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  • Plywood deck kits can be shipped to residential address, but customers must be prepared to manually unload the truck. Please provide a phone number at checkout.

  • Pontoon boat decking kits will ship on a 4' x 8' pallet with the plywood banded together.


Due to the National Wood Shortage were expecting to ship week of 5/7

Choose between 8' and 8-1/2' wide CCA treated marine grade plywood


This CCA treated marine grade plywood has a B face and C bottom.  The top is sanded smooth but may have small knots and the bottom will have unfilled voids.  This does not effect the durability of the plywood, it just may not look as nice as you expect. These superficial blemishes will not effect the lifetime warranty on the plywood, it will be covered by carpet.

CCA treated plywood does not need to be coated or treated before installation and has 7 plys that have been pressed and glued together then kiln dried, it will not warp or rot.

This plywood is distributed through Huttig Corporation and is the same plywood used on all 2014 Bennington and South Bay pontoon boats.  


Ask a Question
  • do you have 4X8 1/2 sheets of plywood?

    Since your question could mean 2 different things, I will answer both. We do carry 4' x 8 1/2' by 3/4 inch thick Marine Grade Plywood. We do not carry 4' x 8' by 1/2 inch thick Marine Grade Plywood. 

  • I'm redoing a pontoon deck plywood measures 62 and 3/4" wide and 8 ' long I need five sheats this size

    Since we are not boat specific and our products are universal, We only offer the sizes that you see listed on our website.

  • Can this be used to build seats in a runabout boat that will be covered with vinyl?

    That is possible. But we only offer the Marine Grade Plywood in the select sizes listed on our website. 

  • How do this 3/4" Marine Grade Plywood hold up in saltwater? And is the sheet a 4' X 8' ? Thank you.

    After doing some research, this  Marine Grade Plywood, should work just fine in Salt Water. Since it is CCA Treated, it makes sure it will last a very long time. We do sell it by 4' x 8'  per sheet.

  • Is there a better grade available for those of us who do not want to cover with carpet? This following statement is not true for all: "This does not effect the durability of the plywood, it just may not look as nice as you expect. These superficial blemishes will not effect the lifetime warranty on the plywood, it will be covered by carpet."

    All of our Marine Grade Plywood has an extremely long life span. We have never had a warranty claim on our Marine Decking. We only have the 1 grade available in 8 feet and 8' 6" wide.

  • Is the plywood tongue and groove

    Unfortunately, this marine decking is not tongue and groove. 

  • Do you need to glue the plywood to the rinners in addition to screws?

    No it is not nessecary to glue the wood to your pontoon cross memebers. We do recommened using our deck joint tape on the cross members where 2 peices of marine decking meet. This will help prevent water from penetrating on to your marine carpet of vinyl flooring. 

  • can this be applied directly to galvanized runners? or does it have to be separated from metal due to chemical reaction from treatment of the wood?

    The marine grade pywood can be placed directly onto you galvanized runners of your pontoon boat. 

  • How long would it take for 6 sheets of plywood to be shipped to zipcode 74455?

    It will take us up to 48 hours to prepare the shippment and about 2-3 days in transit. 

  • What is the true thickness measure? Is this true 0.75" thick plywood (i.e., 19mm), or 0.719" thick?

    Our Pontoon Deck Plywood is measured as 3/4" or .75 of an inch. 

  • Do you cut to size: 2-pieces 48” long by 8” wide 3/4” thick Marine Grade with 3 rounded corners. How much would cost if you do this: Milton,Wi 53563

    Unfortunately, we do not cut our Marine Decking to any specific sizes other than what we have listed on the website. 

  • With the marine grade plywood do you recommend ANY type of sealer, varnish, etc to the face, bottom or edges? Or is installation as easy as putting the plywood down, using the glue with the carpet kits sold by Pontoon Stuff, laying the carpet and being done with it? I would like to ensure that this is the last time, or that I'm not replacing the floor again in 5 years, if I purchase the plywood, carpet kit and glue from you guys. Thanks in advance!

    You do not want to add any type of sealer when using our adhesive with plywood. This will create a barrier that will interfere with the adhearing process and will not work properly. 

  • Does the plywood have to be delivered to a business or can it be delivered to residential?

