Pontoon Boat Under Deck Lights

Pontoon Boat Lights

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19.7' Blue LED Strip Light Per Side, Mounting Channels Included.

One of our most popular pontoon boat accessories!  Take your boating into the night in a striking and beautiful way with these high-quality blue waterproof underdeck LED pontoon lights. The drama of indirect lighting coming from under your deck and reflecting off the water is incredible. Plus you can now use your boat when docked as a special nighttime place to socialize...it's like turning your pontoon into the coolest hangout place on the lake!

Make your night runs more fun with LED Under Deck Lighting!

Installation is kept extremely simple, and utilizes only two components - plastic mounting channels with pre-installed 3M adhesive strips and the LED waterproof lighting which come on a spool ready to snap into the strips. Nothing could be easier! 

Complete Installation Instructions

Each LED under deck pontoon boat light kit includes:

  • Two 19.7' blue LED strip lights for both port and starboard lighting. (For the UDLED-20)
  • Two 24.7' blue LED strip lights for both port and starboard lighting. (For the UDLED-25)
  • Enough PVC mounting channel to easily install your LED strip lights.

These professionally engineered OEM-quality lights arrive at your door ready to install.

Questions & Answers

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  • How does it connect to the battery?

    Here are the installation instructions for our pontoon boat under deck lights.


  • Does this kit come in other colors than Blue?

    Unfortunately, our Pontoon Boat Under Deck lights only come in the color Blue. I do apologize for this inconvenience.

  • Will these hook into an accessory switch already supplied on the boat that is not being used

    Yes the Pontoon Boat Under Deck Lights will hook into any accessory switch that is already on your pontoon boat.

  • Can the lights be cut if needed for length?

    Yes, there are designated spots on the Pontoon Boat Under Deck Lights that allow you to cut the Lights. 

  • Is for a 12 volt ?

    Yes, our Under Deck Pontoon lights Lights are made for 12 volt connection. You should have no problem wiring these in to an exsisting switch on your boat console. 

  • Can you have them on while running on the water

    Yes. These Pontoon Boat Under Deck Lights can be used while the Pontoon Boat is in motion. 

  • Are these lights IP68 rated?

    Yes! These Pontoon Boat Under Deck Lights meet the requirements to be rated IP68.

  • for a 24' pontoon would you recommend the UDLED-20, and are the wiring harness included? Can you also cut the strips?

    For a 24' Pontoon Boat, you would be just fine using either the UDLED-20 or the UDLED-25. The UDLED-20 measures to be 19.7' and the UDLED-25 measures to be 24.7'. These can be cut, and should have designated spots for cutting. 

5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Phil Stewart from Texarkana, AR on Jun 05, 2017
This light set looks awesome on our boat. I had shopped several suppliers and settled on pontoonstuff.com lights after reading the installation instructions and talking with customer service. The installation was not difficult, even with using #6 self-threading panhead screws to attach the mounting channels to the cross beams. The wiring was very straight forward. I used a DPDT switch to control both the under deck lighting as well as courtesy lighting that I installed at the same time. Like I said earlier, these lights are awesome. They really make the boat stand out and really look better than the picture on the web page looks! Great product and great price!

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