Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Tops (8'W x 10' L Pontoon Bimini with Boot)

Pontoon Boat Bimini Tops


SKU: HD8810-Beige
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8' x 10' heavy duty pontoon boat bimini top package .

Pontoon bimini top package includes 1-1/4" framework w/ adjustable front struts, mounting hardware, wiring, zip on premium solution dyed polyester bimini fabric and storage boot.

Key Features

  • Easy to assembly pontoon bimini frame snaps together with stainless steel snap buttons.
  • Zippered pockets allow you to quickly install your pontoon boat canopy top fabric.
  • Adjustable front struts replace straps for more secure mounting.
  • Stainless mounting bolts are included to secure your pontoon frame's brackets to your railing.
  • Stainless push pins attach framework to your pontoon boat quickly and easily.
  • Framework is designed to fit 8' wide pontoon boats with railing between 88" to 96" wide.
  • This pontoon boat top opens up to cover an 8' x 10' area on your pontoon boat.
  • Standing height in center of open pontoon canopy top is approximately 75".


PontoonStuff® Quality Promise
Our success is tied directly to our ability to provide you with quality products and the best customer service. Quality and excellent service are our top priority!

  • Industry leading warranty - 3 year full replacement on defective bimini tops.
  • If your bimini tops arrives with any defects or quality issues, we will pay to return and replace your bimini tops immediately.
  • We pay all costs associated with any damage or defects. There is never any cost to you.
  • 100% transferable warranty - if you sell your pontoon boat, the buyer is covered. If you're a second owner, just provide us with the original owner's name or order number.

You're making a big investment with your time and money when you choose to restore a pontoon boat. Making sure all of our customers know we will support them after the sale is important to us. We will take care of any problems you have quickly and at no cost to you, as we personally warranty everything we sell.

* For more information about our warranty, please click here or call (877) 295-9522.


Ask a Question
  • Can I get one with the light installed

    Unfortunately, you would need to purchase it separately and install it yourself. The Bimini Top will come with all the hardware and wiring to complete that process for you. 

  • Is the frame wired for a stern light?

    Yes. This frame comes with the wiring needed to install a stern light. Unfortunately, it is not wired when you receive it. You will need to that yourself. 

  • Do you sell an 8X12 top

    No, unfortunately we do not carry any other sizes than what you see on our Website. The largest Bimini Top that we offer is the 8'6" x 10' .

  • Does this system have the stern light on top or do I buy it separate?

    This Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Top does not come with a Stern Light. It does however have a cut out on the Bimini Top for you to place a Stern Light. 

  • Will this mount on 1" rails?

    The mounting brackets for the Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Top is made for 1 1/4" railing. We do not offer 1" mounting brackets unfortunately. 

  • Can you get canvas only and not the frame

    We do not sell just the canvas or just the frame. You will need to purchase the whole unit.

  • What is the total distance between the fore and aft rail mounting brackets? Then, what is the distance between the aft bracket and the mid bracket? Thank you

    The measurements that you are looking for are pictured in the featured pictures of the Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Top. It would be from the Front to mid brackets, 34" and fromt he middle bracket to the rear 37".

  • Will this fit a 1996 Lowe 2220 deck boat?

    Since we are specific, you would need to compare the measurements of the available space to the measurements we give on the products page to see if they would work for your Pontoon Boat. 

  • Can we have plastic walls zipped from the edges? At least could it be an option that zipper could be sewn on the edges to install walls.

    Unfortunately, this Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Top is not designed to be an inclosed. 

  • Is there any warranty as to how long this can vast should last

    Our Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Top has a 5 Year Warranty. That covers the Fabric and Frame. If you have any issues in that time frame please give us a call and send us pictures of the issue and we will get you taken care of. 

  • So if we get this everything that we need to put it on and assemble is there? we just got our gently used 1994 harris and the old top is to heavy to lift without help

    Yes. Our Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Tops come with all the mounting hardware and include everything to make the installation very simple for your Pontoon Boat. 

  • What's the warranty on Bimini tops

    Our Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Top has a 5 years warranty. While our Economy Pontoon Bimini Top has a 1 year warranty.

  • Is the top sewn and finished with NO raw edges

    Yes, This top pontoon boat top is sewen with all finished edges. 

