Economy Pontoon Bimini Tops with Boot (Fits 8' W Pontoons)

Pontoon Boat Bimini Tops


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Economy pontoon boat top with 1" framework, zip on fabric and storage boot.

Our most affordable pontoon boat bimini top package.

Bimini top package includes 1" framework, mounting hardware, zip on fabric and storage boot.

Key Features

  • Easy to assembly bimini frame snaps together with stainless steel snap buttons.
  • Zippered pockets allow you to quickly install your pontoon boat canopy top fabric.
  • Stainless mounting bolts are included to secure your frame's brackets to your railing.
  • Stainless push pins attach framework to your pontoon boat quickly and easily.
  • High quality nylon fittings and brackets connect framework.
  • 1 year warranty on the fabric


  • Framework can adjust to fit 8' wide pontoon boats.
  • Standing height in center of open canopy top is approximately 75".

PontoonStuff® Quality Promise
Our success is tied directly to our ability to provide you with quality products and the best customer service. Quality and excellent service are our top priority!

  • Industry leading warranty - 3 year full replacement on defective bimini tops.
  • If your bimini tops arrives with any defects or quality issues, we will pay to return and replace your bimini tops immediately.
  • We pay all costs associated with any damage or defects. There is never any cost to you.
  • 100% transferable warranty - if you sell your pontoon boat, the buyer is covered. If you're a second owner, just provide us with the original owner's name or order number.

You're making a big investment with your time and money when you choose to restore a pontoon boat. Making sure all of our customers know we will support them after the sale is important to us. We will take care of any problems you have quickly and at no cost to you, as we personally warranty everything we sell.

* For more information about our warranty, please click here or call (877) 295-9522.


Ask a Question
  • Is there a difference between the fabric for the economy and the heavy duty options?

    Yes. The Heavy Duty Pontoon Bimini Top uses a heavier more durable fabric. It also has 1 1/4" Frame work as well. The Economy has only 1".

  • Will this fit my 19'hurricane deck boat?

    You will need to compare the measurements listed on our site to find out if the Economy Pontoon Bimini Top will fit your Pontoon. Our products are universal, so measurements are very important. 

  • Does the bimini top and framing have an opening to secure the Anchor/Stern light on?

    The bimini top will have a hole cut out for the stern light. The Frame will require a hole to be drilled to run the wiring through to the console.

  • Dose this come with the boot also?

    Yes, these Economy Pontoon Bimini Tops come with a Pontoon Bimini Storage Boot. 

  • Does the frame come pre-wired for a stern light? And if so, does the fabric have a corresponding cutout?

    The Economy Pontoon Bimini Top does not come pre wired, but does include to wiring for a Stern Light. The fabric does have a cutout for the Pontoon Stern Light. 

  • what are stainless steel snap buttons@

    Stainless steel snap buttons are located inside the pontoon frame. This makes installation  easy and reduces the number of screws that are needed while installing your new pontoon bimini top. 

  • Hello. I'm trying to find a bimini for my Sun Tracker Bass Buggy to add to the front. The rail is 81" wide and the top needs to be 58" tall off of the existing rail. I need to match the brite red color of the rear one. Can you help? I also need to add your drop down changing room. Please advise. Thanks

    Unfortunately, other than finding the same manufacturer of the previous one, we wouldn't be able to match that. What I can offer is sending you smaples of the Bimini Top in Red that we have. I will attach a link so you can fill that out and get a sample headed your way. Just add in the notes that you want a red Bimini Fabric sample.

  • I have 24 ft Godfrey Sweetwater 2015. It has a top but want to add another. What will work for me

    I believe so. You would want to compare measurements and make sure you have the available space. 

  • It looks like the frame itself is different (front strut).... but is there a difference in the fabric on the premium tops versus the economy tops? Also, can you buy just the fabric for the economy tops?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer the Economy Pontoon Bimini Top fabric separately. Our Heavy Duty Bimini Fabric has a 5 year warranty vs a 1 year warranty for the Economy. 

  • Will this fit a 1975 Harris Kyot with a square frame?

    This Economy Pontoon Bimini Top is designed to fit a 1 inch frame. If your measurements match that, then this should fit without any issues. 

  • I have a 2007 Sun Tracker 18ft what sizes do I need?

    Unfortunately, we are not boat specific. You will want to take the measurements and compare them to the measurements of our Economy Pontoon Bimini Top. 

  • I have a 1993 Sylvan pontoon. Will this Economy Bimini Top fit my Pontoon.

