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Use these hinges on pontoon gates that lift up and out of a door stop.

  • Stainless steel lift hinges allow you to lift and lock your gate into the floor stop.
  • 18" x 2" hinge comes with stainless steel self-tapping screws for installation.
  • Use these hinges with our door stops.

Pontoon Boat Gate Lift Hinge


Ask a Question
  • does lift hinges come in 4" or can the 18"be cut to 4"

    These only come in 18". I cannot recommend cutting these as they may not work as advertised. 

  • Will this hinge work on either a LH or RH swing gate and approximately how high does the hinge lift, thanks

    Our Pontoon Gate Lift hinge only raises a max of 1 inch. It will work on either a Left Hand or Right Hand swing gate on your pontoon boat 

  • What does the hinge attach with? Screws or rivets ?

    We include self tapping screws to attach the pontoon hinge to the rail of your boat and pontoon gate. 

  • Can you lubricate the lift hinge? Mine is very stiff and difficult to pull up.

    Yes, You can use WD40 to lubricate the hinge.

  • Is each Web of the hinge 2" or is each Web of the hinge 1" your showing the hinge open in your photo

    Our pontoon gate lite hinge has a full width of 2". Each side of the pontoon hinge is 1"

  • Is it 2 hinges or just 1

    This price is for a single Pontoon Gate Lift Hinge.

  • Do you have a manual guide with these hinges? I'm not getting it. Which way does the door stops go?

    The lower side of the Door Stop is to be faced on the side which the door opens. If the door opens to the inside, then you need to place the lower side facing inside the boat. 

  • Do you have stainless steel hinges for the front gate

    This Lift Hinges will fit any application that you have the matching space for. 

  • How high does it lift?

    This Pontoon Gate Lift Hinge come sup about 1". 

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