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Fits 4-Bow, 8' x 8' or 8' x 10' Pontoon Bimini Tops.

Premium, 8' wide, solution dyed polyester pontoon boat bimini storage boot.

Designed to protect your pontoon boat's bimini top when in the storage position. Simply zip storage over on over your pontoon boat bimini top when in the upright, closed position.

  • Features a reinforced cut out for your stern light.
  • 100% solution dyed polyester fabric will not fade.
  • 26" Inch boot circumference


Ask a Question
  • Our cover is 8' wide but is the double canopy. Will this cover still work

    This Pontoon Boat Bimini Top Boot will cover any standard Bimini Top. This may not work for the Bimini you are trying to apply it to.

  • Will this fit a 1.25 inch frame

    Yes. This Pontoon Boat Bimini Top Boot will fit a 1.25 inch Framework. It will only fit the 8' feet wide Bimini Tops as well. 

  • is shipping free

    Yes shipping is free on all pontoon boat parts, bimini tops and pontoon seats as long as the order is over $50. 

  • My pontoon measures 8'5" wide. Do you make boots for such?

    Unfortunately, individually, we do not offer the 8'6" Pontoon Storage Boot. 

  • What is your return policy?

    I will attach a link explaing the Retrurn Policy for all of our Pontoon Boat Products.


  • May I buy one of these 8.5 feet wide?

    Unfortunatly, We currently do not carry any replacements pontoon boots for 8.5' wide pontoon bimini tops. 

  • Can this be used when trailering?

    Yes this can be used while trailering your pontoon boat. We recommened that you collapose your bimini frame and fabric completely and rest it on the rails of your pontoon boat while trailering. 

  • I have a Northwood 20ft pontoon, it has the square tubes but I believe there is only 3 tubes. I measured across the bikini cover and it measures 89 inches approx. Will this boot work?

    Yes this pontoon bimini top boat should work for you!

  • I measured my Bimini top after I just ordered from you guys and unfortunately, it's 8'5". Should I cancel my order?

    Thank you for the oppertunity. Please e-mail us at support@pontoonstuff.com and we will get your order canceled. 

  • Do this have a light cut out?

    Yes the pontoon bimini boot has a cut out for the stern light. 

  • I have a square tube bimini. Its 8 foot in length and measures 34 inches around? Will this boot fit?

    Yes our pontoon storage boot will fit your bimini top.

  • I have a 1988 bass buggy pontoon boat with the old style bimini top will this boot fit it thanks

    Yes our pontoon bimini storage boot will fit your pontoon top. I believe you are referring to a pontoon bimini top with the flaps of fabric that come down and attach to the pontoon railing in the back of the bimini top.

  • Will this fit a 78 inch wide bimini?

    Yes this should fit just fine, if anything it may be wider than your framework but all that will happen is it will cover more of the framework on the sides. 

  • Will this fit 4 square tube ribs?

    This boot should fit as long as you are looking for a boot for a 8 foot wide frame. 

  • I need this buy 06-09-17 if I order today will it be here buy then? Got to wait till last min.

    Yes, if you order Monday we will ship it that same day and you'll have it by the 9th.

  • I measured my boot, total length approximately 12 ft end to end (including the corner curves) and about 22 inches around will your boot fit?

    Our replacement bimini boots are designed for 8' wide pontoon boat tops. I'm afraid ours will not fit... how wide is your pontoon's deck?

  • I would need 2- 1 for the front canopy (no lite hole)and 1 with a hole for the rear

    You'll be able to use our bimini top boot for both front and back. However, our storage boots come standard with the cut out so you'd have them on both but this is not a problem. All replacement storage boots will have the cut out in them, they are not made specifically for front and rear bimini tops. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • does the cover have a spot for the light to pass through?

    Yes, our pontoon bimini storage boot has a reinforced cut out for you stern light. You'll be able to slide it right over your pontoon stern light. 

  • What colors are available in this boot?

    We have this pontoon bimini boot available in Navy Blue, Pacific Blue, Burgundy, Teal, Green and Gray. Looks like we are missing the color swatches in the image gallery (we will fix this asap) but all the colors are listed in the drop down menu.

  • I have a Veranda 2275 F2 pontoon. Will this cover fit ?

    This is a Pontoon Boat Storage Boot that is designed to fit any 8 foot wide Bimini Top. If those measurements match then you should be just fine. 

  • my Lowe's boot is 102" x 12" wide. do you carry this size with center hole for lite.

    Unfortunately, no we do not. We only offer the Potoon Boat Bimini Boot in one size that is listed on our website

  • does it have a hole in it for marker light

    Yes, these have a hole that is designed for the Pontoon Stern Light to come out of. 

  • Does this haver a hole cut for a light on the frame?

    Yes this pontoon bimini top has a cut out for your pontoon stern light.

  • Is there a hole or slot for the anchor light ???

    Yes there is a spot for the anchor light on pontoon bimini boot.

  • We have an 8' wide pontoon what I would call royal blue Bimini. Would you order the navy or pacific blue boot cover?

    From your description I think Navy pontoon bimini boot will be a closer match for your boat.

  • Does the boot have an opening for the light that is attached to the Bimini top frame?

    The pontoon bimini boot has an opening for the pontoon stern light.

  • Does this boot have a hole for my stern light?

    Yes our pontoon boots have a hole for your stern light.

  • Is there a hole for the light?

    Yes there is a cut out in this pontoon bimini boot for the stern light.

  • Does this have the cut-out for stern light?

    The pontoon boat bimini top boot does have a cut out for the stern light.

