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SKU: PBC-D-Beige
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Premium pontoon covers for 19' to 22' pontoons, fits 8' W & 8-1/2' W pontoon boats.

Premium solution dyed polyester pontoon boat covers won't stain your seats.

We offer our premium stain and fade proof pontoon boat covers at a value price to help protect your furniture. By offering you a low price on a very high quality pontoon boat cover we can help increase the life of your pontoon furniture.  It is in our best interest to help you protect your new seats.

  • 4 year full replacement warranty on premium pontoon covers.
  • 8.8 oz, 600 denier premium marine grade polyester fabric.
  • Premium, color fast polyester pontoon boat covers won't stain or fade.
  • Use these pontoon covers for indoor storage and travel.

Pontoon Cover Features

  • Loads of tie-down loops for secure highway trailering.
  • Heavy duty sewn-in bungee cord secures cover under your deck.
  • Plenty of straps to secure your pontoon cover when trailering.
  • PU coated polyester fabric is water resistant.


    Ask a Question
    • What are the differences between the SKU: PBC-D for $299.99 and the PBC-D cover for 199.99 other than color?

      The difference is going to the premium solution dyed fabric. Since it has added color, it needs a specialized solution that will keep the Premium Pontoon Cover from fading. 

    • We have a 1990 Kennedy pontoon 20 foot will these tarps last the cold weather if it is sitting outside thanks

      Yes, this pontoon cover will hold up in cold condtions if left exposed to the elements. 

    • need a cover for 1993 pontoon 20"

      You will want to verify that the 20" measurments is the size of your pontoon deck and not the length of your pontoons. If the 20" measurement is the size of the deck of the pontoon boat this pontoon cover will be the right fit for you. 

    • Our boat has a bimini cover frame on it will this fit over that? We would like a mooring cover that covers the enitre deck and this looks like it would work. Thanks

      Yes this pontoon cover will fit over your bimini frame as long as it is in the closed postion resting on the rails of your pontoon boat. 

    • We have a Sedona pontoon boat by Bennington. The cover uses snaps and is in bad shape. Our boat remains on the dock. Is it possible to put your cover on the boat while it is in the water tied to the dock? How does your cover work with pooling rain on the cover? Support poles? Does it cover the windshield and the bimini top? You mentioned a local canvas maker who could make a cover using the old cover as a pattern. Do you have the names of any who do this kind of work? How heavy is your cover? We are frustrated, as senior citizens, struggling with a worn out cover! Thank you for your answers. Sincerely, Fred and Jean Graf

      Our pontoon boat covers are designed to cover the entire pontoon and then snug up under the decking with a heavy duty bungee cord that is sew into them. We do have many customers who use them as moorings covers like you are talking about but they are not nearly as easy as snapping a custom fit cover to your railing. You will need to drag the entire cover over the boat and down the sides. Many times customers just fit it over the railing and do not try to pull it under the edge of the decking when it is docked. This works but you will need to make sure it is on tight. I think your exsisting cover will work best for you. Any local upholstry and trim shop should be able to repair or replace your exsisting cover for you.  We do not supply a supporty system like you referenced but it is recommened. The cover will be large enough to cover your winshield and your bimini top if it is resting flat on the rails. I understand your frustration all covers are diffucult to work with and we wish there was a better solution for this problem. 

    • I need a cover for a 2003 Suncruiser TR204 side split

      I beleive that boat is about 20 feet long. You will want to measure the actual lenght of your pontoon boat and that help will determine your cover to ensure you order the correct size. As long as you confirm the measurements this should be the cpontoon cover you will need. 

    • I have a 22' Harris that I dock at a lake house where I go every other weekend. Would this cover be easier to put on and remove than the snap on cover?

       Our pontoon boat covers are designed to cover the entire pontoon and then snug up under the decking with a heavy duty bungee cord that is sew into the hem. We do have many customers who use them as moorings covers like you are talking about but they are not nearly as easy as snapping a custom fit cover to your railing. You will need to drag the entire cover over the boat and down the sides. Many times customers just fit it over the railing and do not try to pull it under the edge of the decking when it is docked. This works but if you have a heavy wind storm it could send the cover flying. I know many customers use our covers just like you mentioned. 

    • Do you have one that will fit a 23' 1994 sylvan space deckboat?

      If your deck boat has the pontoon style fence on it this cover may work for you. I would recommened going with our large pontoon cover for boats that are 24-26 feet long. If for some reason it does not please let us know and we will cover the return for you. 

    • I have a 1993 20 Ft. Playbouy with a tilt forward hard top. It folds forward to the front of the railing and adds about 14 inches in height . Does this cover have enough height to cover the boat with a hard top that folds down?

      This pontoon cover should be able to fit your hard top bimini top as well. 

