20' - 22' Gray Pontoon Boat Covers

Pontoon Boat Covers


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In stock. Pontoon covers for 19' to 22' pontoons, fits 8' W & 8-1/2' W pontoon boats.

Strong 600 denier gray polyester pontoon boat covers for pontoon storage.

We offer pontoon covers at a value price to help protect your furniture. By offering you an affordable price on a very high quality pontoon boat cover we can help increase the life of your pontoon furniture.  It is in our best interest to help you protect your new seats.

  • 3 year full replacement warranty on pontoon covers.
  • 600 denier polyester pontoon boat covers are strong enough for travel.
  • 100% polyester marine fabric is mineral dyed and will not fade or stain.
  • 2-3x stronger than competitively priced pontoon covers. 
  • Use these pontoon covers for indoor storage and travel.

Pontoon Cover Features

  • Loads of tie-down loops for secure highway trailering.
  • Heavy duty sewn-in bungee cord secures cover under your deck.
  • Plenty of straps to secure your pontoon cover when trailering.
  • PU coated polyester fabric is water resistant.


      Ask a Question
      • Does the cover have groments in middle for pole holders,?

        No, this Pontoon Boat Cover is solid all the way across. Since it universal, adding these places for Pole holders would need to be special ordered.  

      • My pontoon has a fold-down bimini top. How does a cover fit around where the awning is connected to the boat????

        Yes, This Pontoon Boat Cover will fit over your Bimini Top. I would use caution when doing so with the brackets up. This will cause damage to the Pontoon Cover. 

      • I have a hard top for my pontoon that I put down on rails for winter. It is a 20' boat. Will this work on my boat and what size would you recommend.

        We believe that you should be able to make the 20'-22' Pontoon Boat Cover work. It should be able to go over the Hard Top that you have when it is fully down. 

      • I have a 20' Sylvan. Is the perimeter bungee cord fully enclosed in the hem? Or do you have to tie it together in the rear. We use the boat year round and it would be great if I could secure the cover without getting in the water to tie off straps. I use poles to "tent" the cover. So real question is how snug a fit can I expect?

        The Pontoon Boat Cover has a Shock Cord sewn into the Cover. It also has straps sewn on the cover for extra security. It will fit pretty  snug when the cover is on. We always suggest using a Cover Support System. This will increase the longevity of the Cover. 

      • Will this cover the the outboard motor? SWEETWATER 2086 (11-16)

        No. These are only designed to fit the "Play-Pen" area of your Pontoon Boat. You would need an additional cover for the outboard motor.

      • I have a 1995 TMC 22 Jumbo. Will your 20-22ft cover accommodate this model? Thank you.

        We are not boat specific. All of our Pontoon Boat Covers are universal. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with that model of Pontoon Boat. We recommend taking measurements ane comparing them to ours.

      • where do pontoon boat covers ship from

        The Pontoon Boat Covers Ship from our Warehouse in Elkhart Indiana. 

      • I live in east central florida where the sun is iincredibly damaging to seats and flooring. I need to use this cover as a mooring cover to put on and take off as I come and go with the boat, everytime. I am sure I can make this work for me but, I will be catching it under an upper portion of sun seat at the stern to the bottom of the railing at the deck at the bow. I have 21' 6" railing to railing, my boat is 24' x 8'6", will the "20'-22' " work or will I need the larger one? I am trying to avoid excess material. Thank you.

        This pontoon cover will work perfect for your needs. The pontoon cover will be big enough to cover your rails completely but due to the length of your pontoon boat  I would recommened going with the larger cover for 24-26 foot pontoon boats. 

      • I have a 20 foot pontoon with dual bimini tops that lean back. Will this cover the whole boat or should I order a larger cover to compensate for the Bimini tops?

        As long as you are able to lay the pontoon bimini tops on the rail of your pontoon boat this cover will work for you. 

      • The pontoons on my boat are 24 feet long and stick out over the deck of the boat in the back and front. The deck is 20 feet long and 8 feet wide. What size cover should I purchase?

        I would recommened 20-22 foot cover. You want to make sure your carpet and furntire are covered securly rather then the pontoons themself. 

