Carpeted Boat Trailer Bunks (Pair of 2)

Carpeted Trailer Bunk Boards


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Order brand new bunks for your trailer with your choice of boat carpet pre-installed (sold in pairs). We make it easy to replace your trailer bunk boards with quality 16oz boat carpet. We do not use the cheap felt material common on aftermarket replacement bunk boards, only rubber backed marine grade boat carpet. Boards are untreated Southern yellow pine.

Bunks are 2" x 4".


Carpeted Bunks ship straight from the carpet manufacturer and take 72 hours to be shipped.


Ask a Question
  • how much for 48 inch long bunk

    Our 48" Carpeted Boat Trailer Bunks cost 39.99 (comes in a pair).

  • Are these 2x4? If so do you have 2x6? Do you carry the hardware?

    These Carpeted Boat Trailer Bunks are 2x4. We do not include hardware for the Carpeted Boat Trailer Bunks.

  • I see these say untreated Southern yellow pine. Is the quality considered marine grade??

    The untreated southen yellow pine is the industry standard for boat trailers. The Southern yellow pine bunk boards absorb very little water, resist mold and midlew. It is the best type of wood to use for boat trailers. 

  • What are the measurements for the 24" bunk boards, I have a 24" pontoon boat and the bunk boards are a single piece 18" long

    The 24 in bunk board is 24 in x 2 in x 4 in . Due to shipping restriction the longest bunk board we offer is 108 in long. If you want to replace your 18 foot long boards you might want to look look at buying our bunk carpet which I have included a link to below. This will allow you to recarpet your exsistig bunk if the wood is in good shape. 

    Bunk board carpet

  • Can you use these on a boat lift?

    Yes, these are the same type of plywood bunks used on pontoon boat hoists also. We do not supply the hardware to attach them to your boat hoist or boat trailer. 

  • Your picture shows two boards. Are these sold in pairs or singles?

    They are sold in pairs, so you'll get two bunk boards. Thank you for pointing this out! We will update the site ASAP.

  • I just ordered these trailer bunks but the ones I ordered were the wrong size. I ordered the 18" but I need the 24". Can you fix that before it ships? First time on your website looks like great products. Hope you can help me. ORDER # PS-61136 Thank you. D Devey

    Absolutely, we can get this fixed for you first thing Monday morning. A member of our customer service team will contact you and let you know when it's been updated. Thank you for your business!

  • Can you make a custom size bunk. Size needed is 2"x4"x113-1/2"

    Unfortunately, we only offer the sizes listed on our website. 

  • I have 16 in bunks it will hurt to put 18 in bunks

    I do not believe so. As long as the mounting brackets can hold the 18" boards, you should have no porblems.

  • I have. 14" bunks do you have them , If so how much?

    Unfortunately due to shipping restrictions we can not offer pontoon trailers bunks 14' long.

  • do you sell 12'6'' trailer bunks w/ carpet pre-installed? I need 3 pairs

    We are unable to sell trailer bunks that large do to shipping restrictions. Due to the length restrictions by shipping carriers it would be extremely expensive to get these shipped to you.

  • My bunks are 15 feet long but yours are 120” is the longest you offer can I get 180”

    We do not offer anything in that size at this point. You would need to purchase just the bunk carpet by the foot ( available in 8", 12" and 24" wide ) and re-wrap your previous bunks.

  • i need the length to be 11.6 long x2x4 widith +

    If you are needing the bunks to be 11'-6" long then you would have to purchase your own wood and use our Bunk Carpet to wrap it. 
    Our precarpeted bunks will not come in that length.

  • Do you sale bunk boards that are 12 foot long

    I'm sorry but due to shipping restrictions we can not sell bunk boards that are 12 feet long 

  • What type of hardware should be used on your bunks?

    You can use any kind of hardware. We recommend using bolts, nuts and washers to get the best result. 

  • Do the 108” bunks come with pre drilled mounting holes? Do they come with the mounting bolts and nuts? Thank you

    No these come just as covered Bunk Board. All of the mounting locations will be customer preference and same goes for the Bolts and Screws that you want to use. 

  • I have 2” x 6” bottom rails for my trailer needing to be replaced along with the bunks. Where can I find 2” x 6” carpeted rails?

    You may need to purchase boards that are 2"x 6" and you may have to add bunk carpet to it. Ours are sold as 2" x 4"

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