Replacement Bimini Top Fabrics (8' L x 8' W Bimini w/ Boot)

Pontoon Boat Bimini Tops

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Fits 4-Bow, 8' x 8' Pontoon Bimini Top Frames.

Universal replacement pontoon bimini top fabric and boot for 8' x 8' pontoon tops.

Bimini top fabric package includes premium, solution dyed polyester fabric bimini top and storage boot. (framework is not included)

Key Features

  • 5 year warranty on premium polyester fabric pontoon boat tops.
  • Zippered pockets allow you to quickly install your pontoon boat canopy top fabric.
  • Reinforced cut outs in pontoon bimini top and boot for your stern light.


  • Pontoon top and boot designed for standard 8' x 8' pontoon bimini tops.

Questions & Answers

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  • What size for a 2001 Lowe pontoon 20'

    Unfortunately nothing is standard in the pontoon business and builders tend to change with every year so knowing the model won't tell us exactly what we need. So long as your pontoon boat is 8' wide you can choose either our 8' or 10' pontoon boat tops, it's simply a matter of preference. In the early 2000's most pontoon manufacturers began building 8-1/2' wide pontoon boats so please verify your width prior to ordering. The majority of 20' pontoon boats come with an 8' bimini top and it will cover all the rear pontoon furniture up to the captain's stand. A 10' bimini top will simply cover more forward space but is not necessary unless you want it. Occassionally some boat builders even used a 9' bimini top but those are not common now.

  • Is the stern light hole on second bow from back ?

    The cut out for the stern light is on the rear bow, the very last one. That is normally the bow that has the wiring located inside as it's the fixed support when the bimini top is in the storage position. There is also a cut out for the stern light in the storage boot that comes with this replacement pontoon bimini top fabric.

  • I have a 2009 Lowe pontoon with the stern light on the first bow up front. Does this replacement have a cut out for this pontoon?

    Yes this replacement pontoon bimini fabric does have a cut out for the stern light and so does the storage boot that comes with it. Our replacement fabric top was designed to have the stern light in the rear but you can simply turn it around and have the hole up front, just ignore the front/back labels on the fabric. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • are all four pockets zippered for easy installation on existing framework?

    Yes, this pontoon bimini top fabric has 4 zippered pockets for easy installation onto your current bimini framework.

  • Do you carry any replacement bimini for a 9' frame

    Unfortunately we do not offer a 9' replacement bimini top fabric.

  • My Bimini fabric is 8.5 by 8.5 did do y'all. Have. That size?

    Unfortuntely, we only carry the 8' by 8' top separately. We do have 8'6" by 10' Top and Frame sold as a pair.

  • How many bows does this have? My frame has 4 total (front, back and 2 in between).

    Our replacement pontoon bimini top fabric has 4 zippered pockets so it will mount to your 4 bow bimini frame correctly.

  • I have a 2008, 20 ft Smoker Craft ,Sun Chaser fishin model pontoon w/115 suzuki. My bimini aluminum square 4 bow frame measures 8ft 5in wide from the widest points,and 8ft long. What size replacement bimini top would i order? Hope im not over thinking this.LOL

    That's all info we need so not overthinking at all! Unfortunately we don't have a universal bimini fabric that would fit your frame. The only option we would have is a full replacement pontoon frame and fabric that would be 8-1/2" wide x 10' long. The pontoon boat manufacturers used an 8' x 8' standard bimini top on their boats for years then began making changes and each builder began making their own frames and bimini fabrics custom for each model year. If your framework is in good condition you could have a local shop custom made a fabric to fit your framework. Just verify the cost first because many times it's cheaper to just buy an entirely frame and fabric. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • What size top is needed for a 2003 Crest 18ft. long 4 bow?

