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Covers are Out for the rest of the 2021 Season. 

Keep your Pontoon Boat Furniture looking like new! 

Our boat seat and console covers are designed to protect your furniture from damaging UV rays, water, and mildew! 

Note: Our covers are meant to be used on furniture during storage or while docked.


Ask a Question
  • Do these "breath" ? I don't want to worry about mold or mildew as my boat stays on the lake 24/7/365.

    Absoutely. These covers are polyester covers and will breathe just fine.

  • Do you sell replacement seat covers that fit FD 218 RE3 OB, 2007

    Our seat covers are only designed to be used with our DeckMate pontoon seats.

  • Where can I find the dimensions of the covers? How do I find out what types of seating I have? I own a 2017 Lowe pontoon.

    These pontoon seat covers are only designed to fit our Deckmate brand of pontoon seats.

  • do younhave seat covers for a suntracker xp23 2019?

    Our seat covers are only designed to fit our DeckMate brand pontoon furniture.

  • Does the Bucket seat cover listed cover the Deluxe Bucket BS-302 ?

    Yes that cover will work perfectly with the BS-302 pontoon bucket seat.

  • How do you cover the 55" bench if you have the 36" radius attached to it? Do you cover them independently or do you have custom covers?

    The pontoon boat seat covers are all independent and will slip in-between the seating as to not get in the way of other seating / covers.

  • how do these covers stay on? the ones I have now have snaps. Thanks!

    These Pontoon Boat Seat Covers hold on with an elastic band that specifically wraps around our cushion edges.

  • What colors do the seat covers come in?

    The Pontoon Boat Seat Covers only come in Gray currently.

  • What material are these covers made of?

    Our pontoon boat seat covers covers are made of 300 denier a polyester fabric.

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