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DeckMate boat seats pedestals exceed ABYC standards of safety.

Beautiful, highly polished aluminum adjustable boat seat pedestals with slider swivel. Easily secure any boat seat to these high quality pedestals.


Key Benefits

  • Works with Reclining Captains Chair 
  • Adjusts between 12.5" and 15" in height.
  • Adjusts in 1" increments and locks in place.
  • 9" low profile base is stamped from aluminum, not cast, for superior strength.
  • 2-7/8" diameter post is strong enough for any environment.


Ask a Question
  • Will this replace the pedestal on my helm seat - 1999 Sea Ray Sundancer 260?

    It will all depend on the measurements of your available space. We use a standard 4 bolt design. Since our products are universal, we do not have specific makes or models details. 

  • do i need to drill a hole in the boat deck to mount this pedestal?

    This Adjustable Pedestal with Seat Slider, needs 6 holes drilled into the Deck of your Pontoon. You can use Bolts or Screws to mount the base. 

  • Does the Center Post and the bass mount separate or is it all one piece.

    This Adjustable Pedestal with Seat Slider is one piece. It comes with a top that you can remove for easy mounting application. 

  • How much does it weigh?

    This Adjustable Pedestal with Seat Slider weighs 10lbs. 

  • will this work on upgraded fishing chairs of Sweetwater 2017 20' fish and cruise pontoon?

    Unfortunately, since we are not boat specific, we cannot answer this question with 100% confidence. I would measurement the mounting holes on the bottom of the seat you  have installed. Thern, compare them to the Adjustable Pedestal w/ Seat Slider.

  • How do you measure the height of the seat

    We measure our seats from the bottom base of the seat to the highest point of the seat. That should give you a decent measurement for the heighth of the Pontoon Seats. 

  • I have a 1998 Grady White 208 Adventure Cuddy Cabin will any of your pedestal fit. I need at least a minimum of 9 inch height and swivel plus slider.

    Yes. I believe that the Adjustable Pedestal with Seat Slider will work just fine. Our products are not boat specific, and are universal.

  • is the pedestal spring assisted?

    No, Unfortunately this Adjustable Pedestal is not spring assisted. 

  • I have a 28ft. Harris FloteBote. Will this pedestal fit the pattern of the original pedestal?

    Unfortunately, there is no way for us to know that. We are not boat specific when it comes to our Pontoon Boat products. If you need pictures of the pedestals or specific measurements, I suggest contacting us via email at

  • Will this adjustable pedestal fit a 2016 Harris flote boat captains chair.

    Yes! As long as you have the available space for the Adjustable Pedestal, you should be just fine. 

  • Will this directly fit a 2002 Bennington 2050 RL for the Captain's Chair?

    This should work well for you as a replacement pedestal for your 2002 Bennington pontoon boat. You will want to verify that the bolt pattern on the bottom of the captains's seats is the standard 5" pattern. 

  • What distance does seat slide back and forth

    This pontoon adjustable pedestal with slider will slide your pontoon bucket seat 4". 

  • what is the distance between seat screws on seat mounting plate?

    The distance of the seat moutning holes on this pontoon pedestal are 5".

  • We have a 1998 Sweetwater 180ES. The captain's chair has a base plate that is a 6 hole, 10" diameter circle. I seem to only be finding base plates that are 9" in diameter. Can you advise?

    A 9" diameter floor plate is pretty standard for seat pedestals. You will have trouble locatng an exact replacement for a 10" diameter seat pedestal base. I'm sorry I could not be more helpful. 

  • Can you tell me how many inches does the slide. On this pedestal move back and fourth..

    This boat pedestal will slide 4 inches. 

  • will this fit in a alum craft boat?

    This  boat pedestal will work well in your alum carft boat. 

  • What size oval head machine screws will fit in the base? I purchase this seat already and it works great!

    You will want an 1/4" screw or bolt depending on your application to securly mount the seat pedestal. 

  • I'm short and always have to put two pillows on the seat to be high enough. Will this raise me up high enough. My current seat does not adjust height wise at all. Thank you in advance for your response.

