Pontoon Boat Wiring Harness

Pontoon Boat Lights


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Takes the guess work out of wiring your pontoon boat.

Installation Instructions

Ready to install pontoon boat wiring harness for pontoon boats up to 28'.  Our universal pontoon boat wiring harness plugs directly into our switch panel or your existing electrical accessories.  Wire runs are correctly gauged to the usual amp draw for each pontoon boat accessory and master circuit protection is included for the entire electrical system. 

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Fused circuit breaker to help prevent overload and fire.  Easy hook ups built into harness.  

  • Red & Green navigation lights

  • Stern light

  • Docking lights

  • Horn

  • Live-well

  • Additional accessory

Simplify and upgrade your pontoon boat electrical system with our pontoon boat wiring harness. Complete your upgrade with our "quick connect" switch panel.

  • Purchase our pontoon switch panel and plug it directly into our harness to quickly upgrade and replace your accessories and light switches.  
  • Universal adapter plug comes with each harness which allows you to wire it directly to your existing system.
  • We've taken the work and confusion out of wiring your pontoon boat.  Simply plug in the new harness and your done.
  • Tinned copper wiring for superior corrosion resistance, multi-strand boat wire is extremely flexible to aid during installation.


Ask a Question
  • I have an old pontoon with no lights and just an Ignition with Choke. Will your harness run my Ignition and electric choke?

    Unfortunately, A ignition switch and choke are motor specific. Our wiring harness is used to  and tie in the below items in conjuction with a switch panel.

  • If I order this wire harness, the small switch panel and the instrument panel with the Tachometer, and volt meter will they all plug in together?

    Yes! This Pontoon Boat Wiring Harness is plug and play with all of our products. Should allow for easy installation

  • What is/are the wire size(s) for this wiring harness?

    Our Pontoon Boat Wiring Harness use 12, 14 and 16 AWG sized wires.

  • Is the only wiring harness I need for 2001 suntracker. Will this also be used for ignition to star the motor

    Here is a list of the things that the Pontoon Boat Wiring Harness will hook up easily to.  Red & Green navigation lights Stern light Docking lights Horn Live-well Additional accessory

  • Would this wiring harness work for a 2005 Bennington Sedona? Thank you!

    Yes this pontoon wiring harness would work with your pontoon boat.

  • Does this wiring harness also work with the "deluxe Switch panel" which has the additional accessory switches, socket and USB port?

    Yes, This pontoon wiring harness will plug in and work directly with the deluxe switch panel.

  • Will this harness work with a helm located in the bow of the boat? My boat is 24' long and helm is 3' from the bow.

    Yes, this pontoon wiring harness should work with your helm being located in the back of your pontoon boat. This harness is designed for pontoon boast up to 28' in length, you should have enough wiring to reach all of the components on your pontoon boat.

  • I bought your harness and switch panel I plugged the harness into the switches but I have two other plugs that go together why do I need them and do you have a schematic for this harness

    If you email us at Support@pontoonstuff.com. We will be able to help you further with these. 

  • do I still need to use a fuse box with this wiring harness

    Fuses are built into this wiring harness. You should be able to plug and play with this style.

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