Folding Pontoon Boat Ladders (Heavy Duty Folding Ladder)

Pontoon Ladders


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Strong but still compact enough to store under your seating.

Heavy duty folding aluminum pontoon boarding ladders.

100% satin anodized aluminum creates a strong ladder that is still easy to store. A great value in a replacement pontoon ladder.

Key Benefits

  • Heavy duty aluminum square tubing with 300lb capacity.
  • Handrails for easier boarding.
  • Heavy duty welded aluminum hinge will not rust.
  • Ladder folds compactly for storage under seats.
  • Quick release hook style mounting hardware makes deploying easy.
  • Weights about 10lbs

Folding Pontoon Boat Ladders (Heavy Duty Folding Ladder)


Ask a Question
  • Does this ladder come with the floor mounting hardware or do I have to but the mounting kit separate?

    This pontoon ladder does include the mounting hardware. 

  • Can this ladder b mounted on the back of my pontoon?

    Yes this pontoon boat ladder can be mounted to the back of your pontoon boat. 

  • How tall is the mounting hardware once installed (how much clearance do I need beneath my swing gate?)

    You will need about a 1/2 of inch clearance for the mounting hardware for this pontoon ladder. 

  • do I have to get under the pontoon to install mounting latches?

    Yes you will need to be able to access the under side of your pontoon boat to properly mount this boat ladder. 

  • Does this mount on the side or can it be mounted on the front?

    All of our folding pontoon boat ladders will need to be mounted on the side of your pontoon boat. They all need to be supported by the tube. If you were to mount this pontoon ladder on the front of your boat it would try and swing under the deck making it impossible to board.

  • How much room do you need between the fence and the edge of the the boat for mounting

    You will need about 9 1/2 inches on your pontoon deck to properly mount this ladder.

  • How far down are the pontoon supports from the base of the ladder

    The supports for this pontoon ladder are 17" from the base of the ladder.

  • Will I still be able to open and close the door with this installed? Or does it have to stay open all the time?

    If the heavy duty folding ladder is in place then the door must remain open. If the ladder is folded up and put away then your door will have no issues going over the quick release hooks.

  • I know the ladder is supported on the lower end with the pontoons but if someone heavier gets on it, will it dent the toons?

    The folding ladder is not supported at the very bottom however it is very unlikely that it will dent the toons even with a heavier person on it. Please remember that it does have a 300lb weight rating.  You also can check out our other ladder that hold 350lbs.
    Hope that helps

  • what is the total lenght form top to bottom?

    The Folding Pontoon Boat ladder is 41"tall from top point to bottom.

  • Where do you get the mounting hardware?

    The mounting hardware for the folding pontoon boat ladder is included and is the quick realease hook style mount.

  • Hi, do you provide a warranty on your product?

    We offer a 3 year warranty on our Heavy Duty Folding Pontoon Ladder

  • Weight Capacity?

    This folding pontoon ladder will hold up to 300 lbs. 

  • I would like to have mounting hardware in three locations on my pontoon. Which hardware do I need to get?

    If you are applying these to pedestals you will need to purchase those and use 1/4" #20 bolts of screws to mount it to the deck. 

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