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Note: pontoon boat seats must be supported against railing.

Classic Pontoon Boat Seats

  • Classic pontoon furniture uses superior quality materials in a more affordable style.  
  • Our pontoon seats will last! The quality of your vinyl and foam won't matter if your seams tear or rot that's why we only use the best UV and mildew treated polyester thread.
  • 30 oz marine grade seat vinyl is coated and treated to exceed industry standards for UV and mildew resistance.
  • Each foam pontoon boat seat cushion is built with a mix of soft & dense foam to give you support and comfort where it matters most.
  • Seat bases with molded drain channels increase the life of your pontoon flooring by allowing water to escape your deck instead of being trapped and left to soak into your carpet and decking.
  • No wood! Enclosed plastic seat bases for storage and high impact plastic seat cushion frames will never rot or break. DeckMate® pontoon furniture has a lifetime warranty on all frame parts.

Pontoon Boat Seat Dimensions:

  • 90" minimum needed across rear for pontoon boat seats
  • 73" minimum needed to install pontoon seats in front
  • (2) 38" pontoon boat seats
  • (1) Swingback pontoon boat seat
  • (1) Pontoon bucket seat with pedestal
  • (1) Pontoon boat steering console (Click Here To See)
  • (2) 28" pontoon boat seats
  • (2) 28" pontoon boat corner seats with cup holders
  • (1) Left side pontoon boat lean back seat with cup holders
  • (1) Right side pontoon boat lean back seat with cup holders
  • (1) Left side pontoon boat seat arm with cup holders
  • (1) Right side pontoon boat seat arms with cup holders
  • Mounting hardware is included to secure each pontoon boat seat base to the deck of your pontoon boat

Our History

PontoonStuff® was founded on the idea that rebuilding a pontoon boat should be affordable and that you shouldn't need a payment to get that new boat feeling. With factory-grade pontoon furniture, flooring, and parts, we make it affordable to have a great-looking pontoon boat again!

Here are some quick facts about us:

  • We've been in business since 2005, and have helped over 200,000 customers fix up their pontoons. We sell to an average of 35,000 new customers per year.
  • We sell more replacement pontoon boat seats than all other marine retailers combined, and focus on offering everything you need for your pontoon restoration.
  • Designing, building, and selling our pontoon boat seats directly gives us a big advantage: We can invest more in quality because we control the entire process. 
  • All products are stocked and shipped from our facilities in Elkhart, IN and Dalton, GA.

Before building our own DeckMate brand of pontoon furniture in 2012, we sold nearly every brand of replacement pontoon seating, so we understand what makes a high-quality seat. Because of our experience with other seat brands, we knew where to focus our efforts in order to offer superior quality pontoon boat seats.

PontoonStuff® Quality Promise 

Our success is tied directly to our ability to provide you with quality products and the best customer service. Quality and excellent service are our top priority!

  • Industry leading warranty - 6 year full replacement on any defective pontoon furniture. No other pontoon boat seat manufacturer offers this level of service because no other manufacturer uses the same quality of materials.
  • If your pontoon boat furniture arrives with any defects or quality issues, we will pay to return and replace your pontoon boat seats immediately.
  • We pay all costs associated with any damaged or defective seating. There is never any cost to you.
  • 100% transferable warranty - if you sell your pontoon boat, the buyer is covered. If you're a second owner, just provide us with the original owner's name or order number.

You're making a big investment with your time and money when you choose to restore a pontoon boat. Making sure all of our customers know we will support them after the sale is important to us. We will take care of any problems you have quickly and at no cost to you, as we personally warranty everything we sell.

* For more information about our warranty, please click here or call (877) 295-9522.

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These pontoon boat seats make up our Classic CG1840 pontoon furniture set.
2 - 38" Pontoon boat seats
1 - Swingback pontoon boat seat
2 - 28" pontoon boat bench seats
2 - 28" pontoon boat corner seats with cup holders
1 - Pontoon bucket seat with pedestal
1 - NEW STYLE Pontoon boat steering console (Click Here To See)
1 - Left side pontoon boat seat arm with cup holders
1 - Right side pontoon boat seat arm with cup holders
1 - Left side pontoon boat lean back with cup holders
1 - Right side pontoon boat lean back with cup holders

38" Pontoon Bench Seat Parts

38" Pontoon Seat Bench Line Drawing

1 – Insert stud bolts (E) into the T-Nuts located in the black plastic bar on the bottom of the Back Rest Cushion.

2 – Place the Back Rest within the designated spaces and secure and tighten the 1” Washers © with the Wing Nuts (B) from the inside of the base.

3 – Align hinges attached to the Seat Cushion with the inserts located on the front of the base.

4 – Secure the Seat Cushion to the base with the 1/2” Bolts (D) (You can adjust the hinges left and right, up and down, to get the best fit.)

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Ask a Question
  • Can you make the seats in bottomland Camo in a kit? Also wanting new fence metal in bottomland also my boat is a old 28’

    Unfortuntaely, we do not make custom colors of our Pontoon Boat Seats. 

