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Classic Styling With Superior Quality. (3-Year Full Replacement Seat Warranty)

Pontoon Boat Seat Dimensions.

  • 31" overall length of pontoon flip flop seat.
  • 33" overall height from deck to top of pontoon seat back rest.
  • 23" overall depth of pontoon boat seat from front of seat cushion.
  • 19" height of seat cushion from deck.
  • Drain plug molded into base to easy empty water.
  • Molded drain channels under pontoon seat base removes water from deck.
  • We cut out the middle man! Because we design, build and sell our pontoon boat seats directly, we can offer you the best prices on the highest quality pontoon furniture.

Classic Pontoon Boat Seats.

  • Classic pontoon furniture uses superior quality materials in a more affordable style.
  • Our pontoon seats will last! The quality of your vinyl and foam won't matter if your seams tear or rot that's why we only use the best UV and mildew treated polyester thread.
  • 30 oz marine grade seat vinyl is coated and treated to exceed industry standards for UV and mildew resistance.
  • Each foam pontoon boat seat cushion is built with a mix of soft & dense foam to give you support and comfort where it matters most.
  • Seat bases with molded drain channels increase the life of your pontoon flooring by allowing water to escape your deck instead of being trapped and left to soak into your carpet and decking.
  • No wood! Enclosed plastic seat bases for storage and high impact plastic seat cushion frames will never rot or break. DeckMate® pontoon furniture has a lifetime warranty on all frame parts.

PontoonStuff® Quality Promise

Our success is tied directly to our ability to provide good customer service. If your pontoon boat furniture arrives with any defects or quality issues we will pay to return and replace your seating immediately. Simply contact us and we will take care of everything. 

  • Industry leading warranty - 3 year full replacement of any defective pontoon furniture.
  • We pay all shipping costs associated with any defects or warranty, no cost to you.
  • 100% transferable warranty - if you sell your boat the buyer is covered, just provide us with an original order number.

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • I have one of your flip flop seat and the back rest go ripped can i buy a replacement back

    We will send you a replacement seat backrest at no charge. Please contact us at support@pontoonstuff.com and include an image. In your email state that James Myers said you would replace at no charge. We will get you a new one shipped Tuesday. Thank you for you business! 

  • What is the best way to mount your flip flop seat ?

    Our flip flop seats have mounting holes on the exterior part of the base under the aluminum poles that support the back rest. You can simply screw or bolt the base down to your pontoon boat's deck this way.

  • The seat does not work in our boat will I be able to get my money back.

    Yes absolutely. Please call us or send us an email with your order number and we will issue you a full refund and return the seat, if possible, at no charge to you.   Please let any of my customer service team know that James Myers approved this refund.

  • is that a cooler under the seat? how good does it hold ice.

    It's not insulated so it's not a real cooler seat but can be used for the day. We are working on an insulated insert that will help keep ice but now it's just basically a large open tub with drain.

  • Which way does this seat open........forwards or backwards.

    It is designed so you can choose when you install it. There are hinge postions  on both side of the  base. 

  • I need to know the width of the foot print please. I read the cushion is 31 wide but it seems like there is a couple inches of box on the sides?

    The foot print is 32.5" wide by 16.5" deep. I apologize, the image showing the dimensions is not displaying properly but we will fix asap.

  • I have your flip flop seat. The backrest zipper has broken. Will you sell just the backrest? It is the turquoise blue color. I can provide my credit card number via phone. Thank you

    We will replace that seat cushion under warranty, no need to pay anything. If you could please email us at support@pontoonstuff.com with an image and ship to address we'll get you a replacement seat asap. Please provide the original order name or number if possible so we can note the account. The image will help us to determine if we should make production improvements. Thank you for your business!

  • I have a 1990 Northwoods pontoon with a 2003 Honda motor. how does the weight of your seats compare with what I have. Hoping it doesn't add weight if I have the same setting

    I do not know the exact weight of your current pontoon seats. I'm rather postive that your exsisting pontoon seats are made of wood. All of our replacement pontoon seats are made of plastic, which is typically much lighter. They do not contain any wood. The Pontoon Flip Flop seat you are looing at only weight 45 lbs. 

  • i.e. Backrest. Is the sewn in design on both sides of the backrest, or is one side one color. Thank you

    The back rest on this replacement seat has the color on both sides of the backrest. 

  • I'm looking to replace a set of seats on my Bayliner Cuddy. I'm wondering if your flip seat would work well as a live well?

    Customer have converted our pontoon flip flop seat into a livewell. It will take some modifcation but the drain plug makes this possible. 

  • Is the bottom hinged or will it come off going down the highway?

    The seat cushion of this flip flop pontoon seat is hinged to the base. 

  • Do you have a back seat that will fit into 92" space?

    To maxamize the space with seating I would recommened two 38" pontoon benches and a right and left pontoon arm rest. This will equal 90" of space but will offer you the most amount of seating for your space. 

  • Will this seat work as a replacement for a center console cooler seat

    Yes this seat will work great as a replacement for a center console cooler seat. Please keep in mind this seat is not insulated but will work very similar to a cooler. 

  • Can you turn bottom of sit into a livewell?

    Yes it is possible to turn the bottom of this seat into a livewall. It will hold water and already has a drain plug. You will simply need to run your the proper pumps, wiring and tubing, We hope to offer all the parts for a livewell very soon.

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