    As long as the measurements for the Economy Pontoon Bimini Top match up to the available space you have on your Pontoon Boat, you should have no issues. Since our products are not boat specific, we go off measurements. 

  • Can I just order the fabric

    Unfortuntely, no. The Bimini Top Fabric and Bimini Frame are sold together.

  • oUr boat is 90 1/2 inches wide. will this adjust to fit?

    Our Economy Pontoon Bimini Top should fit your 90 1/2" wide fencing on your pontoon boat. 

  • Can you tell me what the Fabric / material is ? Any warranty ? thank you

    There is a 1 year Warranty for our Economy Pontoon Bimini Top. Its a solution dyed polyester material.

  • How much wud it cost to rush shipping?

    Rush shipping can vary depending on where the shipment is going to. We would need you to call in and give us the address so that we can gather a quote. 877-295-9522

  • Will this top fit a 92 inch wide pontoon

    Yes, this ponton bimini top will fit a 92' wide pontoon boat. 

  • How high is top of Bimini top & how long is the top extended ? How many denier ?

    This pontoon bimini top extends to 8' feet and will sit 54" above your pontoon railing. It is 600 denier fabric. 

  • Do you sell just the frame parts?

    If you have one of our frames we would be happy to sell you any parts you need. If you are looking to fit some of our bimini frame parts on your exsisting frame they will not work. There are so many variations and sizes of frames that I doubt our parts would work on any other frame other then the ones we offer. 

  • I have a 2017 SunTracker 20ft Party Barge and need a front Bimini. My concern is the side door, it looks like this door may prevent me from installing an additional Bimini top. Any suggestions?

    You will need 95" on the front of your pontoon boat to install this bimini top and frame. It terms of your side door depending on its exact location you may be able to alter where the front strap attaches to accomadate for the pontoon door. 

  • I got no installation instuctions at all with recpro 8 ft bimini top, where can I download some??? part # 168030

    The instructions for economy pontoon bimini are usually located in the with bimini fabric and boot. We will be e-mailing you a set of instructions shortly. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. 

  • What kind of fabric

    This pontoon bimini top is made with a solution dyed polyester fabric. 

  • will this fit on a 1998 premier open 20' pontoon boat

    So long as the mounting surface you are going to install this pontoon bimini top on is between 88-96" it will mount properly. You will want to measure the width of your boat from rail to rail to ensure that this pontoon bimini top works for you. 

  • Is it waterproof

    This pontoon top is water resistant it will not keep all water out. It is not recommened to keep this top open durning a large rainfall as water will collect and could damage your top. 

  • My pontoon is 93 ins. From rail to fail well the Economy work

    Yes the economy bimini top will work great for you. This bimini top is  designed to fit pontoon boats with rails between 88-96". 

  • will this fit a Sun Tracker Fishin barge 21 ft?

    As long as the mounting surface you are going to install this pontoon bimini top on is between 88-96" it will mount properly. You will want to measure the width of your boat from rail to rail to ensure that this pontoon bimini top works for you. 

  • I have a 2009 Bentley 24ft pontoon. The fence rail is 102" wide, outside to outside. I am interested in the economy bimini top to install in the forward area of the pontoon boat. (the railing is 1-1/4"). Will it fit ? Danny G

    That's a wide boat... our economy top is really designed for 8' wide pontoon boats. If your railing was 96-99" it may work but a full 102" wide railing is going to be too much for this bimini top to stretch. It also has a 1" framework so it may look out of place on top of your new 1-1/4" pontoon railing. Our 8-1/2' x 10' pontoon top would mount much better on your pontoon and would look like it came from the factory. 

  • Does the Bimini top come with a light cut out?

    Yes all of our pontoon boat bimini tops will come with a reinforced cut out for the stern light in both the bimini fabric and the storage boot fabric.

  • will it fit on a 2009 suncruiser ss204 angler

    So long as the mounting surface you are going to install this pontoon bimini top on is between 88-96" it will mount properly. I believe that boat has a fiberglass hull, similar to a deck boat? You should be able to mount the hardware so long as the mounting surface is flat. I view some images online and it looks like you'll be just fine, just verify the width.

  • My frame is 93" wide will it fit.

    yes this bimini frame should fit great! 

  • what is the carton size this top ships in

    The economy bimini top ships in a box that is 79" x 14" x 5" and weighs 29 lbs. 

  • I have an older Gillgetter 714 can I modify to get this to fit? My deck is 7'x14.

    Yes but it would require you to cut all 4 center bows so that the overall top would become less wide.