  • I have a 2002 Lowe Deck Boat SD220 Suncruiser, the beam is 102" and the Bimini is 8' long. 1. Will the 8 x 8 Bimini Fit? (when discussing this with a rep from Lowe Boat a few years ago, he said only to get the 8' wide one, wanted your take on his remark) 2. You mention it comes with bolts to connect to the railing, my railings are covered with metal, so does the bolt go through the complete railing? My Railings are 1 1/4" wide, I am assuming this shouldn't be an issue. Thank You

    If your Pontoon Fence Railing is between 88" and 96" wide our Heavy Duty 8x8 Pontoon Bimini Top should work for that. We would recommend getting the pontoon bimini top with the frame to ensure proper fitment. The bolts go through the railing and will secure to it once tightened.

  • Does this have the cut out hole for the light?

    Yes this pontoon bimini top has a cut out for the sten light.

  • do have boot covers without the stern light cut out for the front bimini top of a pontoon boat?

    No I'm sorry but all of our bimini boots come standard with a cut out for the stern light.

  • Does the boot have a cut out for the light? Both zippers meet in the middle?

    Yes, This pontoon boat bimini top boot has a cut out for the stern light and both zippers meet in the middle.

  • Does it come in green

    Yes, our pontoon bimini boot comes in green. You can select the color from the drop down menu. 

  • is blue the only color

    No, if you click the drop down menu you will see there are more colors to choose from.

  • Does it have a cutout for the back navigation light?

    Yes, the Pontoon Boat Bimini Top Boot comes with a reinforced cut out for the Stern light

  • I measured across the bimini cover and it measures 84 inches approx. Will this boot work?

    These Pontoon Boat Top Boots are designed to work with 8 feet wide Biminis. Unfortunately, this will not fit your width. 

  • How to measure the boot?

    Basically the width is going to be the most important measurement. This will determine what you will need. 

  • my top is 105" wide with light will this top fit

    No this top will not fit. It fits a range of 8 feet wide to 8.5 feet wide. 

  • what are the walls that are on a pontoon called

    The walls of the Pontoon are called Paneling, or Railing. 

  • Does it have the opening for the light on a 2014 Bennington pontoon - 22SLX0004

    No these Pontoon Bimini Top Boots do not have the cutput for the light. You light should be taken off to use our Pontoon Bimini Boot. 

  • Would you happen to have this boot cover in black?

    No we do not have that color for this item. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

  • what Bimini boot cover will fit a 2004 Harrris Flotebote Super Sunliner 220.

    You will need to compare the measurements of the boat and available space to the sizes we have listed on our website. 

  • How do I measure what size boot I need for my Bimini?

    You will want to measure the width and lenght of you Bimini to determine what top you want. 

  • Do these have the opening for a light pole?

    Yes these have openings for the stern light to be applied. 

  • I recently purchased a 2013 Aqual Patio 24 foot pontoon boat, it has a double bimini top wired for a stern light. I need the light that attached to the rear of the bimini. The wireing is already there.

    Here is the link for the Stern Light: https://www.pontoonstuff.com/products/led-pontoon-boat-stern-light

  • Does this have the cut out for the anchor light?

    Yes, this Boot does havqa a cut out for the Ponoont Light

  • Will it fit a 2008 crestliner 2185 batata bay

    You will need to compare our meansurements to your available space to determine if it will fit or not. 

  • What do you offer wider than 8’ boot? Pretty certain I need 10’. I have a Premier Sunsation 250 pontoon, 2015.

    We do not carry that size. We only have the 8' wide boots. 

  • We have a 1996 misty harbor 14ft pontoon we need the storage boot awning is 72in wide

    Unfortunately, we do not have that size of Pontoon Storage Boot. 

  • I have a 1999 fisher freedom pontoon. Will it fit my bimini top

    You will need to compare measurements to determine if it will fit or not. 

  • Crestliner pontoon 96 inches across. Fill your boot fit.

    Yes, you should not have any issues using the Storage Boot. 

  • Will this fit the palm beach pontoon 84 inches wide and big enough not to force the zipper

    You will need to compare measurements to determine if it will fit or not. 

  • 2001 godfrey 18ft pontoon will thisbootfit

    You will need to measure the frame to make sure that it is 4 bows, and is 8 feet by 8 feet. Then compare them to our measruements and determine it that way.

  • What size and material are the zippers?

    The Zippers are a standard 1/2" wide and use plastic material. 

  • I have a 2008 21 ft. Larson ski boat. Need boot for top. Prefer burgundy but will take what I can get.

    We have burgundy. If you compare the measurements of the boot needed with what we have, thats how you determine what works out. 

  • A little confused. We have a 22’ Bennington pontoon. The square rails are 102” wide not including the down curves. It says 8x8 or 8x10. Will it fit on my 102” wide Bimini top?

    You should have any issues with this Pontoon Storage Boot.

  • I have a 2000 240 freedom DLX Fisher will this boot store my bikini top

    You will need to compare measurements of this item and your current item to find out if this will work or not. These are universal and are not boat specific.

  • do they have straps on end to snap to framework?

    This is strictly zippered together, around the Bimini Top.

  • I'm looking for the 8x10 how does the 8x8 fit the 8x10

    Since the width is 8 feet on both the 8x8 and 8x10 this will fit without any issues. 

  • Will this fit a Bimini 102 inches with a slit for light?

    You should not have any problems using the Pontoon Storage Boot . 

  • Does this fit a G3 20ft pontoon

    As long as you are trying to use it for a 8 foot wide Pontoon Bimini, this should work great for you. 

  • Need replacement for 2005 Manitou 24”. Also want to replace Bikini top too! Any suggestions on both

    You will need to take measurements of the Bimini Top or exsisting space to find out which of our Universal Biminis will work for you. 

  • I have a 2001 sun tracker fishing barge Will it fit it

    You will need to compare your measurement of the available space to the measurements we have listed on this products page

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