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SKU: FP12-18-White

Pontoon Replacement Fence Paneling 

12' Long aluminum paneling, available in 18" or 24" tall. (Aluminum Paneling shown installed) WARNING: This paneling has sharp edges, use extreme caution when cutting and during installation.
  • Replace the aluminum paneling on your pontoon boat's fence railing.Thin enough to cut easily yet strong enough for a lifetime of trouble free service.  This is a beautiful replacement aluminum skin that can be inserted in your existing fence rails or pop riveted onto the outside of the pontoon boat rails.

    • Same panel used by new pontoon boat manufactures.
    • Aluminum panel with baked on enamel finish on both sides
    • .032 thick aluminum paneling comes in a 12' roll.


          Ask a Question
          • Do you have 14.5" tall of rolls? If not, how can I cut?

            We only offer 18" and 24" tall rolls right now.  You will need to get some electric sheet metal sheers to properly cut that.

          • can you get roll longer than 12' i have one fence section that is 12'-8" lg

            We only offer this in a 12' cut at this time.

          • I plan to place an order for 24" bronze paneling. Do you have 1/8" pop rivets to match?

            We do not offer the rivets right now and you would have to get them from a local hardware store.

          • Do Your have pontoon fence available in colors?

            Yes, We offer them in white, black, bronze and indigo

          • Is both sides one color.

            Yes both sides of the pontoon fence paneling has the same color on both sides.

          • If I order a 12' roll that is 18" high, how large will the package be that I receive?

            The box size for 1 roll of our pontoon fence paneling will be about 12" x 12" x 19"

          • How many rolls for an 18' pontoon?

            You will need at least 5 rolls of the pontoon fence paneling for your 18' boat depending on door locations and overall layout.

          • How many rolls for 24ft

            You will need 6 rolls for a 24 foot pontoon boat. That would be two rolls per side and 2 rolls for the front and back of your pontoon boat.

          • Hi I’m intrested in new paneling however my bass buggy fence is not the same on all sides. Its tall in the back end. What do you recommend

            It would depend on how tall the fencing is in the back of your boat. If its less than 24" but taller than 18" you can purchase a roll of 24" tall and cut it down to size.

          • Do panels have texture on one side

            These Pontoon Fence Panels do not have a textured side. They are completely smooth.

          • Are the rolls 12' or 20' long?

            The Pontoon Fence Paneling comes in rolls of 12'

          • I have a 22ft pontoon boat how many rolls would I need

            You would need five rolls for your application of Fence Paneling

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