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  • Will it collect water during rain and collapse

    Yes. That is why we recommend using a Cover Support System. These can be found almost anywhere. 

  • How can I fit it around bemini frame attachment?

    Your bimini frame should be able to lay flat on the rails of your boats. If you lay it flat the cover will fit over your pontoon boat without a problem. 

  • The deck length of my boat is just at 20 feet but I want the cover to reach over my rear ski tower and motor. Would this 24-26' cover do that?

    These Pontoon Boat Covers are designed to fit the "play pen" area only. They are not designed to be placed over the motor. Purchasing a larger cover may end up "Sagging" in the middle. 

  • Do you need a pontoon cover support poles to support this cover & keep water from pooling?

    Yes, we recommend using a Pontoon Cover Support System. This will increase the longevity of the pontoon cover itself

  • I'm looking for a new cover for my pontoon boat because I hate the factory cover and all the buttons it takes to secure it. My only question about yours is what about rain water? Does this use the poles to form the peak down the center of the pontoon for rainwater to run off rather that pool in the center?

    Our Pontoon Boat Covers do not include a Cover Support System. We do recommend using one because 1, it will extend the life and 2, it will keep water from pooling on the cover and potentially damaging the Pontoon Boat Cover. 

  • What are the dimensions of the shipping box? Is this designed to fit over the outboard motor too? Should the length including the motor be included when measuring for the cover?

    The box measures to be 19x13x12. Our Pontoon Boat Covers are not designed to fit over the Outboard Motor. We measure our Pontoon Boat Covers by the the deck area alone. 

  • Is this cover recommended for outdoor winter storage where there will be ice and snow on it?

    Yes, the Pontoon Boat Cover can be used for Winter Storage. We strongly suggest using a heavy duty cover support system to keep snow from damaging any Pontoon Boat seats. 

  • Will the 24' to 26' cover fit over double Biminis on a 24' triton when the Biminis are down?

    Yes, this Pontoon Boat Cover should fit just fine with installing over your Bimini Top. Quick Note, make sure all sharp edges are prepared so that they do not damage the Pontoon Cover. 

  • I measured my deck. It is 23 feet and 3 inched long. I am going to use the cover while the boat is docked at marina. It is a covered slip. I don't want it to be hard to put on, but don't want a lot of loose material either. With it being a covered slip looks like most people are not using poles to tent up the cover. What sized cover should I get since my deck is between the two sizes?

    You will want to order the Pontoon Boat Cover that is closest to your Pontoon Boat Deck size. I would reccomend going with the 24'-26' Pontoon Boat Cover. This will allow you to have more room rather than not fitting at all. I

  • What about the counsel higher than the rest?

    Since this uses elastic to tighten around the deck, it should be just fine when the Pontoon Boat Console is higher than the Pontoon Deck.

  • My pontoon has a inboard/outboard motor its a 1989 suntracker says 25ft party barge ...which size cover should I buy a 24-26ft or the 26-28ft...

    You will want to meaure the actual deck of your pontoon boat. Often the 25 will referre to the pontoons length rather then the actual size of the deck. The pontoon deck size is important because this what you want to keep covered. 

  • Cover looks nice, but looks like a rain collector. I assume rain water collects on it when covered? Is there a way to solve this if it does?

    Yes we recommened finding or building a support system for the pontoon  cover to tent the material in the middle. A lot of our customers will fabricate one out of pvc pipe. 

  • Is the only way of securing the pontoon cover by using the bungee cord? Do you do custom covers? Thanks

    Included with the covers are tie down loops and starps. These will help with securing the pontoon cover along with the bungee cord. No I'm sorry we do not make customer covers. 

  • Can you use this cover for winter storage

    Yes, that is exactly what our pontoon boat covers are designed for. We highly recommend using some sort of support system also such as cover support poles.

  • Is this 24-26 'cover material breathable

    Yes all of our pontoon boat covers are made from 600 denier polyester so they are breathable. 

  • Is the cover easily secured when the boat is docked at a marina which has another boat beside it

    That depends on what you call easily :) Our pontoon boat covers are designed to cover the entire pontoon and then snug up under the decking with a heavy duty bungee cord that is sew into the hem. We do have many customers who use them as moorings covers like you are talking about but they are not nearly as easy as snapping a custom fit cover to your railing. You will need to drag the entire cover over the boat and down the sides. Many times customers just fit it over the railing and do not try to pull it under the edge of the decking when it is docked. This works but if you have a heavy wind storm it could send the cover flying. I know many customers use our covers just like you are saying but I wanted to give you a full answer. 

  • Can u tow with this cover.

