10' Electric Power Pontoon Tops W/ Remote Control (Fits 8' or 8-1/2' W Pontoons)

Pontoon Boat Bimini Tops

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Electric powered pontoon boat top.

Open and close your pontoon boat top with a push of a button.

Bimini top package includes 1-1/4" framework w/ PWR-ARM patented actuators, mounting hardware, wiring, zip on premium solution dyed polyester fabric and storage boot.

Key Features

  • Remote control to put your pontoon bimini top down or up from anywhere. 
  • Zippered pockets allow you to quickly install your pontoon boat canopy top fabric.
  • Completely self supporting bimini top with no front or rear supports needed.


  • Framework is designed to fit 8' or 8-1/2' wide pontoon boats.
  • This pontoon boat top opens up to cover a 10' area on your pontoon boat.
  • Standing height in center of open canopy top is approximately 75".

Questions & Answers

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  • What size railing width's will this work on ? My railing is 1 1/4" and just want to make sure it will fit . Does this also come without the remote control option , with just a helm switch ?

    This Bimini works with 1 1/4" railings. It comes with a remote contol option. 

  • I just purchased and had installed this top, love it..Works like a charm, and makes life easier for us.Thank you for that! I did not receive a remote with this,is that an add on option? And will you eventually be selling replacement tops?

    hello! We apologize for that! Did you happen to email our Support@pontoonstuff.com? 

  • Hi, I have a 2016 Hurricane FD226F, deck boat, will this top work for me?

    You would need to compare your measurements to our measurements to determine if they will fit your Boat. 

  • Does this come in maroon color

    No, we only have th colors that are listed on our website. 

  • Hello fits this top on a Starcraft 191 cruiser, and can I order from Europe the Netherlands? what are the shipping cost?the wide of the boat is 8,2 inch/ 210 cm wide thanks a lot Paul bartels

    Unfortunately, we do not ship outside of the 48 connected United States. But, if you have a US address we can ship it there. 

  • How is your longest top

    Our longest Top is 10 feet long. 

  • We recently purchased top that shipped with the short 1-1/4” support rest legs. Top works great with exception of when we have boat cover on and cover support post up. Do you offer longer support rest legs, ie., 36” for the power arm frame?

    Unfortuantely, we do not carry any different sizes of support rest legs. 

  • Can I put my existing canopy on the frame? I have a 2018 Berkshire

    Unfortunately, no. These come with the canopy already. Normally those are made to fit. 

  • Says a 10 ft. Electric pontoon top. Do you have smaller sizes that are electric?

    No this is the only size Electric Pontoon Bimini that we offer.

  • When the top is fully up and open are the actuators pretty much in the center of the 10 ft.. coverage area?

    Yes. These actuators are located in the center of the Pontoon Frame

  • Have not seen anywhere on how to route wires from actuator on opposite side of helm over to switch. Please advise?

    I do apologize, but that would be customer preference. We do not have any specific way of wiring this Electric Power Pontoon Top

  • Can this top be mounted on front of pontoon "backwards"?

    Yes, you could mount the electric pontoon boat bimini top on the front of the pontoon boat. You'll just need to make sure you have a long wiring to power it but the mounting location won't matter.

  • I understand this is an electric bimini. What if there is an mechanical or electrical failure. Can you raise or lower it manually?

    No, if there is a failure the entire frame will be locked in that position. However, you could unbolt the frame arms and take it off very easily until we were able to replace the mechnism for you. 

  • You list gray as an option but the manufacture does not. Please advise.

    Yes we do offer a gray fabric top and boot for the electric pontoon bimini top. We purchase this directly from the manufacturer.

  • Does this come with a "cut out" for your Stern Light?

    Yes, This top does come with a cut out for the stern light in both the canvas top and boot. 

  • Will our existing boot still fit this product? We like having our boat name/logo on the boot.

    Your existing boot might work for this pontoon power top. Not knowing the exact measurements of your current frame and placement of your stern light it is hard to say for sure. I would recommened only trailering your pontoon power bimini with the boot that comes with the pontoon power top. 

  • Does it come with a navigational pole and light?

