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Replacement steering systems for pontoon boats.

Quickly and easily replace the steering system on your pontoon boat.  Rotary pontoon boat steering systems cut installation time in half and occupies minimum space behind the dashboard; mounts perfectly to our pontoon boat consoles.

  • Standard 3/4" tapered shaft.
  • Three turns to lock for standard travel.
  • All Stainless Steel ends to minimize corrosion.

Can be used on pontoon boat engines up to 140HP and any pontoon boat with an inboard/outboard (I/O) engine. 

* cannot be installed on pontoons with thru-transom OMC engines.

Our steering system contains: 

  • Pretech rotary helm.
  • Steering cable.
  • 90° degree bezel and all installation hardware.

*Steering wheel sold separately.

Measuring For Your Steering Cable

When replacing the steering system on your pontoon boat you will need the following measurements to determine the cable length.

A.   Measure from the center of your pontoon's console to the edge of the starboard side of your deck. 

B.   Measure your pontoon boat's deck length from the center of your console to the point where your engine is attached to the transom.

C.   Measure from the starboard edge of your deck to the center of your transom.

Add A,B, C + 12", round up to the closest foot and that's the length you need.

Questions & Answers

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  • This is a replacement system. My 24' Starcraft is 1980s vintage. There is no console nor any steering system. I have a long shaft Suzuki 15HP, which I tiller steer. I'd like to add something more convenient than the tiller. Would this replacement system be a reasonable starting point for a new installation? Of course, throttle and gear shift would be required, too.

    Yes absolutely. This replacement pontoon steering system would be the best option in your situation.

  • We have a 12 ft pontoon, using a 15 horse tiller steer. Would this work on my Pontoon?

    It will work but it will be more involved then just purchasing the steering sysyem. You will need to make some other modifications as well. For example your motor will need to be an electrical start or need to be converted to one. Plus you will need to locate the correct throttle controls and cables. 

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