  • I have a older Sylvin 24 foot pontoon, I want to add a second canopy to cover more of the boat, do you maks such a top?

    Any of our pontoon boat bimini tops can be added to the front of your boat without a problem. You just need to make sure you have the necessary space but on a 24' I don't think you'll have any problems. Take a look at your existing bimini top and see if it's 1-1/4 or 1" square frame tubing. Then you can order the style that will match best. Also, verify the width of the boat is either 8' wide or 8-1/2' wide. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • How long is the canopy

    When fully extended this pontoon boat bimini top is approx. 96" long (8').

  • will the bracket fit on a inch and a quarter Fencing frame

    Yes, the bracket used on our Economy pontoon bimini tops has a flat bottom so it will lay on top of your 1-1/4" rail frame and bolt down. You won't have any problems. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • I purchased the $219.00 top. It is not long enough. Is this one any longer?

    This Top comes with the Frame as well. It is made for 8' wide Pontoons. These tops are fairly similar in lenght and width. 

  • I wanted to order an economy top for the front of my 24ft pontoon. My rails are 93" wide and each rail is 53" long before it slopes down from 36" height to a 15" height going toward the bow. Will this top install on this rail?

    Unfortunately, this Pontoon Bimini Top will not work with the railing that you have currently. 

  • Is the economy bimini frame the same structural quality as the other models?

    No. The Economy Pontoon Bimini Top uses a strap in the front instead of the Adjustable Arms. It also uses 1" tubing instead of 1 1/4" tubing on the Heavy Duty Bimini. 

  • My rails measure 99” center to center, will this top fit?

    Unfortunately, not this Pontoon Bimini Top will only work with 8 foot widths. 

  • Can the economy model withstand top speed of 25mph wind?

    We do not recommend using the Economy Pontoon Bimini Top over 20mph.

  • Looking at the Economy Pontoon Bimini Top. Measuring the outside to the outside of the fencing across the width of the boat, it measures 7' 11". The descriptions says it fits 8' boats. Will it fit our boat based on a the outside dimension of 7' 11"? Also just confirming, this kit also includes the frame?

    Yes this kit incldue the pontoon bimini frame. It is designed to fit pontoon railings between 88" - 96" wide. This frame will work for you.

  • Can this fold down flat, down against the railing? Or is it always up when closed?

    Yes this pontoon bimini top can be folded flat against your pontoon railing.


    It is the same size, just a smaller diameter bimini frame and the fabric cover is not as thick as the heavy duty.

  • How long is this top? And does it fold all the way down?

    This pontoon bimini top and frame is 8' long and will fold all the way down.

  • if it's 8 foot wide, then how long is it?

    The economy pontoon bimini top is 8' x 8'

  • On your economy 8x8 Bimini top what are the dimensions between the top of the rail brackets and strap hook mounts? You don’t show instructions on the top on your site.

    The economy bimini top has two railing mounts that are 38" apart and the strap eye mount is 49" forward of the center mount.

  • How tall it the top

    Standing height in center of open canopy top is approximately 75"

  • What length is this Bimini top?

    The length of this pontoon bimini top is 8 feet.

  • How long to shit to Michigan

    We ship to the lower half of michigan in 1 business day and 2 business days for the upper half of the state.

  • What is the length of the top ?

    The length of the Economy pontoon bimini top is 8 feet.

  • Will it fit square tubing. 1999 suntracker party barge. Top is 8" wide

    The Economy Pontoon Bimini Top  will fit square tubing for your Pontoon Boat.

  • What is the length of this top?

    This pontoon economy top is 8 foot long.

  • I've got about 66" of straight (uncurved) fence on the stern part of my deck. Is that long enough length wise to install this top?

    That should be enough distance for the Economy Pontoon Bimini top with boot to fit your application.

  • will this fit on my pontoon boat it is 92" wide

    Yes this pontoon bimini top will work for your pontoon boat if the rails are 92" apart.

  • How much does it weigh does it come in black

    This pontoon top and frame weights 29 lbs and we do not currently do not offer it in black.

  • I have an 87 bass buggy. Im wanting to put a bimini on the front. Do you carry one?

    Unfortunately we do not offer that exact front bimini. Sorry!

  • Does the boot come with an opening for the stern light?

    Yes, This pontoon bimini top and frame comes with an opening for the stern light.

  • Will this top lay down flat to the back when not in use or trailering ?

    Yes, This pontoon boat top will lay down flat when not in use.

  • Does this fit a 1995 Tracker partybarge 21 ft. Pontoon?