    Yes you can tow with our pontoon boat covers. Just make sure it is tied down very well as they tend to fill up like balloons and burst at high speeds no matter the quality. Universal replacement pontoon covers need to be tied down very well since they are not custom to your pontoon.

  • What is the overall weight of this cover?

    35lbs is the weight of this complete pontoon cover.

  • Just purchased cover a couple months ago. Had rain and wind storm here. Cover was secure and ripped anyway. Is this covered under warranty?

    Yes, we will warranty the pontoon cover for you. This is the nice thing about our warranty program, we handle everything ourselves so there is no approval from some other manufacturer. We warranty the seats and accessories we sell so you don't need to worry. Just send us an email at or call us after the Memorial Day Holiday and we'll get that replaced no charge. Thank you for your business.

  • I have a 1989 JC Suntoon, 24 foot. I want a cover to keep on it while in the water at my dock. Will this be a good option or do you recommend another? Thank you.

    This Pontoon Boat Cover will work for that application. Being in the water makes it a little tougher but, can handle this job for you. 

  • I have a 2012 Tahoe 25 LT Cruise. I keep my pontoon on the water in a covered slip during the warm months. I have bird problems because of the covered sip. Will these covers work with this setup? i don't need it for road travel or long time storage.

    This Pontoon Boat Cover will work for easy and quick removal. It has a shock cord sewn into it where you can take it on and off. With it being in the water may make it more difficult. 

  • I have a 92 24ft riviera cruiser will this fit

    Yes. This Pontoon Boat cover will fit your Pontoon Boat. 

  • I have a 23’ Bennington. Do I need the 24’ - 26’ cover? The boat is on a lift under cover so I don’t want a glove-tight fit, rather a cover easy for one guy to put it on. Will it stretch over the motor? How do I measure? I have the extended deck.

    Thes Pontoon Boat covers are designed to fit over the play pen area and not the motor. It comes with a shock cord sewn into fabric. 

  • Can I purchase a Cover Support System with your boat covers? I can’t find them on your site.

    We do not offer a cover support system with our boat covers at this time.

  • What is the difference between this cover and your premium covers?

    The Pontoon cover you are looking at only has a 3 year warranty and our Premium Pontoon cover has a 4 year warranty plus two color options.

  • Can the shock cord be tightened

    Yes the shock cord on this pontoon cover can be tightened.

  • Does it fit over the windshield

    Yes this pontoon boat cover should fit over your windshield with out a problem.

  • Have a Harris flote boat -Sunliner 22 -is the 20/22 foot cover adequate for this boat or should I get the 24/26 foot cover?

    Yes our 20-22 foot ponton boat cover should be adquate to cover your pontoon 22 foot pontoon boat. 

  • I have a 22 ft Suntracker pontoon boat. Should I order the 20--22 ft cover or the 24-26 ft cover?

    If you have a 22 foot pontoon boat, I would recommend ordering the 20-22 foot cover. This should be a good fit for your pontoon boat. 

  • Do you offer any poles to help reduce water ponding on the top of the cover?

    Unfortunately, we do not carry cover support systems. 

  • Will this cover fit a 24' manitou cruise fish pointing? Year 2000.

    Yes. This 24' - 26" Cover will fit. 

  • Do you sell support poles for cover I don't see them

    Unfortuntaely, we do not offer Cover Support Systems. 

  • Would this be a good cover for a 24 foot Avalon while it is in the water, to protect it from the weather? Is it easy enough to put on and take off from the dock?

    It is easy to take on and off. This cover is best used with a Cover Support System. Unfortunately, we do offer this product. 

  • Will this cover fit a 1990 25’ Crest Savannah pontoon boat ?

    Yes as long as your Pontoon is inbtween the given 24' - 26'.

  • What is the width of this cover? My windshield and sundeck is 45" above the deck.

    This a universal Cover that will fit both 8'6" and 8 foot widths. 

  • Do you have a cover that will work with the Bimini in the up right position?

    Unfortunately, we do not have a Cover that will work that way. 

  • We have a 22 Harris tritoon but is measuring at wow.7 what size should we buy?

    You should purchase the 20-22 foot Pontoon Cover.

  • I am wanting to cover the playpen, sides and the lip of the deck of my 2005 starcraft 22 foot pontoon. Will the size of this cover accomplish that? What are the actual dimensions of the material?

    No you will need a 20-22 foot Pontoon Boat Cover. Here is the link

  • Does it come with support poles

    No these Pontoon Boat Covers do not come with a Cover Support System. You will need to purchase that separately. 

  • Will this cover fit a 2018 Sweetwater 2286sb model? I want it to cover the entire deck and sides with the bimini top down in lowest position.