    If you are just looking for a replacement fabric then I think our universal fit pontoon fabric will work if you have an existing frame. You'd just need to measure the length of the top and make sure it's 8' L x 8' W. If you are looking for a complete package bimini top then any of our 8' x 8' pontoon bimini top packages should work. Again, make sure to measure the width of your deck. I don't believe Crest made an 8-1/2" pontoon boat that was 18' long back in 03 but double check to make sure. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • I need screw bolts for frame for canvas top on my 2005lowe pontoon boat... where do I find them

    Could you send us a photo of what you are missing? Lowe made their own bimini tops so they would have sourced that hardware, if its not something you can easily find at a hardware store I'm afraid I don't know where to send you other than to try and call Lowe boats directly and ask for parts help?? If we are able to help we will once you send a photo in. 

  • I have a 1988 "Grumman 20' fishing model pontoon. I have the Bimini frames but don't know how to measure for new canvas top?

    If you have a fabric on your existing framework just open it up and get an approx wide and length. If the fabric is gone and you can't measure I'd say you have a 99% chance that our replacement bimini top will fit your existing framework. Pontoon boat manufacturers in the 1980's and 90's all used 8' wide pontoon decks and with a 20' pontoon deck chances are your railing is actually 16-18' making an 8' x 8' pontoon top the ideal size. If for some reason it does not fit we will give you a full refund.

  • I have a 20' 1997 Grumman fishing pontoon with the square frame that has the 4 bow. I'm just looking to replace the fabric. When I measured the length I got 7.5'. the width is 8'. Would your replacement fabric fit my frame?

    Yes our pontoon bimini top fabric will work properly on your pontoon's framework. 

  • do you sell canvas bimini tops?

    All of our pontoon bimini tops are made of a solution dyed polyester fabric. 

  • I don't have a snap on the side of my framework. It looks like the back corner is supposed to snap to the frame. Will this work without a snap to attach it?

    We supply the snap with your top. You simply drill the snap into your bimini frame when you determine the correct placement.  

  • Do you sell 8 by 10 ft replacement canvas

    Unfortunately, we do not sell the 8' x 10' bimini fabric tops separate from the frame. We have tried but the return rate is  approx. 80% so we stopped doing it. What we found is that beyond the standard 8' x 8' universal fit pontoon bimini top fabric we sell the larger frames are more custom and depending on the boat manufacturer and our fabrics simply don't fit well. We do sell an 8' x 10" top that includes the frame as well. I have included a link below. 

    8 x 10 Heavy Duty Bimini Frame and Fabric

  • Is the navy color the same as the darker blue that is in the seats?

    Yes the navy color bimini fabric matches the darker blue color on the pontoon seats. 

  • We have a sun tracker 2004 bass buggy 18 4 bow would a 8'by 8' fit our pontoon boat

    You will want to measure the frame and make sure it is an 8x8 bimini frame. Pontoon boat manufactors are not always consistant with the frame they place on the boat when they produce them. You will also want to ensure your boat is 8 feed wide between the rails.  

  • I have a 1995 sun tracker are these compatible? It comes with a zipped cover & a hole for stern light correct? Do u sell stern lights also.. battery operated?

    It is very diffucult to tell with out mesuring your actual exisiting frame. Boat manufactors often make changes and variations dependning on the parts available at the time. Or if you are not the original owner of the pontoon boat  the previous owner could have repalced the bimini frame at some point as well.  You will want to make sure your exsisting frame measure 8x8 and has 4 support bars across the middle. We also sell stern lights that will connect directly into your boats exisisting wirring. I have included a link below. 

    Pontoon Boat stern light

  • My brackets are 94.5 wide and spread 92 . Will your 8x8 work

    As long as your bimini frame has four bows it sounds like this bimini top will work for you. 

  • Can I buy just the Bimini top back support?

    If you have previosuly ordered this bimini top and frame from us we would be able to help. If you need the back support for another frame this top support will not be compatable with any other bimini frame other then the one we sell. Please feel free to contact us at

  • What size for a sun tracker party barge 20 i measured from front to back got 110 inches from side to side I got 93 inches

    From your measurements it does not sound like  this bimini fabric will work for your frame. It sounds like you will need a 9' x 8' bimini top for your pontoon boat. This is not a size we offer. 

  • What type for a 1998 Forester pontoon

    Unfortunately nothing is standard in the pontoon business and builders tend to change with every year so knowing the model and year won't tell us exactly what you need. So long as your pontoon boat is 8' wide you can choose either our 8' or 10' pontoon boat tops It is important to measure the width of your rails on your pontoon boat. This will tell you if you need and 8' or 8.5' bimini frame. 

