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Pontoon boat carpet adhesive for rubber back marine grade carpet.

Specifically formulated to work with rubber backed, marine-grade pontoon boat carpet. Each gallon covers an 100 sq. ft. or an 8'6" x 12' section. If you try to use less glue than is recommended your glue will not bond to the carpet or vinyl and it will come up; create wrinkles, lines or bubbles across your pontoon's deck. 

NOTE: This adhesive will not work if you are trying to install carpet flooring to an aluminum or fiberglass deck. You will require a solvent based glue for this application; water based glue needs to evaporate in order to form a bond and the carpet with an aluminum/fiberglass deck will not allow the necessary airflow for bonding. You can find solvent based indoor/outdoor glue at any home improvement store.

We will not ship glue if the temperature is under 32 degrees. We will ship once there is a break in the weather and we are able to do so.

Q:  Why do I need to use marine carpet glue?

A:  It is very important to use the proper type of carpet adhesive when you are working with marine-grade, rubber backed boat carpet.  All marine carpeting uses a special weather resistant backing that can be damaged by most harsh adhesives.  If you do not use a glue that is formulated for marine or indoor outdoor carpeting you run the risk of ruining the backing on your carpet.  Harsh adhesives will eat and destroy the back of marine-grade carpeting.  If for some reason you cannot buy our carpet glue be sure that the adhesive you use says for use on marine rubber backed carpeting or indoor outdoor carpet.

Q:  How much marine carpet glue do I need?

A:  Each gallon of glue will cover a 100 square foot area when applied with a medium nap paint roller.  If you have a 16', 20' or 24' pontoon boat you will need 2 gallons of glue. For larger pontoon boats with 25' or more of deck you will need 3 gallons of glue.



Ask a Question
  • Can this be used to hold down marine vinal flooring for utily boats onto ply wood. What if the plywood is painted.

    With this Boat Carpet Glue there cannot be anything between the plywood and adhesive. The paint on the plywood will not allow the adhesive to adhere correctly with the plywood.

  • Best method for applications of glue

    We suggest using a medium nap paint roller when applying the Boat Carpet Glue to the Pontoon Decking. 

  • What is the working temp for carpet glue

    We recommend applying the Boat Carpet Glue in 65 degrees or higher is the recommended temperature. 

  • Will deck mate 128 work on carpet being installed on a vinyl deck board

    The Deck Mate 128 Adhesive needs to soak into the wood for it to create a bond between the wood and carpet. If the deck board has any kind of sealant on top of it, it will not work as intended. 

  • Does this adhesive have flammable fumes while applying/curing? Would like to do in my garage over winter, and will need to run space heaters to keep it up to temperature.

    No. This is a water based Boat Carpet Adhesive. You will want to keep your garage at 65 degrees or higher so that the adhesive can evaporate which creates a good bond between carpet and decking.

  • Is the bucket shown a gallon?

    Yes that is correct. It is one gallon of boat carpet glue.

  • I've read that this glue wont work on a aluminum deck with vinyl flooring. My deck is aluminum, will this glue work for marine carpet?

    The marine adhesive is water based will not work with carpet or vinyl flooring when applying it to an Aluminum Deck. You would an adhesive that is solvent based.

  • Will this work on your 28 oz carpet on a Fisher pontoon composite decking?


    I'm sorry but this glue will not work well with a composite deck. You will need a solvent based outdoor carpet glue that can be bought at most big box stores. 

  • Is there a chemical that will release the carpet??

    Mineral spirits is the best option, anything more harsh and you risk damaging the plywood or creating a problem with the new carpet and glue. Removing the old pontoon carpet is one of the more difficult tasks when it comes to restoring a pontoon. If you are having too much trouble you can always rent a floor sander and just grind all the old carpet way that you can't peel up. Big ice scrapers can be helpful too but be sure not to damage the plywood by delaminating it. Hopefully the mineral spirits will be helpful, it can be tough but it'll be worth it in the end.

  • I am thinking about coating by plywood with flex seal liquid rubber sealant. Will this glue adhere to it as it should?

    If you apply the Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Sealant, then no it will not work as intended. This adhesive needs to soak into the plywood and evaporate you create a good bond between the carpet and plywood. 

  • Will the D128 adhere with marine padding to plywood and padding to marine carpet ?

