Under Deck Pontoon Boat Ladder (5 Step Ladder Stores Under Deck)

Pontoon Boat Ladders

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Never get stuck in the water without a ladder again!

No need to worry about mounting your ladder before you jump in the water.

Under deck pontoon boat ladders are always there and ready to deploy without taking up gate space or room on your pontoon boat's deck.

Key Features

  • 5 step, slide out under deck pontoon boat ladder.
  • Ladder framework is 60" L x 16" W x 4.5" T.
  • Ladder hangs 56" below deck when deployed and requires no support.
  • Ladder steps are 12.5" wide x 2.5" deep.
  • This pontoon boat ladder will hold up to 300lbs.
  • If installing on a tri-tube pontoon boat you must have 20" between the tubes to mount.

Easy to use and store.

Bolts to the cross-channels under your pontoon boat's front deck, pull the pontoon ladder out to use and push it back into it's frame when you are finished.  Never worry about where you're going to put your pontoon ladder again, stores easily and conveniently out of the way under the deck of your pontoon. 



Ask a Question
  • Does this ladder hang vertical in appropriately deep water when not inhibited by the ground?

    Yes. The Under Deck Pontoon Boat Ladder is supposed to hang vertically when it is fully extended. 

  • I have underskin on my tritoon. Will this mount with the underskin?

    Install the Under Deck Pontoon Boat Ladder, you will need to take off the underskin to locate the Cross Members, then mount the Under Deck Ladder to those Cross Members. Its a little extra work but can be done. 

  • Does it get in the way of where the strap on the crank

    Depends on where you are mounting the Under Deck Ladder. It does fit underneath the decking and does not stick out. 

  • I am looking to replace my current ladder (Hook style/Front Entry), but am curious if you think this would interfere when loading on a "Hoosier" style pontoon trailer. As the trailer slides between the pontoon/tubes and the rest on the rails. It seems like it should clear, but it is hard to picture if it will catch when floating off or pulling on.

    Since our products are universal, we would need to compare measurements of the available space. This Under Deck Ladder may cause issues with your Hoosie style Pontoon Trailer. But if it does not fit we can always do a return for you, up to 90 days.

  • Mounting instructions for mounting this ladder mine came with hardware but no prescription drilled holes in brackets and bolts were carriage bolts

    Since our products are universal and the Under Deck Pontoon Boat Ladder is no different. The holes may need to be drilled in different locations depending on the boat that you have. This allows it to fit the best way possible for your specific boat. 

  • My trailer strap attaches in the middle under the frame. Will the this ladder interfere with the strap attaching ?

    I believe it would. I would recommend measuring the distance on the sides of the strap and see how much room you have to possibly place a little off center. Then compare of measurements of the Under Deck Pontoon Boat Ladder. 

  • I have a curved bow on my sun tracker pontoon. Will this Under deck ladder still work?

    As long as you have the available space for the Under Deck Pontoon Boat Ladder, you should be just fine. You may have the risk of the ends sticking out from underneath the deck. Please double check the measurements before purchasing. 

  • Can this latter be used as an entry latter while pontoon is on the trailer.

    As long as the measurements for the Under Deck Pontoon Boat Ladder will fit in the available space this pontoon ladder will work great both on and off the water use. 

  • Can this mount on the front of a triple toon pontoon?

    As long as you have enough space for it, you can mount this pontoon boat ladder anywhere. You will need about 17" between the toons of your pontoon boat to properly mount this ladder. I would take the measurements and compare them to the space you have available.

  • What is the warranty on the 5 step under deck ladder?

    This pontoon under deck ladder has a 3 year warranty on it. 

  • is this ladder used to board the boat when anchored in deep water

    This pontoon ladder will work great to board your pontoon boat while in deep water. 

  • Can this be used as a boarding ladder when the pontoon boat is beached?

    This pontoon ladder is great for boarding your pontoon boat while it is beached. It will not hange straight down but out at any angle. Many customer use this pontoon ladder just as you described. 

  • The floor of our pontoon is aluminum not wood. Will this ladder work for us? If so, will it be easy to install?

    Yes it will install the exactly same way. It mounts to the cross members under the aluminum decking, the pieces of aluminum that span the tubes and support the actual deck itself. So your installation will be the same as someone with a wooden deck on their pontoon boat.

  • Two of your pictures show a plate on the front of the ladder that bolts to the front plate of the pontoon where the other two show a bracket underneath that mounts the front of the ladder to a crossmember. Which is correct as my boat would require the bracket underneath.

    Our under deck pontoon ladder will have the bracket underneath to mount to the crossmember. I apologize we had an older model image posted, this has been deleted.