    • I need a cover for 22 ft long Bennington pontoon 2011 year with snaps Blue or gray heavy duty

      Unfortunately our pontoon covers will not come with snaps, ours our more universal fit. It sounds like you need a custom mooring cover made locally at a canvas shop that could use your existing cover as a pattern or get the measurements off you pontoon. I found a shop on eBay that says they offer matching Bennington covers, the price is $1,067 but you need to install the snaps... you can find them if you search for bennington snap on pontoon covers there. I'd recommend having it made locally so they place the snaps in the correct position for you unless they quote you a crazy price.

    • I need a tarp I can leave on the pontoon while it is tied to the dock

      We have many customers who do use our pontoon boat covers while the boat is docked but they are not as easy as a true custom fit mooring cover. Our covers are designed to fit under the lip of the deck and they have heavy duty bungee cords in the hem that hold them in place. However, many times customers just simply fit the covers over the railing and take it as close to the deck as possible. Our pontoon covers are not the perfect solution for covering your pontoon while it's docked but they do work. Thank you for the opportunity.

    • We have a 2004 Crest Super Sport 22, will this cover fit?

      As long as your Pontoon Boat measures to the size of the Pontoon cover you have choose, then you should have zero issues. 

    • What's the difference between the standard and the premium cover? There both 600 denier

      The biggest difference is going to the be Premiums Solution dye that is use to keep the color in the Pontoo Boat Cover so it will not fade. 

    • I have a 2001 Harris 22 pontoon.will this fit...

      Our 20' - 22' Premium Pontoon Cover should fit your Harris 22' perfectly.

    • What do you recommend to keep water from pooling in the center of a cover?

      We recommend buying an after market pontoon cover support system or many people fabricate their own out of some PVC pipe.

    • In the photos I didn’t notice any support poles to aid water run off...are there sewn on support pole pads or anything to prevent them from ripping through?

      Our covers do not have sewn in support pads unfortunately. You may purchase them from after market suppliers or make some yourself and sew them in.

    • Can I cut the cover to add a pole system vent?

      We would not recommend that you cut a hole in the Pontoon Boat Cover. 

    • I need a cover for a 2010 Suntracker Partybarge. It’s 21 ft. Will this work?

      With your Pontoon being between 20' and 22' you should be just fine using this cover.

    • Have a 2003 Bennington 2275RL. Will your cover fit?

      If your Pontoon Boat is 20 to 22 feet in length, then yes this will fit your boat. 

    • what supports possible heavy snow on the tarp? is something included for a mid support and so it isn't flat?

      You will need to add a Cover Support System to this Pontoon Boat Cover. Unfortunately, we do not offer those at this moment. 

    • we have a 22ft Crest pontoon with a windshield. Would it better to use the larger 24 to 26 foot cover? Also the boat is kept in our roof covered boat dock.

      20' to 22' would be the best fit for you. The extra couple of feet will add way too much. 

    • I have a 2008 Tracker Sun Classic pontoon boat. The deck measures 8' wide by 19'8.5" long. It has two fishing seats outside the handrail on the front of the deck. Has the sundeck/box along the back handrail behind the rear corner lounger seat. Would I need the 20 to 22 foot cover? I feel the next size down would not be long enough but, don't know if the 20 to 22 foot will be to long and not fit tight. Thanks for any help you can provide.

      a 20' - 22' Pontoon Cover would work just fine for your measurements. 

    • I have a Harris 220 SL pontoon , will this cover fit?

      You will need to compare measurements to find out hat cover will work for your pontoon boat. 

    • Need cover for 2005 Sedoma ETW34172K405 would like for it to cover the complete boat it is a 21 foot

      You will need to compare our meansurements to your available space to determine if it will fit or not. 

    • Our premeier 210 legand pontoon needs a cover it sits on sea legs, it's older so we are looking for universal cover. Can we put braces inside your cover to avoid water pooling on cover

      Yes, these can be used with cover support systems. 

    • What is the overall width?

      It fits a 8' or 8'6" width. Its a universal top. 

    • Will it fit a 24ft pootoon

      No you will need a 24'-26- foot Pontoon Boat Cover. 

    • We need a cover for our 18' Lowe Pontoon, lakeside without straps to cover daily (Trinidad model). Can you fit us?

      These Pontoon Covers are universal. They should fit most models of boats that are the length between 20' and 22'

    • What is your Return policy?

      Please follow the link for our return policy. https://www.pontoonstuff.com/pages/returns

    • I have a 20 ft Lowe Jamaican Suncruiser pontoon boat & I am looking for a new cover! Do you have one to fit this boat?

      This cover should fit the boat just fine. Since our products are universal, this helps a lot for that reason. 

    • I have a 20” weird fisherman deluxe will this fit

      As long as your Boat is 20' to 22' feet in length, you should have no issues with this Cover working for you. 

    • Do you have a measuring guide ? What exact measurements do you need ?

      Since our porducts are universal, you would need to measure the length and width of the Pontoon Boat. This has a shock cord sewn into it which allows for the adjustment in space. 

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