  • Do you make the top in any other top fabric? If yes what is the warranty?

    All of the pontoon fabrics we offer are a solution dyed polyester fabric. 

  • What is the delivery time for bimi top to nj

    We ship all pontoon bimini order the same day if ordered by 4 pm Est. It is about a 2 day transit time to New Jesey. 

  • Can you drive with bimini top up? How fast can i go with it up?

    We would not recommened driving your pontoon boat over 30 mph on the water with this top all the way open. We recommened completely closing your bimini top and resting it on the rails any time you trailer your pontoon boat. 

  • What is the overhang dimension ahead of where front support fastens to side rail. Just wondering if it will interfere with entering and exiting the boat

    It is hard to give you the over hang dimension of this pontoon bimini top and frame because it will depend on the distance of where the front mount is placed  from your pontoon gate. The frame of the bimini top is about 75" inches tall once mounted on the rails of your pontoon boat. Even if it over hanges where your pontoon gate is, it should not cause any problems for people entering and exiting your pontoon boat. 

  • Can I buy framework parts only?

    We do not sell the replacement bimini top parts separately as they are designed around our framework and are not universal fit. What replacement parts specifically are you looking for? We can try to help if possible.

  • Do you sell just the top for 10'.

    Unfortunately, we do not sell the 10' bimini fabric tops separate from the frame. We have tried but the return rate is  approx. 80% so we stopped doing it. What we found is that beyond the standard 8' x 8' universal fit pontoon bimini top fabric we sell the larger frames are more custom and depending on the boat manufacturer and our fabrics simply don't fit well.

  • Do you offer any type of warranty on the frame and or the top itself? What is the material used for the top?

    We have a 3 year warranty on both  the frame and fabric top. The top is made out of solution dyed polyester. 

  • When the tops are folded back, do they lay flat? Or at an angle? If at an angle how high above the rail does it lay?

    They will flat into the mounting brackets that are about 4" above your rail. 

  • The rail where the rear strut attaches is 6" shorter than the main rail. Can I get rear adjustable struts?

    Yes, Both the front and rear struts adjust. 

  • Do you sell bimini top kits for the front of a pontoon boat?

    You can use any of our pontoon bimini tops on the front of the pontoon also. It won't matter where they top is mounted.    You wouldn't be able to zip the two pontoon tops together but you can mount them in such a way that they cover the entire pontoon boat. 

  • what about stern light cutout?

    Yes, this complete bimini top package comes with the fabric and the storage boot. Both will have reinforced cut outs for the stern light.

  • Are the bows two pieces that splits in the middle or are they one complete piece

    They are one complete piece on the Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Top. They do have 2 joiner pieces, one on each side that connect them to the side assembly.

  • What is the fabrim material made of... and what UV protection it offers? Thanks

    We use a premium solution dyed polyester bimini fabric on the Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Top. It has UV protection that we keep the top from fading and also keeping the UV from coming through the fabric. 

  • I have 2002 Sunchaser (lowe) it has a cover size layed out flat of 101"width x 108"length .Boat widthis 95"do you have a complete bimi ut that will fit ? i do have 1"rails can 1 1/4"frames be made to work?

    Since the brackets for the Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Tops are made for 1 1/4" railing, this will not work properly with 1" rails. 

  • What is the width of the frame at the top just under the canvas, or just past the top bend?

    If you have the frames at 90 degrees, the measurement comes to 96" wide of the Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Top. 

  • All I am looking for is the bimini and storage boot for my 2011 Bennington 24SFi Pontoon boat. Is the pricing on SKU: HD8810-Black for just the bimini and boot or the frame as well?

    The pricing for that includes the frame, top and boot.

  • Can the top fabric only be purchased for an 8x10' .

    The only fabric only option we have right now is an 8x8'              If you want the 8x10' you would have to purchase the whole frame/top combo.

  • can I buy the 10L x 8W heavy duty bimini top without the frame?

    We do not sell just the frame or the fabric by itself at this time.

  • Can you just get the frame

    We do not sell just the frame. You will need to purchase the entire frame and fabric.

  • Can I just get the canvas without the frame? Our frame is in good condition

    We do not offer any of the heavy duty tops without the frame, our only option would be the the 8'x8' replacement bimini fabric.

  • Can I order just the frame?

