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Pontoon Boat Deck Hardware

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Rail spacers keep your deck dry and prevent nasty dirt build up around your railing.

Pontoon rail spaces lift your pontoon boat fence up off the deck, allowing water to roll off and air to pass through. This prevents nasty build up of dirt and moss and will increase the life of your carpet, keeping your pontoon boat looking good longer.

  • (32) 3/8" pontoon rail spacers per kit, enough for any size pontoon boat.
  • U shaped design allows you to install them without completely removing your pontoon's fence.
  • Place the hollow side upwards, it is designed to cup the sides of your 1-1/4" pontoon railing.


Ask a Question
  • looking for corner piece on deck 2004 Voyager

    Unfortunately, we do not carry any specific make or model Pontoon Boat Parts. You would need to find the measurements and compare them to the measurements we have listed on the website. 

  • Are these Grey like in the picture?

    Yes. These Pontoon Fence Risers are Gray as pictured. They come in a pack of 32 Pontoon Fence Risers. 

  • what is the "U" slot width?

    The "U" space in the Pontoon Fence Riser Kit, is 1/2". It is 3/8's of a inch thick

  • You say I don't have to remove the fence. Would the existing bolts be long enough?

    They should be just fine. These Pontoon Fence Risers are only 3/8" thick. Most Pontoon Fence Bolts are longer for this exact reason. 

  • I need the part that the door sits down in when closed

    You can find the pontoon doorstop at the below link.


  • what is the correct way to install these spacers? hollow side up or down.

    The correct way to install the spacers for the fence riser kit is hollow side down.

  • So after the riser is installed, how high will the fence be off the floor? I'm going to raise my new seats also. Thx

    Once this pontoon riser is installed your pontoon fence will be 3/8" if an inch off the the floor. 

  • how many spacers needed for a 20' pontoon?

    Our pack of 32 pontoon fence risers  are more then enough for a pontoon boat up to 28 feet long. 

  • What material are these risers made from?

    They are a hard molded plastic. They are designed to hold the railing without collapsing

  • Is it okay to run screws through my railing into the backrest to keep them from pulling forward

    Yes, there is a plastic isnide that it can grab on to. 

  • My seat backs are attached to my railings . I assume I would also have to raise all of my furniture to accommodate to the raised railing height ?

    Yes. These would offset the furniture from the Railing

  • my railing is 1" not 1-14" will it work

    It could work. You would just need to be aware that they would stick out slightly and not be 100 % hidden underneath the railing. 

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