Pontoon Boat Under Seat Lights

Pontoon Boat Lights

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Makes taking your pontoon boat out at night more fun!

LED strip lighting accessories designed for pontoon furniture.  Each LED strip light is designed to install under your pontoon seat bases. You will receive a length of LED strip lighting which has a 12" wire lead attached. Also included is a PVC channel with 3M adhesive backing which the strip light will snap into. 

-28" Bench Under Seat Light measures to be 24 inches

-55" Bench Under Seat Light measures to be 52 inches

-28" & 30" Corner Seat Lighting measures to be 8 inches

-Lean Back Seat Lighting measures to be 8 inches


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  • Can these be wired in series?

    I believe you mean can these all be wired together and your answer is yes. They are designed to come with wiring that will lead to switch in a panel.

  • Can the lights b cut for custom application?....thanx..

    Yes these pontoon accent lights can be cut for custom applications. We do recommened that you seal the ends you cut to ensure that water does not effect the light. 

  • Can I get set lights and deck lights in green

    Unfortunately we only have the under seat lights for our pontoon furniture in the blue color. I apologize we cannot be more helpful.

  • How are seat lights installed. What do they hook up to and how. I purchased the outside lights - i would like to get the seat lights also.

    Our under seat lights will come with a mounting channel that has 3M tape and some little screws. You simply attach the mounting channel under the pontoon seat base and then screw it in just to make sure the tape never comes loose. From there you simply slide the rolled LED lighting into the channel, it will come with wire leads on the ends. You'll need to drill a small hole on the inside of the base to pull the wiring lead up, from there you'll just need to connect all the leads together and wiring them up. Very similar to the under deck pontoon lights you have just shorter, in fact they are the exact same lights just cut smaller.

  • Would the 55in underseat light work with 2 28in seats put together?

    Yes, that would be the same lenght of lighting. 

  • can these be tied into an existing lighting that's controlled by a RGB switch. The RGB controls my cup and speaker lights they also change color. If not can you recommend something for the Toe Kick Lights. Thanks

    These do not change in colors. But you should be able to connect them to existin lights if you so choose. 

  • LED strip lighting accessories designed for pontoon furniture Do you mount it under the seats ( meaning under the seat at the toe kick) so the lights are facing downward toward the deck or on the wall of the toe kick, so the lights are facing out across the pontoon?

    Yes. This will hide the actual strip of the lights. But still illuminate the area. 

  • Cutting light length instructions?

    There are specific spots on the lights that have little scissors pictured on the light. That is where it is safe to cut the lights. 

  • Are these legal in Alabama

    You would need to check local authorities to fin that answer. Unfortunately, we are unaware of states law a regulations,. 

  • Do they come with a controller for adjusting brightness?

    No, these only come with the one setting for brightness. 

  • How are they powered ? Do they hook to the battery ? I have an electric pontoon

    You will need to attach them to power some how. These come with positive and negative wires for that reason. 

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