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Console is made of plastic and access panel is covered in our 30 oz marine grade seat vinyl.

Pontoon Boat Console Dimensions:

  • Overall Console Width: 27"
  • Overall Console Depth: 15"
  • Overall Console Height: 33"
  • Access panel is on front of captain's stand

Our History

PontoonStuff® was founded on the idea that rebuilding a pontoon boat should be affordable and that you shouldn't need a payment to get that new boat feeling. With factory-grade pontoon furniture, flooring, and parts, we make it affordable to have a great-looking pontoon boat again!

Here are some quick facts about us:

  • We've been in business since 2005, and have helped over 200,000 customers fix up their pontoons. We sell to an average of 35,000 new customers per year.
  • We sell more replacement pontoon boat seats than all other marine retailers combined, and focus on offering everything you need for your pontoon restoration.
  • Designing, building, and selling our pontoon boat seats directly gives us a big advantage: We can invest more in quality because we control the entire process. 
  • All products are stocked and shipped from our facilities in Elkhart, IN and Dalton, GA.

Before building our own DeckMate brand of pontoon furniture in 2012, we sold nearly every brand of replacement pontoon seating, so we understand what makes a high-quality seat. Because of our experience with other seat brands, we knew where to focus our efforts in order to offer superior quality pontoon boat seats.

    PontoonStuff® Quality Promise
    Our success is tied directly to our ability to provide you with quality products and the best customer service. Quality and excellent service are our top priority!

    • Industry leading warranty - 6 year full replacement on any defective pontoon furniture. No other pontoon boat seat manufacturer offers this level of service because no other manufacturer uses the same quality of materials.
    • If your pontoon boat furniture arrives with any defects or quality issues, we will pay to return and replace your pontoon boat seats immediately.
    • We pay all costs associated with any damaged or defective seating. There is never any cost to you.
    • 100% transferable warranty - if you sell your pontoon boat, the buyer is covered. If you're a second owner, just provide us with the original owner's name or order number.

    You're making a big investment with your time and money when you choose to restore a pontoon boat. Making sure all of our customers know we will support them after the sale is important to us. We will take care of any problems you have quickly and at no cost to you, as we personally warranty everything we sell.

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    Small Pontoon Boat Console Assembly:

    1. With the screws included, mount the Pontoon Boat Console to your Pontoon Deck.

    2. Once the Pontoon Console is attached and mounted to the floor of the boat, take the access panel and attach the four (4) screws to the opening of the console.
    • This will cover up the opening to give you a finished-looking Console. 

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    Ask a Question
    • Getting ready for spring (wishful thinking anyway) here in Western NC. Have you made any progress on a windshield for this console ?

      No, unfortuantely, we do not carry a windshield for this Classic Pontoon Boat Console. 

    • I have a side mount throttle control , mounted to the side of my current console , will this console allow me to mount it in the same place ?

      Unfortunately, the Classic Pontoon Boat Console will not allow for side mounted throttle.

    • Does the console have knockouts for gauges?

      You would need to cut out your own spaces for gauges on our Classic Pontoon Boat Console. This is easy to do with a hole saw or even a jigsaw. This allows the customer to customize their gauge cluster on their pontoon console anyway they would like. 

    • In some of your customers' photos, this console does not have a raised decorative lip/edge that surrounds the face of the console. However, the pictures above do have this raised edge. Can you confirm whether or not there is a raised edge of the current version?

      We changed the design of our pontoon console a few years ago. The raised edge you are referring to is the current version you will be receiving for your pontoon boat if you order from us. 

    • Doesn't drilling drain holes in the console cupholders result in water dripping into the inside of the console? Do you then drill drainholes in the bottom of the console?

      Yes, you are more then welcome to drill drain holes in the pontoon console as well. We already have drain channels built into the bottom of the pontoon cosnole to help with this issue. 

    • How do you keep rain water out of the cup holders on the top of the console?

      Most customers will simply drill a small hole in the bottom of the cupholders on their pontoon console to let the water drain out.