  • My current top appears to be 8' wide by 8'6" long. my frame looks as if it can be adjusted. Is it possible that the frame can be adjusted to accommodate the 8x8 top you sale?

    Since your exsisting bimini frame is 8'6" it will not adjust enough to properly fit the 8' x 8' bimini top. 

  • What would I need for size for a 21' sun tracker fishing barge

    Unfourtantly nothing is standard with pontoon manufactors and often they use diffrent sizes frames depending on the avaliabilty at the time. To know the exact size of replacement Bimini fabric you need, you will need to measure your exsisting top. You'd just need to measure the length and width of the top and make sure it's 8' L x 8' W. 

  • Do you have replacement parts for the frame ,such as the bar at the front of the top. It's one solid u-shape bar. Or do you have to purchase entire frame

    If you have previosuly ordered this bimini top and frame from us we would be able to help. Feel free to e-mail us at If you are trying to find parts to fix a frame other then the one we sell our parts will most likely not work. There are just to many varations and styles of pontoon bimini frames to sell replacement parts. 

  • What is your return policy on these? I am pretty sure it will fit mine (measured and my existing torn up top was just under 8x8) but if it isn't a good fit, I would want to send it back.

    I have included a link to our return policy below on all pontoon boat parts, seats and accessories. 

    Return policy

  • i have a 2003 lowe pontoon that when bimini is erected the stern light is on the frount a previous response you said your top cutouts would work by just reversing the does reversing the cover deal with the side shield pieces you show in the pictures at the rear sides of the covers?

    The side shield you are referriing to would also be towards the front of your boot. The will serve the same purpose by giving you some adjustment to ensure a good fit. 

  • I am looking for a replacement bimini for my 22' pontoon. It has 4 bows? Not sure what size?

    I would recommened measuring the size of the current bimini fabric that is on your pontoon boat. This will give you best idea of the size of replacement bimini fabric you will need. 

  • What size for a 1995 Lowe fun and fish model 201

    Unfortunately, we do not know sizes of any specific makes or models. We suggest taking the measurements listed on our website to see if the Replacement Bimini Top 8' x 8' will match the current frame you have. 

  • One review mentioned snaps. Does this cover have the snaps?

    The replacement Bimini Top Fabric does come with snaps. This will secure the top to the 8 x 8 Framwork

  • Do you sell replacement fabric tops for a 3 bow round tube bimini frame?

    We do not offer a Replacement Bimini Top Fabric that works with 3 Bow Frames.

  • Do you sell a privacy curtain for changing/ or porta poty? Starcraft fishing model...any type of Enclusure?

    We do offer a Pontoon Boat Changing room. This will hang down from the PontooN Bimini Top.

  • I have a 2010 Sun Tracker and my Bimini top zips around the frame in three places will this top do that.

    Yes, this pontoon bimini top fabric has 4 zippered pockets for easy installation onto your current bimini framework. If your frame has four bows, then it should fit just fine.

  • What size fits a 1994 18ft Sweetwater pontoon

    Unfortunately, we are not boat specific. We would need the measurements of the width and length you have available. 

  • I have a 1999 Sweetwater 20RE. Is this the size I will need?

    Unfortunately, we will need to the measurements of your Pontoon Boat to be able to tell you if this Bimini Top will fit. I would compare the measurements and make sure they fit. This will give us enough information to help you as well

  • Do you sell just the replacement top for the 8.6 x 10 tops?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer the Replacement Bimini Top Fabric for the 8'6" x 10' Bimini Top. They are sold in a set with the Pontoon Bimin Frames.

  • What diameter aluminum tubing does this fit ?

    These Replacement Bimini Top Fabrics are designed for 1 1/4" aluminum frame. Also, this needs to be placed on a 4 bow frames. 

  • I need a 8 1/2 foot wide top, 8 ft. long. Is one available ? (2008 Beachcomber pontoon with 1 1/4 " bows) 4 bows

    Unfortunately, we do not offer an 8 1/2 x 8 feet long Replacement Bimini Top Fabric. I am sure they do make these, just we do not offer any. 