    We do not sell just the frame. You would need to purchase the entire bimini top.

  • How thick is your Fabric? And do you charge Sales Tax to Ga. Thanks

    The bimini top fabric is a 600 denier and if your state charges sales tax then it would be applied to your order upon checkout.

  • It is can lay flat?

    This top will lay down flat for transport and storage

  • What is the height of the Heavy duty Bimini top once erected and again when it is in the stowed position for travel down the road. Thanks

    The height of this pontoon bimini top is about 75" when it is in the open position. This will vary a bit depending on the actual height of your pontoon rails. When the pontoon bimini is in the stowed position it will sit about a 1' on top of the rails of your boat.

  • Is the frame included in this purchase price?

    Yes the pontoon bimini frame is included when you purchase this item.

  • On the rail what are the dimensions on where the brackets line up. Would like it so our cover fits?

    The front mounting bracket of our pontoon bimini top  is 34" from the middle bracket while the back bracket is 37" from the middle bracket.

  • my railings are 94" wide will the 8' wide top still work?

    Yes this pontoon bimini top and frame will work for pontoon ralings that are from 88" - 96" wide

  • how do I mesure ny boat for a new top #8ft or 10ft top

    In order to measure for your new pontoon bimini top and frame, you will want to measure the width between your pontoon fence. You will also want to measure the amount of space along the top rails of your pontoon on both sides. Once you have these measurements you will want to compare them with the measurements we have listed for each pontoon bimini frame.

  • Does it fit a boat with rails 92in wide?

    Yes this pontoon bimini top will fit on rails that are 92" wide.

  • how do I measure my boat for a new Bimini top I have a 20ft pontoon boat

    To measure for a pontoon bimini top you need to measure the width between both of your pontoon rails. You will then need to measure the available space on the rails of your boat on both sides.

  • Will it fit a 95" frame(to the outside of frame)?

    Yes this Pontoon bimini framework is designed to fit 8' wide pontoon boats with railing between 88" to 96" wide.

  • I was shipped the highriser rail brackets. Did these replace the old style???

    Yes, these new brackets will help prevent your pontoon furniture from getting damaged as you adjust your top. They will also give you more head clearance under your bimini top.

  • Are these Bimini tops waterproof ?

    Our heavy duty bimini tops are not waterproof but highly water resistant.

  • My rails are 93" do you make heavy duty top for this size frame. Only seeing 96-102

    We would recommend that you check out our 8'x8' Heavy duty bimini top. It will work with railings betweek 88" and 96" wide. 
    You may find it here: 8'x8' Heavy Duty Bimini Top

  • I'm 6 foot 1, will I be able to stand under it?

    You will be able to stand under this Pontoon Bimini Top with no problems. The only issue would be if you have a very low railing height.

  • With is 96” should I get this one or the 8’

    If you have 96" outside railing to outside railing we would recommend the 8' bimini top option. If its 96" inside railing to inside railing we would recommend the 8-1/2' bimini top option.

  • Will this fit/Is this compatible with a 2001 Crestliner pontoon?

    We would need to know the distance between your railings to help suggest a proper fitment.
    This particular frame needs an 8' wide pontoon that has railings between 88" to 96" wide.

  • We have a sundeck on the back of our pontoon that is 8" higher than the base rail. Are the rear rails adjustable?

    Yes the back base rails  are adjustable to help accommodate this bimini top and frame to fit your pontoon boat.

  • What kind of fabric

    The heavy duty pontoon boat bimini top is made using a dyed polyester fabric.

  • The rails on our Hurricane Deck boat are 89" outside to outside, will this unit fit?

    The heavy duty pontoon boat top 8' x 10' bimini will fit rails that are 88" to 96" wide so it should fit your application

  • How long does the rail have to be on each side to make the 8/10ft top to work Thanks

    The Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Top ( 8'w x 10'L ) bimini top needs a minimum of 87" of railing to work. 

  • Can you get just the replacement top

    Unfortunately we cannot sell just the Heavy duty 8' x 10' pontoon bimini top unless you already have purchased our frame. 
    If you already have our frame please give us a call and we can help you out.

  • Do you sell just the canvas by itself?

    We do not sell just the canvas by itself as the 8x10 pontoon bimini top only fits our bimini frame. If you are looking for a replacement top for that model we would be happy to help if you already purchased ours with our bimini frame.

