Premium Reclining Pontoon Captain's Chair

Color: Gray
Optional Pedestal: No Pedestal Included
Ready to ship!
Ready to ship!
Pedestal Currently Unavailable
Pedestal Currently Unavailable
Currently unavailable
Currently unavailable
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  • Do the arms on the Captains seat move up and down if need be?

    Yes. These arm rests move with the recliner. They do not stay in position when reclining. 

  • Does this captains chair come with the pedestal

    No. You will need to purchase an Adjustable Seat Pedestal separately, from the Reclining Captains Chair. 

  • Just wanted to verify if this chair is available in white.

    This Reclining Pontoon Captains Seat is available in white.

  • How far back does this chair recline back.

    This Reclining Pontoon Captains Seat reclines at a 45 degree angle. If more information is needed please email us at

  • How wide are the seats out side arm rest to out side arm rest Iam trying to put them side by side 4 wide in pontoon!

    From outside arm rest to out side arm rest the Reclining captains Chair measures to be 27". 

  • Could you give me this measurement? Width - outside to outside including armrests Thanks

    Our Reclining Pontoon Captains Seat measures 26" from armrest to armrest. This is also the widest point of the Seat as well. 

  • When I order this chair what size pedestal hardware do I need to order . there is nothing there now starting from scratch.

    You will need 1/4" #20 Bolts or Screws. There are 6 holes on the base of the Pedestal that will mount to the Deck of your Pontoon Boat. 

  • Do you have a cover available for this captain's chair?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer Pontoon Seat Covers for our seats at this moment. 

  • I am building a street legal sand rail, I want reclining comfortable seats that are water proof , would these work good for that and if so where can I see one in person, I live in Florida

    This Reclining Pontoon Captaions Seat should work just fine. We are located in Elkhart, Indiana. open from 8am-5pm EST. 

  • is ivory close in color to bennington biege

    Our ivory is an off white. Without comparing samples, we wouldn't be able to give you an accurate answer. You can request samples at this link:

  • Do the arms flip all the way up to a 12 o'clock position for driving on the captains chair

    Yes. These arms on the Reclining Pontoon Captains Seat will stay locked in position with the back rest. You can fold them up so that they are in the "12' O'clock" position. 

  • do the arms on the reclining pontoon captain's seat raise and lower or are they fixed in position?

    The arms of the Reclining Pontoon Captains Seat are in a fixed position. They can be raised so that they are not in the way while driving.

  • Is this chair available in white?

    Unfortunately, it is not currently available in White. I would reccommend checking back with our website for any updates. You can also check with us at

  • Hi, I would like to add two of the above captains chairs in the back of my 2015 Misty Harbor 245CU. They would be installed in back of my helm seat. Can you tell me if the two seats would fit? Thanks,

    It all depends on the measurments of the space you have availableon your Pontoon Boat.  These are designed to be placed on a pedestal and should fit almost all Pontoons out there. I fyou call us with your measurements, or look at the dimensions we have listed and compare them to your Potoon. If you have any questions give us a call. 

  • I want to replace my beat up captain chair with this seat. Can this seat be installed on the existing pedestal without modification? I have a 2011 godfrey party craft 2086. Thanks

    Our Reclining Pontoon Captains Seat has a 4 bolt square design. This is a standard pedestal set up for your Pontoon Boat. 

  • I just purchased some of your white and blue seats to redo our pontoon and love how they look in our pontoon. I need to order a captains chair now and don't really care too much for the flip flop style. I really like this captains chair with the arm rests however I don't see an option for white to match the furniture I just installed. I see a picture of the white on your website but the drop down only lists an option for Gray and Ivory.

    Thank you. We have just listed the reclining pontoon chair as an option again. The white is now avaliable. 

  • Does this captain’s chair come in TAN?

    No. The Reclining Pontoon Captains Seat only comes in Gray and Ivory.

  • Hello, I am looking for 2 seats type of SKU: RCL-Gray. I need vinil, main color - light gray and inserts dark gray. Can you produce this?

    No. We do not offer custom color Pontoon Seats. We only offer the colors that are listed on our website. 

  • Does the captains chair swivel?

    Depending on the Pedestal that you place the Reclining Captains Chair, then yes it will. All of our Pontoon Seat Pedestals swivel. 

  • The seat width is 19”., but what is the width across with the arm rests down?

    The Arm Rests of the Reclining Pontoon Captains Seat measure from outside to outside at 27".

  • Does your pedestal swivel?

    Our adjustable sliding pedestal does swivel.

  • Does the chair have the mechanism on the bottom to mount on an existing pole from the previous pedestal? Is there a picture of the bottom of the chair? Are pedestals pretty generic?

    This seat uses a 5x12" pedestal mount and it requires this mount:

  • dose this seat come in a cream color?

    We do offer the reclining captains chair in an ivory color that is close to a cream color.

  • How do you keep the seat from sliding off the bracket. I didn’t see any stops

    The seat when attached to our adjustable sliding pedestal it is locked in place so the chair cannot move.

  • Can I get a sample of the RCL-White captain chair?

    You can- All of our seat samples are available right here:

  • Can I get a foot rest with this?

    We do not have a matching foot rest available at this time for our reclining pontoon captains chair.

  • Wat colors do u offer does it come in a tan

    The reclining pontoons captain chair is currently offered in three colors - White, Gray and Ivory. If you're looking for a tan style seat our ivory would be the closest color match.

  • Will this bolt up to a standard boat seat swivel?

    The Reclining Pontoon Captains chair requires a 5" x 12" mounting pattern pedestal. You may find ours here: Adjustable pedestal w/ seat slider
    It will not work with a standard boat seat swivel.

  • With chair in upright position can you raise armrest up?

    You can raise both arms up with the pontoon captains chair while it is in the upright position

  • Will this seat mount on a standard boat seat pedestal with a slider?

    As long as your pedestal is a 5 x 7 mounting platform then yes it will work with our Reclining Pontoon Captains Chair.

  • Is it possible to get a sample of color and fabric?

    Yes you are able to get samples of vinyl of the Reclining Pontoon Captains Chair 
    You may find them here.

  • Do the armrests move? If the seat is in the upright position can I move one or both up?

    The armrests do move on the reclining captains chair.   When the seat is upright you are able to move both of them independently.  ​    

  • what is the weight of the captains chair

    The weight of the reclining pontoon captains chair is 50lbs

  • Does this pedestal swivel

    Yes, If you include the seat pedestal option with this pontoon captains seat it will swivel.

  • does the pedestal come with floor mount

    If you select the option for the pedestal it will come with a full slider pedestal including the floor mount. 

  • Why does the reclining captains chair require a sliding pedestal?

    Due to the size of this pontoon reclining chair it requires a slider pedestal to ensure that the pedestal is strong enough to accomdate this chair. 

  • Does the underside base of the chair accept a standard 5" x 12" sliding plate on a pedestal base (already on Bennington pontoon)? Thank you.

    Yes this pontoon captain's chair is designed to accept a standard 5" x 12" slider pedestal. 

  • Will the BS-301 and RCL- Ivory fit a 5 x 12 bolt pattern?

    The BS-301 fits a 5" x 5" design. The RCL fits a 5" x 12"

  • I have a swivel-eze adjustable pedestal. Will this work on your captains chair

    as long as the measurements for the mounting plate going on to the bottom of the seat are 5" x 12" then you should be just fine. 

  • Do the arms of the captain's chair raise independantly of each other?

    Yes. These arm rests can be lifted but they do stay at the angle of the Chair and move with it. 

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