  • I have a 2003 party craft pontoon will this fit

    Since we are not boat specific, you would need to compare the measurements of your Pontoon Boat and match them to ours. This will determine if you have the correct size. Also, this top is a 4 Bow, 1" 1/4 railing.

  • I have a 2006 Smokercraft 820 fisher. Which replacement bimini too do I need?

    Since we are not boat specific with our products you would need to compare our measurements to the available space you have. 

  • Will your covers fit a 2011 Harris Float Boat, 20'

    Since our products are universal, you would need to compare your measurements of your Pontoon Bimini Top to the measurements we have listed to see if it will work for your Pontoon. 

  • does it come with strapes for front

    This Replacement Bimini Top Fabric come with strapes in the front of the Bimini to snap to the Frame of the Bimini Top. 

  • Sweetwater pontoon boat 24 ft. I need a bimini top material only 102 by 107

    Unfortunately, since our products are universal and not boat specific, we do not offer custom sizes of Bimini Tops.

4.8 out of 5, based on 10 reviews
Doug Morris from MO on May 15, 2016
Just put the new cover on yesterday it fit great nice and tight easy to install on the bass buggy.
John Hancock from Cedar Lake Ok. on Sep 11, 2015
Got my Bimini top real quick and it took longer to remove the hacke-job from the previous owner than it took me to install the new perfect fitting top! The best part was I got to go buy a battery powered drill to put in the snaps! I am super happy with my purchase and looking forward to buying more stuff to make my pontoon boat more luxurious.
builderguy from Illinois on Jul 03, 2015
This top is so much better than I was expecting. It appears to be well made. I was very happy with it. Of course then I put it on. It fit fair. I guess I really needed a 8 x 10. Not a 8 x 8. It is not nearly as tight and smooth as the pictures. It has wrinkles where I didn't expect them. Overall I like it. For the price I won't be buying a 10 x 8. The boot is perfect.
Would I order it again? If they come out with a 8 x 10 I wouldn't hesitate. I definitely can't complain about the quality. Just make sure you need an 8 x 8. I checked around and couldn't find an 8 x 10 anywhere close to this price.

As always, the shipping was quicker than expected. Also quicker than I thought possible.
Lynda from Outer Banks on Feb 12, 2015
The replacement bimini top has been great. It fit like advertised, a neighbor even remarked how good the quality of the top was and the fit was perfect. He had just recently had a custom made replacement made and remarked how good the price and quality of this top was. We definitely will shop at the pontoon stuff store for any future needs. The quality is top notch and we didn't have to wait very long for the delivery.
Bill from South Windsor Ct. on Feb 10, 2015
I ordered the top and it came right away. It fit perfect and looks good. when I checked the box the Boot Cover was missing. Called and told them and the boot cover was shipped the next day.

I will be using them for all my pontoon needs.
Doug from Wisconsin on Feb 06, 2015
The website made it easy to find what I was looking for and I received my top within a few days of my order. Great experience!
Joe Lyons from Cameron, SC on Jun 13, 2014
This top is fantastic! I am restoring a pontoon, and bought this top, frankly, not expecting too much. It is made of a much thicker fabric than I was expecting for the price, and it fit like a glove on the existing frame. The zippers appear to be very sturdy. I'm very, very happy with this top.
Daryl from Atlanta, GA on Jun 09, 2014
We are very pleased with the quality and fit for the price. The fit is almost as good as the origional. We love the zipper installation. the new bimini installed much easier than removing the old one. One of the snaps was bent and customer was very courteous and offered to send a new one right away. I recommend this to anyone looking to replace a bimini on a budget.
Kay Brandenburg from Jefferson, wi on Jun 03, 2014
We purchased the. 8x8 4 bow pontoon Bimini replacement cover .
We are very happy with the quality. It was also very easy to put on.
I would highly recommend this cover
Kelly from Collinsvilles on May 22, 2012
This product works great and a good choice for the money. Fit was not perfect but worked perfect for what I was trying to do.

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