    I'm sorry but the pontoon navigation light and pole are not included with this top. I have included a link to our pontoon stern light below. 

    Pontoon Stern Light

  • Are there any speed restrictions while having the Power Bimini up!???

    Yes, it is not recommened to exceed 25 MPH with out having the boot properly installed on the bimini frame. 

  • Hello, iam looking to buy the electric bimini top, But can i get it in burgundy??? Let me know please.Thank you. .

    Yes, we do offer the electric bimini top in Burgundy. You simply need to just select that color option on the drop down menu. 

  • Does this pwr-arm electric bimini top come with a helm mounted switch? I would rather not have to worry about losing a remote or dropping it in the water.

    Yes, This electrical power bimini also comes with a helm mounted switch. I completely understand about not wanting to worry about the remote. If you do not want the remote at all feel free to call or email us at Support@pontoonstuff.com and we can lower the price and not include the remote for you. 

  • I don't know alot about the fabric you offer but can it be purchased with sunbrella?

    No, we do not offer the 10' Electric Power Pontoon Tops with Sunbrella. Ours is a Heavy Duty Fabric. 

  • 01x Complete PWR-ARM System - Standard Colour: Green If you could enquire on the weight and packing dimensions please. I am sure the whole thing joins in the middle so should only really be a few lengths rather than a large bow of metal.

    Our dimensions for the Electric Power Pontoon Top are 74" x 17"x 10" and is 52 pounds. 

  • What is the height of the top when fully up? If it is placed on the ground. I would like to determine what my height would be when I include the height of my rail.

    The overall height of the Pontoon Bimini Top is approximately, 54" Inches tall (without adding the fecing height). 

  • My rail is 1.125 width and 93” between rails on outside. Would this awning work for me?

    Unfortunately, since it does not meet the width requirements, We cannot recommend purchasing this Pontoon Bimini Top. 

  • can I get it with the rails white to match the rest of my pontoon rails? and can I get the canvas in yellow with a grey stripe?

    No. Unfortunately, the only color that we have available is the gray. The Power Pontoon Bimini Top Fabric only comes in the color available in the drop down menu. 

  • I have a 2004 Playbuoy pontoon. I know the top will work but I'm wondering how the current boat cover will work around the mounting points of this unit. I wouln't want the boat cover to be flapping in the wind if enough buttons wern't able to be fastened.

    If you watch the video on the item page of the Electric Power Pontoon Top, it should show you how the top is mounted to the railing or frame.

  • Can the canvas top be replaced?

    Unfortunately, we only offer these as a set. You would need to purchase the Bimini Top Frame as well as Canvas. 

  • Can you get it frame only

    Unfortunately, we cannot sell these separate from the Bimini Top. They come pre packaged to us. 

5 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
Mark C. from California on Sep 29, 2016
Ordered this powered top hoping to replace my old manual top, getting older and it was a handful to get up and down by myself. After I removed the old one the new powered top went on without a hitch. It works perfectly. What a pleasure to use. I'm very happy with it!!! Just don't know why it took me so long to get it.
Amie Grannan from United States on Aug 17, 2015
We installed our new Schwintek PWR-ARM II on our 21 ft. Lowe pontoon boat this last Saturday. It was not necessarily easy installation because we chose to run all wiring through the boat rails. We spent approximately 3 1/2 hours putting together and assembling the bimini. We tried it out Saturday afternoon/evening and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! It is very well made. It is very heavy duty, sturdy construction. After pricing from our boat dealer to replace with OEM bimini (frame only) at almost $1600.00 we decided this may be a much better option. We are very glad we purchased, and at a GREAT price. The instructional video was a great help...much better than just the paper instructions. We will definitely recommend!! Oh, and our friends were very impressed with the power up/down and remote features of the bimini.
Very Happy Customers
Rick Brown from St. Louis on Jun 28, 2012
This is one option for your Pontoon that you don't want to be without. Very easy to install and works great. No more hassles putting the top up and taking it down. No messing with poles to hold it up or getting in the way. Just remove the boot, hit the button and it's up. Highly recommend..

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