  • Is it hard to load up into the holder?

    No, it's actually very simple. It will not catch or be difficult to slide it. It's a very easy pontoon ladder to use.

  • Is there a 3 step version. I don't need it so long for a pontoon

    Unfortunately we only make this pontoon ladder with 5 steps. It does store up under the pontoon nicely so it doesn't cause a storage issue. I don't believe this ladder is built in a 3 step version by any other ladder manufacturer so I cannot point you to another option unfortunately. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • What is the weight limit

    This ladder has a high weight limit. We would say that it has a 400lb limit. 

  • do you have a dog type ramp that mounts under the front

    Unfortunately, we do not offer a dog like ramp on our website. 

  • Some ladders that hang have an issue where they can go under the boat when trying to climb it.does this have a stopper to prevent it from pushing under the deck?to keep it verticle when in the water

    These will stop at a 90 degree angle, that will keep it from going under teh boat. 

  • I purchased a Bass buggy 18 Suntracker, will it fit this boat?

    You will need to compare measurements to determine if it will fit or not. 

5 out of 5, based on 8 reviews
Mark from Iowa on Jun 24, 2016
Best purchase we made when updating an old Spectrum pontoon. Easy to install. Easy to use when in the water. You won't regret spending the $$ on this ladder
Jim Lollis from South Carolina on Jun 09, 2015
I installed this ladder at the same time I was replacing the deck on our 1996 Crest II pontoon. The ladder seems to be well made, and comes with the hardware for installation. Installation was easy only because the decking had already been removed. On the Crest pontoon, the nuts are concealed inside the cross channels. With the decking in place, it would have been extremely difficult to attach the ladder. I also added two additional bolts, so the ladder attached to the pontoon at six points, rather than just using the 4 bolts provided.

I can't wait to try it out in the water, but so far, we're very pleased.
Phil Montgomery from Winchester,Ky on Jun 08, 2015
Absolutely the best thing I have bought for my pontoon. Ordered it on a Wednesday and got it the very next day. Easy to install. Suggest 2 people and 2 vise grips or c clamps. Took about 15 minutes to install. Very highly recommend this.
Grizz from Kentucky lake on Jun 08, 2015
1st of all I've got to give 5+ stars to pontoonstuff.com for fast service. I ordered this on lunch and it was at my door the very next day at lunch. Most time you have to pay big time for that but this was free shipping. Now for the ladder, it also gets 5+ stars. I will never have any other ladder on my Tritoon Its like you unfold a step ladder each time you get in the boat. Works great in deep water and sand bars. I was nervous about only 4 bolts holding it on cuz I'm a big guy , but after this weekend testing there is no problems there. It was used between 100/150 times with people going up or down. Highly recommended You won't be sorry. I did take some advice and if you have more than just coke in your cooler, make a tag to clip on the steering wheel cuz I bet the deck of your boat will give before this well built ladder does, if you forget it's down and take off
John Eckley from United States on Mar 10, 2015
This is th ebest ladder I have ever used. I have used many boat ladders and this one takes the cake.Not only is it simple to use. It is heavy duty. Im a big guy 300+ punds and it holds me fine. The extra step makes ot easy to use and it has wide flat steps to walk up on. No hurting the feet. I will put this laddeon every pontoon I own.
mike from shavehead lake,mi on Feb 07, 2015
I have bought a lot of products from here and have never had any problems,quality for sure I am getting ready to place my spring order soon,thanks Mike
Justin from Forney, TX on Jul 16, 2014
I have bought two aftermarket replacement ladders for my pontoon boat that didn't fit or work well due to the position of the standoff's on the ladders and the pontoon itself. After agonizing over my lost ladder for weeks and searching literally every website there is for folding ladders for pontoon boats and calling 3 different dealers as well as hauling my boat to my mechanic, I decided to buy the under the deck ladder. I couldn't be happier!! It is AWESOME!! So much more comfortable with the wider rungs, super easy to stow and retract and is extremely stable and solid when deployed. Makes no noise while underway and it's like climbing a 6 foot aluminum ladder at home. The stability for me was my biggest concern and this far exceeded my expectations. Makes getting in and out of the boat in the water or close to shore so much easier for everyone. The best part about it, is that it retracts for stowing and doesn't take up any room on deck. Thank you to Denise as well in customer service!! She was fantastic!!
Stay safe out there...
Donnie from West Virginia on Nov 08, 2012
This ladder was very easy to install and is very sturdy. It takes up zero room on the boat when stored. A handle at the edge of the deck will make it easier to pull yourself up the ladder. Just make sure you put the ladder away before you go!!! I made a tag to hang on the boat steering wheel to remind me to make sure it is put up.

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