Replacing flooring is one of the most in-depth renovations a pontoon owner can undertake. We’ve got video tips, FAQs and more to help save you time and money.

How To Replace Pontoon Boat Carpet FAQ


Pontoon Flooring & Decking "How to" Videos

1) Remove Old Carpet

What's the best way to pull off your carpet? How should you deal with wiring? Find out in less than a minute!

2) Remove Old Plywood

Next plywood will come off, and crossmembers can be cleaned for application of new seam tape.

3) Attaching New Plywood

Watch these tips and tricks for making sure your plywood deck is secure.

4) Screws vs Deck Bolts

Do you know the difference between self-tapping screws and deck bolts? Find out which one is right for you!

5) Prep Plywood

Follow these simple steps to prep your plywood for carpet or vinyl.

6) Rolling Out Flooring

Roll the vinyl flooring out onto the deck, making sure it’s centered.

7) Glue Down Flooring

Your deck is almost complete! Now glue the carpet down, one side at a time.