Pontoon Boat Under Deck Lights

Pontoon Boat Lights

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19.7' Blue LED Strip Light Per Side, Mounting Channels Included.

One of our most popular pontoon boat accessories!  Take your boating into the night in a striking and beautiful way with these high-quality blue waterproof underdeck LED pontoon lights. The drama of indirect lighting coming from under your deck and reflecting off the water is incredible. Plus you can now use your boat when docked as a special nighttime place to socialize...it's like turning your pontoon into the coolest hangout place on the lake!

Make your night runs more fun with LED Under Deck Lighting!

Installation is kept extremely simple, and utilizes only two components - plastic mounting channels with pre-installed 3M adhesive strips and the LED waterproof lighting which come on a spool ready to snap into the strips. Nothing could be easier! 

Complete Installation Instructions

Each LED under deck pontoon boat light kit includes:

  • Two 19.7' blue LED strip lights for both port and starboard lighting. (For the UDLED-20)
  • Two 24.7' blue LED strip lights for both port and starboard lighting. (For the UDLED-25)
  • Enough PVC mounting channel to easily install your LED strip lights.

These professionally engineered OEM-quality lights arrive at your door ready to install.


Ask a Question
  • for a 24' pontoon would you recommend the UDLED-20, and are the wiring harness included? Can you also cut the strips?

    For a 24' Pontoon Boat, you would be just fine using either the UDLED-20 or the UDLED-25. The UDLED-20 measures to be 19.7' and the UDLED-25 measures to be 24.7'. These can be cut, and should have designated spots for cutting. 

  • Are these lights IP68 rated?

    Yes! These Pontoon Boat Under Deck Lights meet the requirements to be rated IP68.

  • Can you have them on while running on the water

    Yes. These Pontoon Boat Under Deck Lights can be used while the Pontoon Boat is in motion. 

  • Is for a 12 volt ?

    Yes, our Under Deck Pontoon lights Lights are made for 12 volt connection. You should have no problem wiring these in to an exsisting switch on your boat console. 

  • Can the lights be cut if needed for length?

    Yes, there are designated spots on the Pontoon Boat Under Deck Lights that allow you to cut the Lights. 

  • Will these hook into an accessory switch already supplied on the boat that is not being used

    Yes the Pontoon Boat Under Deck Lights will hook into any accessory switch that is already on your pontoon boat.

  • Does this kit come in other colors than Blue?

    Unfortunately, our Pontoon Boat Under Deck lights only come in the color Blue. I do apologize for this inconvenience.

  • How does it connect to the battery?

    Here are the installation instructions for our pontoon boat under deck lights.


  • What do I need to purchase to install the lights besides a switch and the #6 stainless steel screws? Thanks

    Other then the items you mentioned you should be all set to install these pontoon under deck lights. We will supply you with the lights, the channel and wiring harness.

  • I thought blue lighting was only allowed on law enforcement boats.

    The laws for the type and color of lights allowed on boats varies by state. I would check with your local state agency to confirm this.

  • I have 37 foot suntracker megahut-Can you easily connect 2 together as I will need longer than one spool?

    Yes two sets of these pontoon under deck lights could easily be connected with the wiring harness that is included to accommodate your pontoon boat.    

  • Does light strip come in white?

    No, we only have the blue lights for this Under Deck Lights. 

  • Would these led lights work on my boat. My pontoon logs measure 18 feet. What do I do with the excess.

    You can cut the access lights off and make sure the ends are sealed. Unless you wanna keep them intact you can wrap them around the front or back. 

  • Is blue the only color available or do these come in red?

    Yes we only have the Blue color Under Deck Lights. 

  • Do they have in green

    No, we only have it the blue color. 

  • Are the lights dimmable?

    This Docking Lights are not dimmable. 

  • Do you have pontoon under deck LED lighting in the color purple?

    We only offer the Under Deck Lights in the standard blue color. 

  • My pontoon is 2018 Crest already wired for running under deck lights. Do these have same connection for plug and use options?

    These have wires that come out of the ends. A positive and a negitive that need to be connect for use. 

  • I’ve heard these lights attract large numbers of insects. Black flies, mosquitos, moths etc..

    Like any light, insects are drawn to it. This may be the case depending on the area you are in of course. 

  • can these be installed with the pontoon in the water. idont have a trailer to pull it out with

    Installing these Pontoon Boat Under Deck Lights in the water would make this very difficult. But it can be done. 

  • What is the warranty on these lights?

    Warranty for these Pontoon Boat Under Deck Lights is 1 year.

  • Do you sell just the mounting channel? Bought the kit, looks great but the blue is illegal in Wisconsin

    Unfortunately, these Pontoon Boat Under Deck Lights are sold as a set. 

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