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Easy to mount horn will make your pontoon boat heard on the water.

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Mini compact electric horn with sealed sound unit and 304 stainless steel cover, diaphragm and mounting bracket.

  • Dimensions: 3" L x 3.25" W x 1.75" H
  • Maximum amp draw: 3 amps, 12 volt
  • dB(A) rating: 106 at one meter
  • Fundamental frequency: 440+_20Hz


Ask a Question
  • What does this sound like?

    If you visit this page and scroll down to the 10th electric horn on the list you can hear the actual sound. This horn has been used on pontoon boats forever so it's a very common sounding horn. Nice short blast.


  • How does this hook up? Does it come with any wires or connectors?

    The Electric Pontoon Boat Horn will come with attached wires that needs to be connected to a power source. 

  • Is this horn supposed to be mounted under the deck or where is the best place to mount it?

    The pontoon horn can be mounted under the deck or inside the pontoon console.

  • Will this horn fit on a 07 G3 Pontoon boat

    Yes this pontoon horn will fit your pontoon boat. It will not be an exact replacmeent but will work with your boat.

  • Does this work with the wiring harness?

    This pontoon boat horn will work with our pontoon wiring harness. 

  • how far apart are the mounting screw holes?

    The Holes are 3" apart from each other. 

  • Reading that it should be mounted under the deck, can this get wet?

    Yes, this Electric Pontoon Boat Horn can be wet. It is designed to work in marine enviornments. 

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