    Yes it will work for all of those applications.

  • Should this adhesive be placed on the deck AND the back of the carpet, or just the decking only? I have a 12 foot deck. Will this be enough to cover that?

    This adhesive is only to be placed on the decking. It is not necessary to put it on the carpet backing.   We recommend one gallon of glue for every 12' of deck length.

  • Is there a max temperature that the glue should or shouldn’t be applied I.e. above 80 or 90 degrees? How does humidity affect the glue as it’s 88deg and 90 percent humidity at the moment!

    No this glue does not have a max temperature. Higher heat may make the glue cure faster than it would with lower temperatures. .

  • Will D-128 work on carpet that doesn’t have a rubber backing

    Our D-128 is degined to work with our carpet that has a rubbing backing. I would check with who you bought the carpet from to ensure you are using the correct glue for your application.

  • should replacement marine grade plywood be sealed or painted (top or bottom) before applying flooring when redecking a pontoon boat?

    You do not want to seal any plywood you are about to put glue on.   The glue will not be able to soak into the wood and will then pool on top of your decking causing your flooring to not adhere properly or at all. If you purchase the proper CCA treated Marine grade plywood like we offer it does not need to be sealed at all and will still offer a 30 year warranty.

  • Can I use this if rain is forecasted within 24 hours?

    You can however we recommend that you have at least two rain free days to complete the flooring job.  A day to put the carpet/vinyl down and a day for it to sit and set. 
    As long as it has a full 24 hours to cure it should be alright.

  • We took off old carpet of our pontoon. The plywood is in great condition. Now there are a couple of places where there is the old glue, should we sand off the whole top of the plywood? To have it completely??

    We always recommend sanding your whole pontoon deck before applying to boat carpet glue.  This will ensure that all old materials are off your deck and it will absorb the glue and adhere properly.

  • I have good decking will I need to remove all the old glue to use this product. If so what do you recommend using to clean up the decking.

    If your pontoon decking is in good shape then you will need to remove all of the exisiting glue. We recommeend using a belt sander. This is usually the most efficient and painless way to remove any of the old carpet adhesive. 

  • Will this glue work with pressure-treated plywood?

    As long as there is not any kind of sealant on the plywood, you should not have any issues. 

  • How much glue is one bucket?

    One gallon of the Boat Carpet Glue covers 100 square feet. 

  • Hello, I have removed my carpet and sanded the entire plywood deck. Where the old adhesive is still firmly attached to the deck, I did not remove all the adhesive. Where the old adhesive was peeling, I removed most to all of the adhesive. Is this sufficient surface preparation for your glue? Thanks

    I would do your best to make it a clean surface. Sanding down the old adhesive would greatly increase the bond with the new glue. 

  • When correctly applied and dry. will this glue standup to Minnesota /Wisconsin freeze/thaw cyles? Applying boat carpert with marine latex backing to pressure treated plywood deck. Is this the right adhesive? Is there a better choice?

    The Boat Carpet Glue, does not have any issues lasting in cold weather. 

  • How do I get glue for aluminum flooring, do you guys sell it and is it different from the carpet glue?

    We do not sell it. We only offer the water based ahdesive that works with the Wood Deck. You will need a solvent based marine adhesive. 

  • I coated my wood with spar urethane. Will this glue adhere it?

    If this creates a barrier between the plywood and adhesive, this specific adhesive will not work for your application. We would suggest a solvent based glue. 

  • I covered my plywood deck with Redgard. I called Technical support about what kind of glue to use. They said a water base glue, no solvents. Do you think your glue will work? Redgard is a latex based waterproofing.

    No. If the redgard is a latex based waterproofing, water based adhesive will not be able to adsorb into the plywood and create that bond. You may need to use some kind of contact adhesive. 

  • I intend repairing about 1 square foot of single layer peeling plywood and some other small imperfections with Bondo wood filler or fiberglass. Do I need to worry about your glue bonding/not bonding to those repairs? The peeling area is about 4" x2'. Thank you.

    As long as there is not sealer or filler used you should not have any issues using out Pontoon Boat Glue. 

  • Can this product be used with your 50mil vinyl floor on new wood?

    We recommend using the Vinyl Adhesive that we carry when using the Pontoon Boat Vinyl. LINK:

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