      • Do you have pole holders that can be used with this cover? It will help with holding my lift polls in place and keep the rain water from pooling on top of the cover.

        No i'm sorry we do not carry those at this time. 

      • I have a 2001 Smoker Craft 20ft-2inch pontoon boat. It is an 820 Sun Sport model. Will the 20-22 boat cover work for me while my boat is in the hoist? Thanks

        Yes our 20-22' pontoon boat cover will fit your pontoon boat just fine.

      • Does this cover have enough room to use adjustable cover support poles down the center of the boat? thanks Grant

        Yes absolutely and we highly recommend supporting your pontoon cover this way. 

      • Can these be used as a mooring cover? Does it repel the rain?

        It will defintely repel the rain! However, if water sits pooled on the cover for very long periods of time you'll get some bleed through... the cover is designed to breath so while it is completey water repelent it's not competely water proof. You can use it as a mooring cover but it won't be as easy as a real snap on custom fit mooring cover. I'd say half our business for covers is for customers who use it that way. Its a lot of fabric to be moving around the boat and trying to get it in place when the boat is next to the dock but people do it all the time. It's designed to snug up under the deck with a heavy duty bungee cord sewn in the hem. Most people just fit it over the railing and drop it down to the top of the deck, too hard to get under the deck in most cases...

        Short answer it will work as a mooring cover and it is very high quaility and will repel rain without a problem!

      • I have a 20'w Barletta. I need a cover that will cover the entire boat/swim deck and motor. Will the 22' cover do that?

        These covers run large and will fit your boat with no problem!

      • I have a 1998 20ft sweetwater Godfrey 50th anniversary, I bought the 20' to 22' grey cover and it is to big, it does Not fit tight at all

        You will want to make sure you measure the length of your pontoon deck for your cover. Many customers will go off the length of the boat the manufacturer advertises. For example a boat company may say you have a 20' boat. This is because the tubes are 20' long and your fencing may only be 18' feet. So you may need a smaller cover.

      • Do you sell the Cover Support System?

        At this time we do not sell the cover support system but we will be carrying it in the near future.

      • Do you sell the cover support system?

        Unfortunately we do not sell a cover support system. You will have to search online for an aftermarket kit.

      • I have a 22' Voyager tritoon, the logs are larger than a standard pontoon. Will this affect the fit of the cover? Beam is 8' 6". Looking at the grey 20 - 22" cover.

        The Pontoon Boat Cover is made to only fit over your Pontoon Deck and the actual Pontoon size should not make a difference. 
        The Pontoon Boat Cover you have chosen should work for your application.

      • What are the differences between the regular and the premium covers?

        Our premium pontoon covers have more color options and carry a 4 year warranty.

      • How well does the cover shade rain water when in storage?

        This Cover will keep sun out as well as being water resistant. We do recommend using a Cover Support System with this Pontoon Cover. 


        Yes. These Pontoon Boat Covers are designed to fit over 8 feet and 8.5 feet widths. 

      • Will this cover a 21' SunTracker Pontoon Boat (rail to rail is 21' and width rail to rail is 8'). How far down from the top of the rail will the cover reach on each side and are there hooks for attaching bungie cords from the cover to the lower trim just above the pontoons to fasten the cover to withstand winds? Also, is there enough leeway to create a tent effect under the cover so snow will not accumulate and cause the top to break?

        This Cover is designed to go down and around the deck. It uses a shock cord that is sewn into the fabric. It will come with straps that are used for trailering and will help withstand winds. If you are using it for an outside cover, there will be enough room for a Cover Support System. 

      • How much does the 20' to 22' pontoon cover weigh?

        This Pontoon Cover weighs roughly 25 lbs. 

      • How much does the 20'-22' pontoon cover weigh?

        This Pontoon Cover weighs roughly 25lbs.

      • I have a 24’ pontoon boat but the Deck is 22 feet long will this work for my boat

        Yes, this pontoon cover will work out just fine for you. 

      • I leave my 20 ft boat in the water all year. If I add a center support higher that the side to have rain water and snow roll off. would this cover work as a winter storage cover.

        Yes. As long as you add the Cover Support System to this you will not have problems. 

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