Pontoon Fence Riser Kit

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Rail spacers keep your deck dry and prevent nasty dirt build up around your railing.

Pontoon rail spaces lift your pontoon boat fence up off the deck, allowing water to roll off and air to pass through. This prevents nasty build up of dirt and moss and will increase the life of your carpet, keeping your pontoon boat looking good longer.

  • (32) 3/8" pontoon rail spacers per kit, enough for any size pontoon boat.
  • U shaped design allows you to install them without completely removing your pontoon's fence.
  • Place the hollow side upwards, it is designed to cup the sides of your 1-1/4" pontoon railing.


Ask a Question
  • looking for corner piece on deck 2004 Voyager

    Unfortunately, we do not carry any specific make or model Pontoon Boat Parts. You would need to find the measurements and compare them to the measurements we have listed on the website. 

  • Are these Grey like in the picture?

    Yes. These Pontoon Fence Risers are Gray as pictured. They come in a pack of 32 Pontoon Fence Risers. 

  • what is the "U" slot width?

    The "U" space in the Pontoon Fence Riser Kit, is 1/2". It is 3/8's of a inch thick

  • You say I don't have to remove the fence. Would the existing bolts be long enough?

    They should be just fine. These Pontoon Fence Risers are only 3/8" thick. Most Pontoon Fence Bolts are longer for this exact reason. 

  • I need the part that the door sits down in when closed

    You can find the pontoon doorstop at the below link.


  • how many spacers needed for a 20' pontoon?

    Our pack of 32 pontoon fence risers  are more then enough for a pontoon boat up to 28 feet long. 

  • What material are these risers made from?

    They are a hard molded plastic. They are designed to hold the railing without collapsing

  • Is it okay to run screws through my railing into the backrest to keep them from pulling forward

    Yes, there is a plastic isnide that it can grab on to. 

  • My seat backs are attached to my railings . I assume I would also have to raise all of my furniture to accommodate to the raised railing height ?

    Yes. These would offset the furniture from the Railing

  • my railing is 1" not 1-14" will it work

    It could work. You would just need to be aware that they would stick out slightly and not be 100 % hidden underneath the railing. 

4.8 out of 5, based on 6 reviews
Myles Ball from Marshall, NC on Apr 23, 2017
Exactly what it says it is. I just completely remodeled my pontoon. Can't go wrong with vinyl flooring and the spacers. Water just goes right under the fence and it allows the floor to dry when covered up. You may need more than 32 depending on the size of your boat. I have a 21' and I had 2 left over.
LeRoy Keller from Hatfield AR on Aug 29, 2016
First off let me say this product is exactly what it states as it relates to size and ease of installment. The only disagreement is that (32) spacers were not quite enough for my 1999, 21', Sun tracker fishin barge. I was four short for the railing not including the other five for the fence rail bracing. GREAT PRODUCT and the only reason I gave it a four star rating is because of the claim that one kit is "enough for any size pontoon boat". You definitely won't be disappointed with this purchase.
LeMon Baker from Greers Ferry Lake,Arkansas on Aug 24, 2016
Great Product... every pontoon needs these
These are great, just added them to my 24' Aloha, washing the carpet is so easy now, water just runs off everywhere no matter which way you are tilted :)..You will need longer bolts so measure what you have now and add 1/2 inch....it was easier to snap the nuts off than try to unscrew them..mine were locked tight from corrosion. just break off all the nuts.then pull a screw and replace it and barely thread the nut on..Do one whole side..then I used a small prybar and raised the rail from the deck slightly and slid the spacer in then moved along the deck til spacers were on every screw. then I used a hammer and set the screw head and used a extended drive ratchet to tighten all the nuts down..this way one person can do the job and you don't have to remove the rail..:) I also used oversized fender washers to make sure I didn't put too much pressure on a small area of wood when tightening the nuts....I had 1" rail so they did stick out a little ..no big deal..I positioned mine hollow side down so it wouldn't hold water.
Robert H. from N. Ga on Feb 19, 2015
This makes keeping your boat clean easy. As you blow or hose off your deck all those bits of leaves and pine straw now have a easy way to abandon ship. Let's heavy rain run off faster too. It's a win - win!
Roy Rutland from Antlers, OK on Feb 05, 2015
My wife & I recently restored our 20' pontoon boat and in used this to raise the fence off the deck, this keeps the water from standing and the carpet dries out quicker. A great ideal.
Craig Curtis from Overland Park, KS on Feb 24, 2014
I just got back from doing a winter check up on my pontoon. Usually the floor is damp just do to the snow melt, not anymore! Having the rails off of the floor using these risers has totally helped the floor and carpet dry out. I can't wait to see how good they help in the summer with the floor being wet from a whole day on the water!

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