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  • Do you have support poles? What about vents

    Unfortuantely, we do not carry Pontoon Cover Support Systems. I would suggest checking with Amazon or Ebay to find a quality Support System that will hold up.

  • What type of tie down do you use. My boat stays on the water and I need snaps or draw string. No STRAPS

    This Pontoon Boat Cover comes with a shock cord sew into the cover. It works kind of like a Shower Cap. Stretch it over the Deck then it will tighten around it. This also does come with straps that you can use to make the Pontoon Boat Cover even more secure. 

  • We have a 2006 Sweetwater 1880C pontoon and are looking for a product that can be used routinely (use the boat several times a week) to keep the inside of the boat clean. The boat has snaps along the exterior and wondered if you had a cover that snaps on? If not would this style of cover be recommended and can it be maneuvered with 2 people? Will this cover require poles and will it go over the Bimini canopy when it is lowered?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer Pontoon Snap Covers. Our covers are very easy to install. We recommend using a cover support system if you are looking to use this for long periods of time. 

  • Does the fabric "breathe"?. I've experienced molding and mildew with others..

    I cannot say that it is designed to "breathe". The Main focus for our Pontoon Boat Covers are to keep stuff from getting inside your boat. I do apologize. We recommend cleaning before placing a cover over for a long period of time.

  • I have 18ft Godrey Hurricsne deck boat what size cover should I get

    Yes, this Premium Pontoon Cover will fit your 18ft Godfrey. 

  • Would this be easy to put on while the boat is on the slip at the marina. I need a cover for when the boats on the water

    Yes, this Premium Pontoon Cover is fairly easy to install. Since it uses Shock Cords it will adjust and tighten up when placed correctly over and around your pontoon boat. 

  • Looking at one of your premium covers but was wondering how it fits around sun shade railings and also what keeps it sagging in the rain.

    This pontoon cover is designed to fit over your sun shade or bimini top as long as it is completed closed and resting on the rails of your boat. We recommened using a cover support system. This will help tent the cover in the middle so the water does not pool on your pontoon cover. 

  • My 2002 18ft Sylvan Mirage Cruise has a console/windshield. I can't tell from this picture if the cover will fit. Can you tell me if the cover will adjust to fit over the console? Thank you in advance.

    Yes,  there is plenty of room in this pontoon cover to fit over the console with a windshield. 

  • I need a cover for a StarCraft pontoon ex18c, playpen is 8*15. I understand your cover will stretch over the edges, but what about the console with the windshield being higher than the rails? it will stretch enough? boat will be in dry rack, but rain might blow in, will rain puddle being cover to flat or do you use poles. will not be trailering. Thanks..

    Yes, this pontoon cover will be able to fit over your the windshield on your console. Rain will puddle if you do not use some type of cover support system to help tent the pontoon cover. 

  • I have a Sweetwater Pontoon (Model SW2017 Exec) that measures 8'W x 14'L at the rails w/ open deck at the front (approx. 3') and rear (approx. 1.5') for an overall length of 18'-6". I'm not concerned about covering the Outboard Motor (transom mounted) but the cover would not be able to snug under the deck at the rear because of the motor. With the bimini top down it extends to the rear of the deck. As long as it can sung up tight enough that support poles (3 or 4) placed along the center would keep it from sagging and collecting water, do you think this would work? Please recommend a size.

    Yes this should work great. I think you will be ok with the 16-18" boat cover. 

  • What is the absolute maximum deck size this 16-18 will cover. I read above that it would go over 18.8 rails

    The maxamum deck size this cover is designered to cover an 18 foot pontoon deck. Yes this pontoon cover should work with 18.8 rails. 

  • I have a 24ft harris sunliner. I want a cover the fits nicely around the rails to cover the seating.. the railings measure 18'x8'x32" which size would you recommend.

    This 16-18' premium pontoon cover would be the best option we could offer if you only want the railing covered. However, our boat covers are designed to drop down and snug under the actual deck of your pontoon boat, more of a storage or trailering cover. With this size pontoon cover you'll have extra fabric bunched up around the deck at the base of the railling and you won't be able to cover the full 24' length of your boat if you wanted to. Another option would be to have a local canvas shop make you a custom mooring cover that snaps to your pontoon's railing. These need to be custom made and are very easy to take on and off but they are more expensive. We use a very high quality fabric on this style pontoon cover so it will last but you won't be able to trailer with this size or cover the entire deck, you'd need to buy our 24' - 26' pontoon cover if you wanted to do that also. There just is not an easy way to make a universal seat cover for pontoons because there are so many custom sizes and differences between each model.

  • Will the 16-18 foot cover fit my 14 foot weeres?

    Unfortunately, I think it will be too large for your 14' Weeres.

