LED Pontoon Boat Stern Light

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Make sure your pontoon boat can be seen during dusk or night trips.

14" LED White All-Round Navigation Light.

  • Fold-Down base allows this pontoon light to swing 180°.
  • All wiring is concealed and protected within the pivoting base.
  • Materials are non-corrosive, aluminum pole with plastic base.
  • Light base installs with two #10 stainless steel fasteners (included).

Never Change a Bulb Again

These gorgeous fold-down LED boat lights are completely sealed to resist water intrusion, corrosion, vibration, and UV radiation - so you get a light that may well outlast your boat! Indeed, our LED navigation lights are rated for an unheard of 50,000 hours of service life and are backed by our unrivaled 10 Year Warranty.  The low power consumption of LED navigation lights means your batteries will drain much more slowly than with traditional lighting giving you more time for night time swimming, relaxing with friends or trolling.  

Light that Others See, But You Don't

LED, Anti-Glare Pontoon Boat Lights are a great improvement, they focus light at the horizon and above, not in the pilot's eyes. The bottom aperture or light stop reduces glare at 7.5° below horizontal. Above horizontal, the continuous arc of light makes your pontoon boat more visible in rolling seas and to taller craft.

Two-mile, 360° visibility.

Optic's design draws only 1.8 watts at 12VDC - the lowest power draw of any 2-mile all-round pontoon light on the market today! Lights are rated for 50,000+ hours of use and feature a 10 year warranty.  


Ask a Question
  • Can I just purchase the base there's nothing wrong with the light itself

    Unfortunately, we do not offer just the base for the LED Pontoon Boat Stern Light. 

  • Will this light install on a square tube Bimini top?

    Yes, this pontoon bimini stern light will insall on a square tube bimini top. 

  • how far apart are the holes that receive the stainless steel fasteners? thanks.

    The mounting holes of this pontoon stern light are 1 3/4" a part. 

  • My pontoon doesn't have a led it is a regular bulb will this work without changing anything for the led mine is single bulb?

    You will not need to do anything speical to convert to a led Stern light. You will simply want to remove the old light and disconnect the wiring. You then simply mount and connect the wire leads and you will be all set. 

  • is the 14" from top of light to bottom of mounting bracket, how long is the shaft only?

    The shaft part of this pontoon stern light is 8"

  • Does it have a connector on the end? Could you please send a picture

    This stern light as two wire leads that you will need to be tie into your exsisting wiring. We will get a picture of this e-mailed to you shortly and will have one posted online soon as well. Thank you. 

  • Can this be mounted on a Bimini top ?

    Yes, it is designed to mount on a pontoon boat bimini top.

  • What kind of wire do I use to wire the bimini frame for the light?

    a standard 20 gauge wire.

  • Is this light completely wired/

    This light will arrive to you with two leeds (red and black) off the bottom of it for you to install.

  • Will this light work on y’alls bimine

    Yes, this pontoon stern light will work great with our pontoon bimini frames.

  • Do you have a version of this light that pivots the other way so it could fold flat against the rail and be contained in the cover

    Unfortunately we do not have a version of the LED pontoon stern light that pivots the other way.

  • I have a Premier Solaris 250 pontoon. I think it is a 2015 model. Is it a simple task to replace the current anchor light with yours?

    As long as you have a current Pontoon Boat Stern light wired it should be a quick and easy replacement to install a new one.

  • Will this fit the frame of a 2011 Bentley 240 Cruise?

    Yes, This pontoon stern light should work with the frame of your 2011 Bentley Pontoon.

  • Will this light install on a round tube Bimini top?

    Unfortunately, not this Stern Light will not fit on a round tube. The base is made for square tubing. 

  • I plan to purchase your Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Tops (8'W x 8' L Pontoon Bimini with Boot) (frame & top) SKU: HD88-Burgundy. Will this Navigation Light mount on this Bimini and store with boot?

    If you are referring to the stern light, this does mount onto the Heavy Duty Bimini. It however does not store with it. 

  • Does it come with wire connectors

    It comes with a positive and negative wire that needs to be attached to a power source some how. 

  • Will this work on a round tube and not look goofy? Also here in the FAQs it says mounting holes are 2" apart and another place says 1 3/4"...

    No, unfortunately these do not have any give in where they are mounted. I can say that the holes are 1 3/4" apart. 

  • Does this light fold flat or almost completely flat against the bimini rail so I can put the bimini cover on over it? The answer to a previous question re this and your photos don't clarify this. Thanks.

    It does fold down. However you do not want to put the cover over it. I cannot promise it will fit inside any storage boot that you have. 

  • What are the mounting hole centerline dimensions?

    The mounting holes are 2 inches from center hole to the next. 

  • Does this light come with the wires to feed through my bimini top? If so how long are they ane what kind of connector does it have?

    This comes with about a 6 inch red and black wire that will need to be wired to the Bimini wiring that should have come with your Bimini Top

  • Do you have a video on how to install the stern light to the Bimini Canopy?

    Unfortunately, we do not have a video on how to install the Pontoon Boat Stern Light. 

  • Does the light detach, or fold sideways in order to collapse the bikini and put the the bikini boot on for storage and transport?

    The light does fold back and forth. It does not detach without removing the screws used to mount it. 

  • i do not want it to be 14 inches high would i be able to cut the pole off about 4 inches or so

    Since there is wiring inside that you would need to account for, cutting this would void any warranties that come with it. 

  • Can I buy the swivel mount and use my flag pole.

    Unfortunately, these LED Pontoon Boat Stern Lights are sold as a complete assembly. 

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