Stern Entry Pontoon Ladder (Heavy Duty Stainless Ladder)

Pontoon Boat Ladders


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The ultimate stern entry pontoon boat ladder, standard on new pontoons.

The ultimate replacement pontoon boat ladder.

No more struggling to climb out of the water! Replace your old aluminum pontoon boat ladder with a new stainless pontoon ladder from PontoonStuff.

  • Installation hardware is not included. Hardware needs vary depending on install, you will either need bolts or screws.

Key Benefits

  • Heavy duty all welded 316 stainless steel pontoon ladder.
  • Unique universal self supporting design requires no support.
  • 4 extra wide telescoping steps for more comfort when boarding.
  • Extra tall, comfortable handrails for easy boarding.
  • 400lb weight capacity.
  • Used by new pontoon boat manufacturers.


Ask a Question
  • Can I get another strap for the ladder somewhere mine fell in the water and sunk?

    I'm sorry to hear that. Yes, Please e-mail us at and we will get you an extra pontoon ladder strap sent out.

  • Can you get replacement plastic ladder Treads ?

    Unfortunately, we do not sell the plastic pontoon treads by themself. If you have previously bought this ladder from us and need new treads we would be happy to take care of you. Please e-mail and we will get you taken care of. 

  • what are the best size bolts or screws to use with this ladder

     It varies depending on your pontoon boat. You will need screws if you are mouting it through your exsisting wood decking. In some instances you will need to mount the ladder through the aluminium pontoon rub rail on your boat in this case we would recommened using bolts. I would recommeend at least a 1 inch stainless steel bott or screw. 

  • Can this be put on the back of the pontoon? The back pontoon sticks out 4 inches from the platform and is 16 inch depth.

    Yes this ladder can be mounted on the back of a pontoon boat. This ladder should work for you. If you look at the photo array of picures. The second picutres show that the ladder stands 4" off of your platfrom. This should give you plenty of room to open the ladder with out it hitting your pontoons becasue the ladder is set at an angle. 

  • How many and what size of bolts do I need for mounting this ladder?

    You will need 8 botls to secure this pontoon ladder properly. The size will depend on your boat. You will want to check to see if will need to drill through any supports or the rub rail of your boat. These both vary in size depending on the manufactor of he the pontoon boat so I am unable to give you the exact size you will need for your particular ponton boat. 

  • does this ladder come with any hardware needed?

    This boat ladder does not come with the mounting hardware. It varies depending on your pontoon boat. You will need screws if you are mouting it through your exsisting wood decking. In some instances you will need to mount the ladder through the aluminium pontoon rub rail on your boat in this case we would recommened using bolts.

  • How wide are the steps - width and depth of each tread? Thanks!

    The steps on this pontoon boat ladder are 14" wide and 2" deep.

  • What does the unit weight? Does it come with any warranty?

    We offer a 3 year full replacement warranty on our heavy duty stern entry pontoon boat ladder. The pontoon ladder weights 25lbs.

  • Can this be put on the front of a pontoon?

    Yes you can mount this pontoon boat ladder to the front of your pontoon. It is not designed to be removable though, if that is okay then this will work perfectly on the front of your pontoon boat.

  • What is the vertical measurement of the ladder?

    This ladder is 48" inches from the fisrt step to the bottom. 

  • Can this ladders be mounted on a older deck boat. Since it is self supporting and doesn't need a tube for support . My boat has a deck similar to a pontoon but is a v-bottom. Thanks

    I do not think this ladder will work for a v bottom style haul boat. It is needs a larges flat area to be mounted. 

  • does this ladder list a recommended weight limit?

    Yes, this pontoon ladder has a weight limit of 400 lbs. 

  • Are there specific boats that this ladder will fit? I have a 2009 Sylvan Mandalay and would like to know if it will fit?

    This is a universal ladder and as long as you have the required space available then you should have no issues with installation.

  • Can we mount this ladder on the front of our pontoon boat instead of the rear?

    Yes this pontoon ladder could be mounted on the front of your pontoon boat if you would like

  • the plastic ladder retainer that holds it up snappen in 2 pieces, can that be replaced?

    Yes it can! If you purchased the ladder from us please send us a photo of the ladder with the broken part to Support@PontoonStuff.Com and we are happy to warranty that part out.

  • Any problems with mounting on the side of Pontoon at a entry gate to use it as a way to board while on land?

    If you mount this ladder on the side of your pontoon boat you will not be able to open or close your gate.

  • How wide are the steps on this ladder?

    The steps on this pontoon boat ladder are 14" wide and 2" deep.

  • How would I order a new clip? Ours broke. Thanks

    Hello - if you are looking for the clip that came with the ladder then this is what you will need 

  • What is the actual measurement between the two handles where they mount to the deck. I need 14" clear space to straddle a battery compartment. Otherwise this should work great.

    The measurement between the two hand rails on this pontoon ladder are 13 1/2"

  • What is the vertical measurement from the floor to the top of the curve of the top handle?

    From the floor to the curve of the of the handle is approximately, 60".

  • Will this fit on a 2013 Forest River Excursion 20 ft. ?

    You would need to compare the measurements to ours and determine if they will fit.

  • can I mount this onto the front of my pontoon and will it hang solid down with no support

    Yes at long as you have the available space to mount it. 

  • I have bad knees and trouble climbing a ladder. Are the steps wide enough and at enough angle to make it easy to board?

    I cannot recommend using this ladder for bad knees. This has a small placement for your foot.

  • Will this ladder work on a swim platform on a regular boat

    As long as you have the available space, that will determine if it will work for you. 

  • can the ladder be mounted on the side of my pontoon? Will my tubes get in the way?

    This ladder hangs at an angle that will keep the ladder off of your Pontoons. 

  • What is the proper way to use the strap to retain the ladder?

    You will need to wrap the starp around the ladder a couple of time to get the best and most secure handle. It shows the this on the picture. 

  • We want to mount this to the front of our pontoon boat. It sets about 23 inches out of the water from the deck to the water up front. You mentioned that the vertical measurement is 48 inches from the first step. How much will be under water when fully extended? I want to make sure that the 48" doesn't include the curved handles at the top. Thank you!

    Thr 48" covers the first step to the very bottom of the ladder. This does not include the the handles. 

  • Is 400 lbs the most weight this ladder holds or do you have a heavier duty model like this one

    Unfortunately, we do not have a Heavier Duty Pontoon Ladder. This is our most Heavy Duty Ladder. 

  • I see in the picture the width is 17". Is that center to center of the flanges, or outside overall dimension? I have 18 -1/4" clear inside to inside my Stern Fence Rail. I'm ready to purchase this ladder, but don't want to waste the time and resources in sending it back. I was looking into the 4 Step Aluminum that you sell( I like the deeper threads on that one) but no room for the mounting hardware inside my fence at the stern. Thanks in advance. Steve

    This is the overall width of that piece. Your 18 1/4" should be enough room to fit this Pontoon Boat Ladder. 

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