Pontoon Boat Gate Door Stop

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Used on pontoon boats with lift hinges on the gates, universal design.

Sold individually, these universal lift and lock door stops secure your pontoon boat's gate.

  • Used on pontoon gates that have lift and lock hinge.
  • Universal design allows you to use this stop on any gate.
  • Designed for 1-1/4" pontoon railing.


Ask a Question
  • Do you make this in metal

    Unfortunately, we only have the Pontoon Boat Gate Door Stop in plastic. The Pontoon Door Stop also comes in the color Gray

  • Do you have right and left hand stops

    Unfortuantely, we do not. We only have the Gate Door Stops for your Pontoon Boat.

  • Can I get them in black?

    Unfortunately, we only offer the pontoon gate door stop in Gray. 

  • Is this plastic or metal?

    This pontoon gate latch is plastic. 

  • Why is the color of the latch?

    The color of this Pontoon Boat Gate Door Stop is going to be gray

  • Do you have these in a "U" shape, for under the center of a door? This would be to hold a door open, and one at the end of the door would be a trip hazard when the door was closed.

    Unfortuantely, we do not carry any other types. These are the only ones that we offer. 

  • Will these work with your fence riser kit or do I have to space these up to

    You would want to make sure that these are the same height as your door for them to work properly. 

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