    This will take you up to a maximum pedestal height of 14.5"... it will depend on how tall your captain's chair is. Do you have our bucket or an existing seat? Most pedestals on a pontoon boat are 8-10" tall so this will allow you to sit up taller. What is the height of your existing pedestal? 

  • will this fit my 2007 sweetwater pontoon

    Yes, you will be able to mount this seat pedestal on your sweetwater pontoon boat. 

  • will this fit my tempress navi style high back seat

    Yes our boat seat pedestal will mount perfectly to the bottom of your folding seat.

  • Does this base swivel around

    Yes the actually seat mount will swivel on the post. Once you have the post mounted to the deck of your pontoon boat and attach the seat mount to your captain's chair you'll be able to swivel completely around. There is also a locking mechanism you can tighten to hold it in place.

  • Will this fit my 2010 Cypress Cay Captain seat

    Yes. These should fit any Pontoon Boat! These need 6 screws or Bolts when attaching this to the deck.

  • Does this pedestal lean back once you installed the seat?

    The pedestal does not lean back but if you purchase our reclining captains chair that does have a reclining feature.

  • Does this pedestal swivel? I bought the seat and do not know if the old pedestal will work and he wants something that will swivel.

    This pedestal will allow your seat to swivel.

  • The only holes in the floor are the mounting screws or bolts, right? I won’t need to cut a hole for the post, correct?

    That is correct you will not need to cut a hole to properly mount this pontoons seat pedestal.

  • Can the seat be removed quickly or is it a fixed position? Meaning, will I have to unbolt the seat to remove it?

    Yes you would just need to remove 4 boltss to easily remove the boat seat from this pedestal.

  • My bucket seat mounting bolt pattern is 5x12'' will the slid of this mount line up with the screw inserts on bottom of the seat?

    Yes this adjustable seat pedestal slider will work with your 5" x 12" mounting pattern on the bottom of your boat seat.

  • Does this slide back and forth. I’m always to faraway from the helm on our pontoon boat.

    Yes, this pontoon boat pedestal slides forward and back.

  • Does the pedestal swivel?

    The Adjustable Pedestal with Seat Slider does have the ability to swivel?

  • is this a 360* pedestal

    Yes the adjustable pedestal with seat slider will do a complete 360.

  • Are there instructions as to how the adjustable pedestal and slider installs? I have it together as to how I believe it goes but have 2 small screws and one nut that I don't see where they go

    I am going to email you the instructions now. If you have any other questions please dont hesitate to reply to me directly.

  • What is the total height of this from bottom of base plate to top of seat mount?

    The total heihgt in the lowest postion for this seat pedestal is 12.5 "

  • Can this base be used with your Premium Folding Seat?

    Yes the Premium Folding Seat will mount to a Adjustable Pedestal with Seat Slider.

  • will your premium bucket seats bolt up to this

    Yes this pontoon bucket seat will bolt on to our pontoon seat pedestal with slider. 

  • I'm assuming "mounting hardware not included" means screw or bolts correct?

    That is correct. You will need to supply the bolts or screws to mount the base to the Deck

  • At it maximum height what will the height be from the floor

    The maximum height for this is 15 inches. 

  • Is this pedestal sturdy even at its highest setting?

    Yes, this pedestal will be sturdy enough once it is placed in the highest position. 

  • Do you make an extension to make it higher?

    No Unfortuantely, we only offer these at the size they are now. 

  • Will this fit my 2003 Bennington boat

    Yes. As long as you have the right amount of space available. These Pedestals are universal.

  • What is the thickness of the base plate? If the top of the base plate is flush mounted with the floor, will the walking surface be totally free of trip hazards when the column is removed?

    This Pedestal sticks up approximately, 1/2" from the deck of the Pontoon Boat. 

  • will this fit my 2005 lowe jamaica 22ft pontoon. and how much will it lift it compared to stock bucket swivel seat

    This Adjustable Seat Pedest will lift from 10" to 14". Depending if you have the available space will determine if it will fit your Pontoon. 

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