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(100 per kit) Self-tapping screws are the easiest way to install your decking.

Incredibly strong, 2" self-tapping pontoon deck screws with 5/8" Phillips head.

Xylan coated steel deck screws can be used in any environment and will not corrode. These heavy duty fasteners are strong enough to drill through plywood and aluminum cross bars. 

  • (100) coated deck screws per kit.

Question:  How do I use these deck screws to attach the plywood to my pontoon boat's frame?

Answer:  All pontoon boats use aluminum cross-members or stringers to connect the tubes of the pontoon. Your plywood decking sits on top of these cross-members and creates the floor for your boat. Our pontoon deck screws are designed to be spaced 16" apart and run down through your plywood and aluminum cross-members. Use a heavy-duty drill with a #2 square head bit or a #3 phillips. No pre-drilling is required though it does make it easier for customers who do not have powerful enough drills to pre-drill a small hole through the plywood and aluminum frame.

Question:  What size are these screws?

Answer:  1/2" head, 2" overall length with a 1/4" self tapping bit. Thread size is 1/4" x 1.875".

Question:  Can these pontoon deck screws be used in salt water.

Answer:  Yes, all of our pontoon hardware is saltwater rated.  We use heavy duty Xylan coated deck screws because they are stronger than stainless and will not snap off when screwing down through plywood and aluminum.  


Ask a Question
  • I am only replacing one 4 X 8.5 foot pc. Do you sell smaller quantities of this item?

    Unfortunately, we only carry this quanitity of Pontoon Boat Deck Screws. 

  • Approx. How many are needed per sheet of plywood?

    With standard installation, the 100 Pontoon Boat Deck Screws will be enough for any Pontoon Decking application. 

  • My kayot has galvanized crossmembers. Will these self tappers work wit galvanized?

    Yes our pontoon boat deck screws will work with the galvanized cross memebers of your pontoon boat. 

  • I am turning a pontoon into a dock and putting deck boards instead of plywood...will these work as well and if so how many will be required?

    I believe these should work as long as they are long enough for the installation you are using. As far as how many, usually 1 bag of 100 would do the job with the Pontoon Decking. 

  • Are these screws compatible with pressure treated plywood?

    These Pontoon Boat Deck Screws are compatable with pressure treated wood.

  • Will these work for attaching a aluminum pedestal seat base to plywood?

    The Pontoon boat deck screws will allow you to attach the pedestal base to your plywood flooring.

  • Will these work on Steel cross members if i pre drill?

    The Pontoon Boat Deck Screws will work on stell cross members. You do not have to pre-drill a pilot hole but it is recommended.


    Nope, all of our Pontoon Hardware is Saltwater rated. You should have to worry about that. 

  • Do you have these in 1 1/2 inch length?

    No. We only offeer the 2" Self Tapping Deck Screws. 

  • Will these work on carpet flooring attached (glued) to plywood decking and drilled and screwed into aluminum underframe. Originals are 2" long with a 1024 machine thread body and self drilling point. Can you send a sample

    We cannot send samples. But I can tell you that we have not had any issues with customers. These are the standard size for most pontoon boats. 

  • Can these be used to install your table mounts?

    Yes. Though since they are Xylan Coated they will not match the "chrom finish" of the Table Mounts. 

  • If you were to pre-drill a pilot hole, what Ø would you recommend for the tapping hole? ( Existing #10's are pulling out)

    We use 1/4 #20. This should help you determine which size to use for the Deck Screws. 

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