Telescoping Pontoon Ladders (Heavy Duty Stainless Steel)

Pontoon Ladders


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Strong, easy to use ladder that stores easily anywhere on your pontoon boat.

Stainless steel, heavy duty telescoping pontoon boat ladders.

No more struggling to climb out of the water! Replace your old aluminum pontoon boat ladder with a new stainless pontoon ladder from PontoonStuff.

Key Benefits

  • 316 stainless steel tubing with rubber coated handrails.
  • Compact design allows for storage under seating.
  • 4 step design with 3 telescoping steps and strap.
  • 32" L x 16" W when stored.
  • 51" L x 16" W when deployed.
  • 300lb weight capacity.
  • Stainless steel slot and stud style mounting for easy deployment.


Ask a Question
  • Could this be used on the trailer as well for entry?

    As long as you have the available space for the ladder to be installed correctly, you should have zero issues with it. 

  • How deep are these steps? They look very narrow. Is this ladder sturdy enough to support my 290 lb., 60 year old body?

    The steps on the pontoon ladder at 2 1/4" deep. This ladder is rated for up to 300 lbs and will be sturdy enough for you. 

  • Can you get parts for these ladders? One of my rings that hold the step is gone. It was the first time we used it. I don't know if it popped off then or wasn't there from the start.

    It sounds like you received a defective ladder. Please send an e-mail to us at and we will get a new ladder to you right away.  

  • Does this ladder come with everything needed to install. Mounting hardware ?

    Yes, this pontoon ladder will come with all the mounting hardware you'll need. Everything is stainless steel.

  • Can the telescoping ladder be mounted to the forward deck or does it have to be mounted to the side to be supported by the pontoons. It looks like it can pull the mounting plates out when the ladder swings in when someone is climbing aboard.

    This pontoon ladder must be installed on the side of the pontoon boat so it is supported by the pontoon's tubes. You are correct, if mounted in the front of your pontoon the ladder will try and swing under the boat.

  • What is the distance from where the ladder mounts to the deck and where the small legs rest on the pontoon?

    The distance is goint to be approx. 10" from the mounting location to the legs that rest on the pontoon of the Telescoping Pontoon Ladder

  • The mounting slots on our boat are 15", center to center. Will this fit?

    The mounting slots for the Telescoping Pontoon Ladder will need to be 13" center to center.

  • What is the distance from the deck mount location down to the bottom step?

    The distance from the deck mount location to the bottom step of this pontoon ladder is about 38"

  • When mounted on port side will door be able to open and close with mounting brackets installed

    Yes, Your pontoon door should open and close like normal when you have the mounting backets for the pontoon ladder installed on your pontoon boat. 

  • What is the return policy

    Here is the link that explaings our Return policy.

  • Are the small support legs movable up or down?

    They do collapse, but they are not removable. 

  • Can this be mounted on the back of the boat where my old one was? Do you have to get under the boat to install this?

    Yes, as long as you have the available space. This Ladder can be installed from the top of the boat. 

  • How high up do the plates sit that the ladder attaches to? I want to make sure I will be able to open and close the gates.

    The quick release plates sit about 3/8" of an inch. Please note, that this is going to depend on the thickness of carpet or vinyl used. 

  • Can I get a extra set of brackets so I can use the ladder on either side!!

    Yes! We offer the separately and can purchased by following this link:

  • Does it come on and off easy ?

    Yes. With the quick release mounting hardware this will be very easy to remove and put back on. 

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