  • i have a 20' palm beach and am considering replacing all seats. please advise what you recommend?

    We would reccommend measuring your pontoon so that we can assist you with more accuracy. I will attach a link that will help you with measuring your Pontoon Boat. https://www.pontoonstuff.com/pages/replacement-pontoon-boat-seats

  • Greetings. I am contemplating putting pontoon boat furniture on the top deck of my home. Have you ever seen or heard of someone doing this? I am also looking to put pontoon rails with glass inserts to extend the rail up to 42" Have you seen anyone do this as well? Thanks for your help.

    Wow! This sounds like a great idea and project. We have had customers use our seats in diffrent ways but never in the manner you are explaining, but that does not mean it will not work. As long as the backs of the seats are supported by rail these seats will work great for you. Please send us picutres of the final project. We like to see people's creativity at work! 

  • Can I buy seats only without the boxes? I have fiberglass storage seat boxes that are just fine.

    Unfortunately we do not offer just our pontoon seat cushions. The reason is they are designed to fit our bases only and the way they attach and the size of them makes it impossible for the seats to mount on furniture made by another manufacturer. The back rest cushions have an attachement design on the bottom that mates into our plastic seat bases. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • How tall are the backs of the boat seats?

    When the pontoon boat seats are fully assembled the top of the back rest is 29 1/2" inches tall including the base. The back pontoon seat cushion is 17 1/2" tall. 

  • How tall are the boat seat backs?

    When the pontoon boat seats are fully assembled the top of the back rest is 29 1/2 inches tall including the base. The back pontoon seat cushion is 17 1/2 tall. 

  • You show some colors in pictures that don't seem to be offered in ready made furniture. Can you order custom made pieces?

    Unfortunately we do not offer custom made pontoon seats. Which colors are you referring too? Thank you for the opportunity.

  • dont need stering console. can i still buy

    Yes absolutely. You can give us a call and reference this pontoon furniture kit and our customer service team can remove the pontoon console for you and get you the correct price. Or you could use our Deck Designer software tool to create the interior with the console and check out. Thank you for the opportunity!


  • How long will it take to receive seats when ordered

    Depending on where they are being sent will give you a different estimate for arrival. We ship out orders the same day if you order them before 4pm EST. 

  • Are the bases included in the price?

    yes, all of our pontoon seats come with the plastic base.

  • I own a 21 foot Avalon pontoon boat and would like to replace seating , I do not need the steering console. please advise on options available. Thank you

    Please take a look at our guide on how to measure seats as a first step.  After that please check out our PontoonStuff Drag and Drop Designer. It will allow you to input your dimensions and see what seating options would work for your application.

  • Do these mount to the deck as well as being supposed by the rails?

    These seats to do not need to be mounted to the railing. They however do use the railing as support. You will also mount the plastic bases to deck of the Pontoon. 

  • I have a 2010 Sun Chaser 16 foot I just need the rear back seat back which is approx 80” do you sell that? The reason is the birds ate the top pulled all the foam out of just the top part but need to replace.

    We do not carry specific make and model boat seats. We only carry the seats that we make. These are universal and will work if you have the available space that matches. 

  • can I get seats without the driver seat and console?

    Yes, you will need to add everything to your cart individually. Since we do not price break our groupings, you will not be missing out on any deals.

  • https://www.jcpontoon.com/pontoon-boats/neptoon/floorplans.html I have the NepToon 25LG, what do you recommend. The link above will show you the different floor plans. Mine is the NepToon 25LG

    We would need the measurements from this link that I am going to attach to find the best seats for you. https://www.pontoonstuff.com/pages/replacement-pontoon-boat-seats

  • Would it be possible to recover existing seats from a Princecraft deck boat?

    You should be able to recove those seats. Unfortuantely, we are not familiar with that make or model of Deck Boat and we do offer that service. We do however offer Seat Vinyl that can be purchased to have someone reupholter your funriture. 

  • What is measurement D?

    Measurement D is for the raidus of the seats. Sometimes they will have different curves and that is what the measurement is for. 

  • I'm looking for all new seats. Can you build seats to replace all the seats on a 2004 Playbuoy Tropic Elite 20 foot pontoon boat?

    We will need your measurements from your Pontoon before we can find what seats will work for you. Please follow this link (https://www.pontoonstuff.com/pages/replacement-pontoon-boat-seats) and email us at Support@pontoonstuff.com

  • Can you provide a customized seating plan for our g3 suntracker pontoon boat? For instance, it looks like side seats are too long and will hit our side doors and the back seat has to be shorter across for the portapotty and then go around the corner (although that is not critical)

    You will need to send us the measurements of the boat. Please follow these instructions and give us the information so we can further assist you. 

  • I like your design and quality. What pontoon boat makers use your products. Looking to buy pontoon boat soon. Thanks

    Unfortunately, no pontoon boat makers use our products. Our website is the only place you can find them!

  • What is the total weight of all pieces in photo?

    This packageg weighs approximately, 520 lbs for all the cushions, console, arms and plastic bases. 

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