  • I have a pontoon in which the toons ar 20 ft but the deck is only 16 ft. Which cover do you recommend?

    You will want our 16-18' pontoon boat cover. The only measurement that matters is the actual deck size of your pontoon boat. So if you have a 16' deck then you'll want the cover to match that, the tube size isn't important in this case. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • I have a counsel with a windshield will this cover work

    This cover will work with a windshield however you would need to have a support next to it so if water gets into your cover it will not sag and break your windshield.

  • Will this cover fit a Lind 189

    As long of the Boat is 16' to 18' it should fit and not have any issues. 

  • My cover ripped. How do I take advantage of the 4 year full warranty? My order # is PS-49378 purchased 11/2016

    Please give us a call and we will be able to assist you there. Include pictures as well please. 877-295-9522

  • Restored a Sun Tracker 1994 18' Bass Buggy.. Has a v cut so 60 HP Merc back side is almost even with deck. Have Bimini Top that folds down. Question will 16-18 foot cover work with top folder down, (I believed you answered yes for a different model) AND cover motor? Thnaks

    We reccommend that your top be removed as the cover can be damaged fore the bimini brackets that attach to the railing. These Pontoon Covers are not designed to cover motors. 

  • I want to cover the seating area only width is 8 1/2 feet, length is 16 feet. Has rails on the sides and front. Need a top that will keep the seats dry throughout the year. What do you suggest?

    This Pontoon Boat Cover will fit for you. If you are keeping the boat outside during the off season, we recommend using a cover support system. 

  • will these covers keep your boat dry on the inside ?

    Yes. If you are looking to use these for overnight or long term covers, we recommend using a cover support system. 

✓  6 year warranty on DeckMate Boat Seats

✓  6 year warranty on DeckMate Woven Vinyl Flooring

✓  3 year warranty on all other carpet & flooring

✓  3 year warranty on bimini tops

✓  1 year warranty on everything else


Our success is tied directly to our ability to provide you with superior products, fast shipping, and the best customer service. Exceptional products and excellent service are our top priorities!

Warranty claims are always handled quickly. We don't pass you off to some other manufacturer - we warranty all of the boat seats we sell. You can expect quick answers and solutions in the rare case that you have a problem.

Warranties are 100% transferable on all products. If you sell your boat, the buyer is covered. If you're a second owner, just provide us with the original owner's name or order number.

There is never any cost to you in the event of damage during shipping.

DeckMate® Boat Seats - 6 Year Warranty

  • Industry leading warranty - All of our boat seats have a 6 year, full replacement warranty. If anything goes wrong, we will send you brand new seats without hassle or cost to you.
  • We will ask for images of the defects so we can make immediate improvements in our production.
  • We will send replacement boat seats to you as soon as you provide us with images.
  • We do not need the
  • defective boat seats back, and you are never required to pay shipping.
  • We spend extra money on packaging to ensure your new boat seats will ship safely, but there is always the chance rough handling or stacking could damage the upholstery or parts. If this happens, just give us a call.


DeckMate® Woven Vinyl Flooring - 6 Year Warranty

  • Industry leading warranty - Our Woven Vinyl has a 6 year, full replacement warranty. If anything goes wrong, we will send you brand new flooring without hassle or cost to you.
  • We will ask for images of the defects so we can make immediate improvements in our production.
  • We will send replacement flooring to you as soon as you provide us with images.
  • We do not need the defective flooring back, and you are never required to pay shipping.
  • We spend extra money on packaging to ensure your new flooring will ship safely, but there is always the chance rough handling or stacking could damage the flooring. If this happens, just give us a call.


Carpet & Flooring - 3 Year Warranty

  • All of our carpeting and flooring is marine grade and it is protected by a 3 year warranty, which includes fading and deterioration.


Bimini Tops - 3 Year Warranty

  • Full replacement on defective bimini tops. If your bimini top arrives with any defects or quality issues, we will pay to return and replace your bimini top immediately.


All Other Products - 1 Year Warranty

  • All of our non-seating or flooring products (other than carpet and vinyl flooring) have a 1 year warranty.

It is important to us that our customers know we will support them after the sale. We will take care of any problems you have quickly and at no cost to you, as we personally warranty everything we sell.

For more information about our warranty, please call us at (877) 295-9522.

Shipping is free on any order over $100; orders under $100 has a shipping fee of $9.99. Place an order on a business day by 4 p.m. EST and in stock seats and accessories will ship the same day! No slow shipping times to save money, PontoonStuff® only ships orders using FedEx and our products will arrive to your home quickly. Map below shows time in transit.

  • Pontoon decking kits will be shipped using FedEx Freight services (semi-truck) and require a phone number to schedule delivery (free shipping).

  • Please note that decking kits take additional time to process and may not ship for up to 72 business hrs.

  • We will only ship within the contiguous U.S.

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