14' - 16' Gray Pontoon Boat Covers

Pontoon Boat Covers


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Pontoon covers for 14' to 16' pontoons, fits 8' W & 8-1/2' W pontoon boats.

Strong 600 denier gray polyester pontoon boat covers for pontoon storage.

We offer pontoon covers at a value price to help protect your furniture. By offering you an affordable price on a very high quality pontoon boat cover we can help increase the life of your pontoon furniture.  It is in our best interest to help you protect your new seats.

  • 3 year full replacement warranty on pontoon covers.
  • 600 denier polyester pontoon boat covers are strong enough for travel.
  • 100% polyester marine fabric is mineral dyed and will not fade or stain.
  • 2-3x stronger than competitively priced pontoon covers. 
  • Use these pontoon covers for indoor storage and travel.

Pontoon Cover Features

  • Loads of tie-down loops for secure highway trailering.
  • Heavy duty sewn-in bungee cord secures cover under your deck.
  • Plenty of straps to secure your pontoon cover when trailering.
  • PU coated polyester fabric is water resistant. 


Ask a Question
  • Do you have anything for a 12' X 6.5' minipontoon?

    Unfortunately, what you see on our website, is what we have available. We do not carry anything smaller in the Pontoon Boat Covers.

  • To measure for a cover, am I just measuring the pontoon deck ? Do I need to be concerned about how high the rails are? Do I need to be in the water to attach the bungee cords?

    Yes, you are correct you just need to measure your pontoon deck. Most pontoon rails are not taller then 30" tall so this measurement will not matter as much as the deck size. You are welcome to get into the water to install this pontoon cover but it is not nesseacry. These covers are not as easy to use as a snap on custom made cover but they will get the job done. It may take some trial and error depending on your dock set up but many customer use this cover while it is docked at their pier with out a lot of trouble. 

  • I saw the 16-18 ft boat cover will cover with the bimini top down, will the 14-16 cover with the top down as well? Do you have a cover that can do both?

    As long as your Pontoon Boat Bimini is competely flush with the railing, any of our Pontoon Boat Covers will fit over. Please note that the brackets for your Bimini may cause damage to the cover so we recommend removing those if possible. 

  • will it fit with the top installed (down)

    These are designed to fit on your Pontoon Boat witht he bimini top removed from the boat. The brackets will cause holes to rip in the Pontoon Boat Cover. 

  • Do you have to remove windshield? Also won't water collect on top when it rains and get it heavy causing it to fall off as well as trying to get water off?

    You do not have to remove the windshield.  To prevent the water from collecting on top we would recommend looking for an after market kit to prop the cover up. You may also make one out of PVC pipe like some of our customers have done.

  • Do you have a 16' x 6' cover?

    I'm sorry but we do not offer a pontoon cover in that size.

  • Do you make a 12 ft. cover?

    No, we only offer the sizes you see on our website. 

  • Will this cover work for a 12' Pontoon?

    This Pontoon Cover will be too large for the 12' pontoon that you have. 

  • Ok you confirmed it will cover with the Bimini top down and that it will cover the deck. My battery and gas tank sit on the deck behind the rear rail, should it cover the battery and gas tank when put on?

    Depending on if it is sitting on the decking. If it is then the Pontoon Boat Cover will fit. 

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