    • What type of locking device is offered to protect items stored under the seat?

      Unfortunately we don't offer a locking device for our pontoon consoles. To access the interior you need to remove the 4 bolts that secure the uphostered panel to the back. The only secure way to store something would be a locking glove box but that is not a great deal of storage.

    • Has anyone mounted a plexiglass windshield on this console and if so where did you find one that fit well ?

      We do not currently offer a windshield for this pontoon boat console but after your question it made me think why the heck don't we! I apologize we cannot help at this time but we will begin the process of making a custom windshield immediately. It may take until late fall to have them in stock.

    • I would like to have a fuse box mounted inside the console. Since the console is plastic, I cannot mount it with screws. What do your costumers do for mounting fuse boxes inside the console?

      Screws would be just fine to use. That would be your preference on what to use to mount that fuse box inside the  console. 

    • How much for instrument gauge sets? As shown in the picture?

      The instrument gauge panel for the pontoon boat console cost an additional $500  

    • On the dash is there a radio on it with the gauges?

      No this pontoon helm with the gauges and switches does not include a radio. You could easily add one though.

    • the last picture shows the back of what I think is the gauges/wires/switches its the back of it tho, is that included with the purchase , its the very last picture

      Yes, if you choose the panel for an additional $500 it is included with your pontoon boat console.


      Yes, all of our pontoon benches and corner seats have under seat storage. 

    • Can this package be purchased without the center console.

      Yes any of our pontoon seating packages can be purchased with out the pontoon console. We list the indivual items that make up the pontoon seating packages in the descriptions. You will simply need to add your seats to the cart indivually or call and of your represtives will be more then happy to assist you. 

    • What screws do you recommend for mounting this to the floor? What screws do you recommend for mounting all the furniture to the floor? Will the 2" inch self tapping screws you sell work for this application?

      We would suggest using a "Pan Head" Screw to mount the seats and consoles to the deck. We do however include 4 screws inside of the console and bases for that reason.

    • Replacement seats for a fisher boat

      You will need to give us measurements to find seats that work for you.

    • Can I get this in White, Blue and Charcoal?

      Unfortunately, we do not make custom colors. We only carry the colors that are listed on our website. 

    • how much does the classic small/standard console weigh?

      It weighs approimately 34 lbs. 

    • What hardware is needed to install this console? It did not come with hardware.

      You should only need wood screws and small screws to apply the access panel to the Console. We can send you the hardware if you would like. Give us a call at 877-295-9522

    • This Classic console has a large footprint for limited deck area. Do you have any smaller console options?

      No, this is the smallest Pontoon Boat Console that we offer. 

    • Can you add steering wheel and control panel to this gray and teal classic pontoon console? Also, can a cooler be added?

      Yes, this Classic Pontoon Boat Console can have a steering wheel and control panel added to it. You will need to cut out the space with a sawzall. Cooler option is not available through us. You would have to manually do it. 

    • hello I bought Pontoon Bench Seats (CRG90) and now and I am trying to decide if i should get a helm. In the sets the matching helm has 4 cup holders, the single one to order looks different. What helm would match my seats?

      Both would match your Pontoon Seats. We only offer the New Steering Console Helm. It is shown in the featured pictures. 

    • I'm looking at a complete classic seat package. The photo shows a different console than this one. Some similarities, but the package photo shows four individual drink holders on the top of the console. I know that the design has changed, but which one will I receive? (will be ordering tomorrow, 5/7/18, regardless)

      You will be receiving the Pontoon Console that is pictured in the featured photos. We apologize for the confusion. 

    • Do you have a console that will accept a side mount throttle?

      Unfortunately, we do not have a console that is specifically made for the Side Mount Throttle. You can determine the measurements, they may fit depending on those. 

    • how do you mount front panel on console ?

      You should receive 4 screws that you will drill through the panel and into the Plastic Base. 

    • Where can I buy a cover for Classic Pontoon Boat Console?

      Unfortuantely, we do not offer individual Seat or Console covers. 

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