Pontoon Trailer Guide Ons


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Set of 4 trailer guide posts with mounting hardware.


Trailer guides to help you load your pontoon boat in rough waters. 

Will mount to pontoon trailers with frames ethier 2"x3" or 2"x"4". 

  • Sold as a set of 4 guide posts with mounting hardware.
  • Carpeted bunk protects your pontoon tubes during loading.
  • 26" overall height of each load guide post (4 per order).
  • Load your pontoon then install guides 2-3" way from tubes.
  • Mounting hardware is included.
  • Powder coated black steel with black carpeted bunks.
Reviews for Pontoon Trailer Guide Ons
5 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
Nick S from St Paul, MN on Apr 24, 2015
These guide ons appear to be very well made and they are very sturdy. I have read reviews on other guide ons where people complain of them bending, you WILL NOT bend these ones! They are very helpful when loading my 22.5' pontoon on my bunk trailer. They definitely help take out the guess work and relieve stress when loading, for a new boat owner like myself. Due to a shipping error, I only received 3 of the 4 guide ons in the package. I made a call to their support line and received the 4th a few days later, no questions asked. I am very happy with this purchase.
Craig Curtis from Overland Park, KS Truman Lake, MO on Aug 12, 2014
these things are great! put me on the bunks every time the first time! My brother hadn't seen me load since I put them on. I came in on the first shot, strapped it up and had them haul me out. He asked if I was going to see if I was on the bunks. I told him no I don't need to anymore. Man was he surprised!
Ross from Maxton on May 12, 2013
Fast Shipping..a Must Have for pontoon boats..1st time buyer from this vendor and very Happy with the product and service..