Boat Trailer Bunk Carpet

Pontoon Boat Carpet


SKU: BC67-8

Our Most Affordable Marine Grade Pontoon Boat Carpet.

Important: Carpet is sent directly from the manufacturer and may take up to 48 hours to ship.

Bunk Carpet Sold By The Foot

  • Choose between 8" or 12" wide trailer bunk carpet
  • 105 feet max per roll
  • Enter the number of feet needed in quantity box
  • We use 16oz marine grade carpet for bunk carpet replacement, this is what the trailer factories use. We do not sell felt bunk carpet or thin carpet type material, we only offer quality rubber backed marine carpet.

Order 1' Foot More Than You Need

When replacing trailer bunk carpet make sure to give yourself room for error. It's always important to have extra marine carpet in case a mistake is made when measuring or cutting.

16oz Marine Grade Boat Carpet

  • The same carpet that comes on new boat trailers
  • We use real marine carpet with a rubber backing that is designed to be glued to your bunks and stapled. This will protect your boat and increase the life of your bunk carpet

Flexible Rubber Backing

  • Rubber backed marine carpet is flexible & designed to easily wrap your trailer bunks.

Cut Pile Marine Grade Carpet

Bunk Carpet Specifications

  • Fiber: 100% UV stabilized polypropylene
  • Denier:  2600
  • Primary Backing: Woven Polypropylene
  • Secondary Backing: SBR Marine Latex

Our Carpet Won't Let You Down

DeckMate's marine grade boat carpet is covered by a 3 year warranty, this includes fading and deterioration.

Care & Maintenance

Marine carpet is stain resistant & we recommend periodic vacuuming & cleaning with household detergents and warm water. This will help your boat carpet retain it's original appearance & prevent matting.


Ask a Question
  • What is the bunk glue? It is not included? What do I use?

    We recommend using our D-128 glue for bunk board applications.   make sure you do not seal the bunk wood as it will not allow the glue to properly adhere.

  • If I am using 2*4 boards should I buy the 8" or 12" carpet?

    Our 8" bunk carpet would not wrap all the way around a 2x4  if that is what you're looking for. 
    If you're looking to completely cover the bunk boards i would recommend using our 12" carpet.

  • I have 2 each 16' bunk and 2 each 10' bunk can i buy them ready to be mounted?

    We do sell boat trailer bunks pre-made and ready to be installed. Please see them at the link here.

  • I see where I can order 12"wide carpet but how do I order 85 feet ?

    To order 85 Feet of Boat Trailer Bunk Carpet you will need to put "85" into the QTY box on the website. 
    The quantity purchased goes by the foot.

  • How long does the bunk glue need to dry before I can put the boat trailer back in the water to retrieve the boat

    You will want to make sure the weather requirements are met, then you will want to check that it has adheared correctly. Normally 24 hours will give you enough time. 

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