this set of pontoon navigation lights.

  • What are the dimensions and will they fit under the light pod on my harris pontoon boat.

    This pontoon navigation lights have a diameter measurement of 2-3/8" and a height of 1-7/16"

  • Do these need to be mounted horizontally like on the deck for proper visibility, or can they be mounted vertically like on the side edge of the deck, to avoid stepping on them?

    You can mount them to the side of the your paneling to avoid stepping on them. 

  • If an item is out of stock can I still order it?

    Yes! You will be put on the back ordered list and we will ship it out as soon as we get it. 

  • Do the wires come out of th bottom or back side?

    Wires come out the bottom of the Red/Green Navigation Lights. 

  • Are these lights approved by the uscg

    Yes, all of our products are certified and approved. You amy still wan to check with the local authorities to make sure. 

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