  • Are you able to get the 8 x 10 in Pacific Blue

    Yes the pacific blue bimini top is the last option on the drop down menu.

  • My rails are only 92.5 inches wide, can I make this work?

    Yes, This pontoon bimini frame and top will fit rails that are between 88" & 96" wide.

  • What kind of fabric is used for your bimini top. I cannot find anything that tells me or gives info about warranty. Thanks

    We use a solution dyed polyester fabric that carries a 3 year warranty.

  • I have a small 6' wide by 15' long pontoon boat. I am looking for a Bimini Top to fit this narrow boat. Do you have them in narrower sizes?

    I'm sorry but we do not offer any pontoon bimini tops any narrow then 8'

  • Can I get a 8 x10 bikini top without the frame?

    we only offer an 8 x 8 pontoon top with out the frame. This is the only size we have found that will fit most other pontoon manufacors frames.

  • what’s the canopy fabric Sunbera ?

    We do not offer the Sunbrella fabric. Our is Deck Mate  premium, solution dyed polyester fabric.

  • I have your 8x8 Bimini top currently. I want to add this to the front half of the boat, is there a way to connect the two and have it properly shed water?

    Unfortunately, no. Withour modifying the 2 Bimini Tops, you cannot attach them together. 

  • Recently purchased power top that works great with exception of toggle switch. It’s 1/4” too short to secure stainless nut. Do you offer a longer toggle switch?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer any different sizes for the toggle switch. 

  • I have a 1990 pontoon and the measuring is rail 11/4 wide 87" from bracket to bracket long. 71/8 foot wide from side to side if I did it right. Lol. Does that sound right. I need a frame and fabric and all the hardware to go along with it. Or I'll just get the frame first to make sure it fits

    It sounds like, either the the 8' by 10' or the 8' by 8' would work for you. 

  • Hi, I'm looking for a bimini top that can be left up travelling in the water. My pontoon just has a 90 hp johnson and goes around 25 mph. What is your recommended speed limit for your product? How thick is your material cover and is your frame 1" square or larger? Thx, Sam

    This Bimini Top is 1 1/4" framwork. We do not recommend using any top and leaving it up when traveling. 25 MPH should be the max that you can travel while the Top is up. 

  • Are the frames pre wired for the stern light?

    No, they do however come with wiring that you will need to feed through. 

  • Just bought a 2014 26' Aloha Tropical triton yesterday that needs a top and light. I'm about 99% sure its 8' wide rail to rail. Are your tops adjustable at all if I'm an inch off here or there?

    You should be just fine. These have a range of 88" to 96" that they will fit between. 

  • I have a 2007 Triton model 200 F-R Gold pontoon boat. I need to replace the whole bimini top due to damage to the bows and cover. It is a fishing pontoon but the most unusal thing about is the rail is 2 levels. Do you have a replacement that would work for this boat?

    Unfortuantely, not we do not offer a Bimini Top that will fit the style. 

  • What is the spacing between side of front rail to back rail when in open position?

    As it show in the pictures, from the fron to the ear mounting location is 71 inches. 

  • Does this bimini top fit a Bennington 20SF?

    You would need to compare your measurements to our measurements to determine if they will fit your Boat.

  • I need the back strut to be 91/4 inches longer than front because rail is shorter om rear of boat. Is there an adjustable back strut?

    Unfortunately, we do not have an adjustable rear strut.

  • How much will the front struts adjust. The railing on front of my boat is about 6 inches lower than the rest

    These adjust but unfortunately, only in a way that stretches the fabric. There are 6 spots about 1-2 inches apart. 

  • Is there a way to put a light on the top of the back rail?

    Yes. This Pontoon Boat Top is designed to have a stern light added to it. 

  • Can I purchase just the canopy. I don't need the frame. Thanks

    With this Pontoon Bimini Top, we cannot sell just the top without the frame. 

  • Do you sell just the material without the frame? My frame is still good I just need to replace the material.

    No, Unfortunately, we do not offer the Pontoon Fabric 8' x 10' separate from the framework. 

  • We have a premiere 2006 pontoon. Will this fit the rails?

    Since our products are universal, we go strictly by measurements. You would need to compare our measurements to the available space you have. 

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