    It can be delivered to a residential address. You will need to be present on the day it is scheduled to arrive. You will need to unload it sheet by sheet. 

  • Can you tell me what size truck it is shipped with?A box truck is fine but a tractor trailer is too large for my road.

    Decking will arrive via semi.   You will get a call from fedex for a scheduled time and delivery location.

  • Which side is the B side and which is the C side? Which side should be up and the flooring applied to? Is it OK to put the side with voids upward and fill the voids smooth?

    The "C" side is the side with small voids and the "B" side is completely flat and smooth. 
    You want the "C" side down facing the water and the "B" side will be the side you want to glue your flooring to.

  • What is the best way to attach the plywood to the aluminum supports? And do you sell the attachment devices?

    We would recommend using deck screws or deck bolts. 

  • Is this is 3/4" plywood?

    Yes this is  3/4" marine decking.

  • Which side of the plywood should be facing up to apply the adhesive on the B side or the C side?

    You will want the B side of the wood facing up. Your Carpet/Vinyl flooring will be glued to this side of the wood. The C Side of the wood will face down towards the water.

  • How thick is this plywood? It doesn't say in the listing.

    All of our plywood decking is 3/4"

  • how thick is this board

    Our Pontoon Boat Decking Boards are 3/4" thick.

  • What is the warranty?

    The warranty on our CCA Treated Marine Boat Deck Wood is 30 years.

  • Do y’all have fiberglass boards in a 4*8 sheets 3/4 inch thick

    Unfortunately we do not offer fiberglass boards for your pontoon boat. We do offer 3/4inch marine plywood thats some of the best in the industry however!

  • Is it tongue and groove?

    Our marine grade decking is not tongue and grove. 


    Our marine plywood is not tounge and groove. 

  • How long will shipping take for 6 sheets of 8 1/2' x 4' to 44084? We are setting up for a boat show and do not want to miss shipment. Thank You

    This shipment can take up to 48 hours for them to ship the order. Giving you about 3-4 business days of transit time.

  • Pressure treated plywood can react negatively with aluminum cross braces found on toons. Is the CCA treated plywood you sell safe to be in contact with aluminum without fear of corrosion? Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

    Yes, there will not be any worry using this CCA treated plywood with the Alumium cross members. 

  • Is the glue used between the layers waterproof and I'm just confirming that the bottom (that faces the water) does not have to be sealed. Thanks!

    Nope, nothing on the plywood will need to be sealed with anything. Ready to use, right away. 

  • Redoing my deck plywood measures 5/8 x 8 feet need 6 pieces is something you could help me with

    No unfortuantely, we only carry the 3/4 inch thick and 4 feet by 8 feet. 

  • I have a 20 foot pontoon just wondering how many sheets I would need 3/4

    You would want to purchase 5 sheets of the Plywood. It measures 4' x 8'

  • Are these sheet of 3/4 4’x8’ $95

    Yes. Thesea re 3/4 inch and 4 feet by 8 feet for 95 dollars. 

  • What kind of wood is used to create this plywood?

    We use Douglas Fir for the plywood. 

  • Do panels have an overlapping joint? If not how are they joined?

    No, these are designed to fit snug against each other. That will also come down to your placement when installing them. 

  • Is it ok if the plywood gets rained on before the carpeting is on?

    You shouldn't have problems. I would make sure that it 100% dry before adding adhesive or glue to it though. 

  • Are small pieces available for transom repair on a pontoon?

    No. We only offer these at a 4 sheet minimum and 4' x 8' 

  • Any limits or recommendations for adhesive to use/not use for carpeting?

    We offer a water based adhesive, that works great with Plywood. Please follow this link: https://www.pontoonstuff.com/collections/pontoon-boat-carpet-flooring/products/boat-carpet-glue

  • Is there a nice looking side on the plywood if I wanted to keep the natural look? Thank you.

    Yes, we have a "B" side and a "C" side. Both are not aimed to look "fake". 

  • Can this product be used as a residential exterior raised deck traffic surface (with some form of applied coating ?)

    Possibly, since we do not sell this item for that specific reason we are unfamiliar if it will work for that specific application. 

  • What minimum support is required for the each of the sections of plywood?

    It should be every 2 feet. This will make sure that your Pontoon Decking has enough support. 

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