    Depends on what the length and width of your Pontoon is. Once we have that information, we can determine if it will fit or not. 

  • Is it breathable or does it have air vents on it and can it work at a boat slip in the water

    Yes. This Pontoon Boat Cover can be installed while in the water. It does not have air vents.

  • I have just bought a 25ft a Tahoe Pontoon will this fit it. Tahoe is made by Tracker.

    You will need to compare measurements of this item and your current item to find out if this will work or not. These are universal and are not boat specific.

  • Curious if this cover will fit on a 199 manitou pontoon boat (24’)? Thank you

    As long as it is 24' long then you should have no problems with this cover fitting your boat. 

  • I’m looking for a cover for a 23’ 2015 Lowe tritoon I don’t want a snap cover

    We offer a 24' - 26' Pontoon Boat Cover. It will come with a shock cord sewn into the fabric and that is how it attaches. 

  • Will this cover fit a Harris 240 Crown? The boat is kept in a covered lift. The cover will be used to keep stuff out of the boat when in the lift. Also will the cover be tight enough to not blow off in high wind?

    You will need to compare measurements of the Pontoon and this product to see if it will work for you. 

  • Do I need support poles with this cover

    We always recommend using Cover Support Systems with any Pontoon Boat Cover. This will entend the life of the cover. 

  • i just got my 2018 Avalon LSZ 2485 QL. will this fit over the mooring cover with the bimini in tow position. For extra protection?

    This will fit with the Bimini Top in the flush down position. We do however recommend taking off the mounting brackets since they can cause damage to the top. 

✓  6 year warranty on DeckMate Boat Seats

✓  6 year warranty on DeckMate Woven Vinyl Flooring

✓  3 year warranty on all other carpet & flooring

✓  3 year warranty on bimini tops

✓  1 year warranty on everything else


Our success is tied directly to our ability to provide you with superior products, fast shipping, and the best customer service. Exceptional products and excellent service are our top priorities!

Warranty claims are always handled quickly. We don't pass you off to some other manufacturer - we warranty all of the boat seats we sell. You can expect quick answers and solutions in the rare case that you have a problem.

Warranties are 100% transferable on all products. If you sell your boat, the buyer is covered. If you're a second owner, just provide us with the original owner's name or order number.

There is never any cost to you in the event of damage during shipping.

DeckMate® Boat Seats - 6 Year Warranty

  • Industry leading warranty - All of our boat seats have a 6 year, full replacement warranty. If anything goes wrong, we will send you brand new seats without hassle or cost to you.
  • We will ask for images of the defects so we can make immediate improvements in our production.
  • We will send replacement boat seats to you as soon as you provide us with images.
  • We do not need the
  • defective boat seats back, and you are never required to pay shipping.
  • We spend extra money on packaging to ensure your new boat seats will ship safely, but there is always the chance rough handling or stacking could damage the upholstery or parts. If this happens, just give us a call.


DeckMate® Woven Vinyl Flooring - 6 Year Warranty

  • Industry leading warranty - Our Woven Vinyl has a 6 year, full replacement warranty. If anything goes wrong, we will send you brand new flooring without hassle or cost to you.
  • We will ask for images of the defects so we can make immediate improvements in our production.
  • We will send replacement flooring to you as soon as you provide us with images.
  • We do not need the defective flooring back, and you are never required to pay shipping.
  • We spend extra money on packaging to ensure your new flooring will ship safely, but there is always the chance rough handling or stacking could damage the flooring. If this happens, just give us a call.


Carpet & Flooring - 3 Year Warranty

  • All of our carpeting and flooring is marine grade and it is protected by a 3 year warranty, which includes fading and deterioration.


Bimini Tops - 3 Year Warranty

  • Full replacement on defective bimini tops. If your bimini top arrives with any defects or quality issues, we will pay to return and replace your bimini top immediately.


All Other Products - 1 Year Warranty

  • All of our non-seating or flooring products (other than carpet and vinyl flooring) have a 1 year warranty.

It is important to us that our customers know we will support them after the sale. We will take care of any problems you have quickly and at no cost to you, as we personally warranty everything we sell.

For more information about our warranty, please call us at (877) 295-9522.

Shipping is free on any order over $100; orders under $100 has a shipping fee of $9.99. Place an order on a business day by 4 p.m. EST and in stock seats and accessories will ship the same day! No slow shipping times to save money, PontoonStuff® only ships orders using FedEx and our products will arrive to your home quickly. Map below shows time in transit.

  • Pontoon decking kits will be shipped using FedEx Freight services (semi-truck) and require a phone number to schedule delivery (free shipping).

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  • We will only ship within the contiguous U.S.

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