    You will need to compare measurements of our Bimini to your available space to determine if it will work for you. 

  • Can you just by the bimini top without the framework? My frame is good the bimini top itself is worn and getting holes in it.

    Unfortunately, you cannot. We only offer this Fabric with the framework. 

  • I have a Crest family fish 8 1/2 feet deck. will this work for me?

    You will need to compare your measurements to the measurements that we have listed on the website to determine if they will fit. 

  • You list the width as 8' wide. What is the height from the mounting point to the top of the canopy and what is the length from front to back? I am looking for a second top for the front of my pontoon.

    This will be approx. 56" from mounting bracket to the highest point. 

  • I have a 1974 Playbuoy 24' pontoon. I've measured my rails and come up with 93"3/4 from outside edge to outside edge. Will this economy top work for me? Thanks Vince

    Yes, This Econonomy Pontoon Bimini Top will work great for you. 

  • I have a 1987 Crest-16 ft. Will this fit my toon?

    You will need to compare measurements of your available space to determine if it will work or not. 

  • I measured the actual bimini too - 94 inches wide and 102 inches long, 4 bow, square tube. What top do I need? Will an 8 foot top work?

    It sounds like you would need an 8 feet by feet 6 inches. We unfortuantely, do not carry that size. 

  • What type of fabric are the Bimini tops?

    It is a lower density Polyester. 

  • Will this fit 1999 Bennington boat 2050LX?

    You will need to take the measurements we have listed, to the measurements of you Pontoon to determine if this will or not.

  • Premire Legend 210. What size Bimini cover do you have that will fit?

    You will need to compare our measurements to the measurements you have to determine if it will fit or not. 


    You will need to compare our meansurements to your available space to determine if it will fit or not. 

  • My rails are 100 inches apart will this fit ?

    No, this Pontoon Bimini Top only fits 96" wide. 

  • So I have a 24ft Bentley pontoon boat, and it doesn't have a bimini top... this looks like it comes with everything frame and all?

    Yes that is correct. It comes with top and framework. 

  • Have an old pontoon rails are 94" to the outside , will 96" Bimini work?

    Yes you should have no issues using the Pontoon Bimini Top.

  • Does this frame come with the wiring for stern light?

    Yes it will come with wiring for the Stern Light. 

  • We have a crest savannah Gold &1999 year .The measurements are 100 " wide. Can you tell us if you a canopy to fit

    Not this Pontoon Bimini Top is designed to fit a 96" width. 

  • Does this fit 2015 sweet water 24r

    You will need to compare your measurements with ours to find out if it will work for you. 

  • I have a Godfrey Marine Hurricane 196R. The rough dimensions of the top is 8 x 8. Model FD 196 O/B. Is this the correct replacement and will the hardware match the current installation points?

    You would need to compare your measurements to our measurements to determine if they will fit your Boat. 

  • do you make a 120in. top

    No. We only have the listed tops on our website. We do not offer a 120 inch Pontoon Boat Top. 

  • We have a 20ft 1997 Voyager will this top fit???

    You will need to compare measurements of this item and your current item to find out if this will work or not. These are universal and are not boat specific.


    You will need to compare your measurements, to our measurments to determine if this will work for you. 

  • Does it-have a cutout for the light? If not what top do I need?

    Yes this Pontoon Bimini Top has a cut out for the Stern light to be added to it. 

  • I have a 2001 sun tracker rails are 8’ 4” will it work

    No this Pontoon Bimini Top is designed to fit an 8 foot railing only. 

  • I have a 1991 sun tracker with a 94 inch bow, will the 96 inch work?

    Yes, this Economy Pontoon Bimini Top will work for your dimensions. 

  • I have a Lowe Trinidad 224 I looked up the size that will fit it and got these measurements of one that will fit it. 96"-102" W x 96" L x 48" H . Is this one close to this size? Thanks 4 the help

    This top is 96" wide by 96" Long. If you have an 8 foot width this should work with no issues. 

  • Do all 4 bow pontoon boat have the same size bimini top?

    No, you will need to measure the available space. This will helps us determine which top will work best for you. 

  • Will the replacement Bimini fabric you sell fit on the econo frame? Also what is the part number on the rear supports? I need to replace those as well.

    Unfortunately, we do not offer parts for the Bimini Top. Those items are sold as a set. The Replacements Bimini Top will not fit the Economy Frame. 

  • My side rails are 90 inches inner diameter. Will this bimini fit? Thank you.

    Unfortunately, we cannot recommend using a measurement that is less than the recommended measurement. 

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