DeckMate Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Tops (8'6" W x 10' L Pontoon Bimini with Boot)

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  • Does this top come with a matching boot and does it have an anchor light cutout

    Yes. This Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Top comes with the Anchor Light cut out, as well as a matching Boot. 

  • What is distance from front rail mount to center rail mount ? Also, what is distance from center rail mount to rear rail mount?

    It is 32" from the front brack to the middle and 36" from the Middle bracket to the Rear Bracket of the Pontoon Bimini Top 8'6" x 10'

  • Already have 8' rear top (1 1/4" framework) that measures 60" above the boat mounting frame - do not know the manafacture. The boat railing (also 1 1/4 inch) is 100 inches outside to outside. The boat is a 22' Suncruser Jamacian 220 by Lowe. Do you have a top (framework and fabric) for the front?

    Since our Pontoon Boat Products are universal you would need to compare your measurements to the different sizes of Bimini Tops we have available. 

  • I have a Bennington pontoon and bent the frame. It looks the same, do you supply frames / tops for them? I also have the front Bimini that zips to the front of the rear one, will this work?

    We do not supply Frames or Pontoon Bimini Tops for them. Our Pontoon Bimini Tops are universal but do not zip to any other Bimini Tops.

  • What is the height of the frame in the center, measured from the mounting brackets/top of the boat rail?

    The Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Top is 50" from the Top of the Pontoon Railing to the highest point of the Bimini Top. 

  • No rails. Material only

    We do not offer the 8'6" x 10' Bimini Top Fabric separate from the framework. 

  • I just put one of these on my boat and the first time i took it out ,it come apart at the seems of the zippers and you can almost see through the top.Is there different grades of tops? The add said heavy duty.

    These are designed as a Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat top. If you are having issues, they do have a 5 year warranty. Please give us a call at 877-295-9522 and we can set up a replacement for you.

  • I have a new tracker targa v18 wt with versa track to attach bikini and accessories. Do you make or include hardware that is compatible?

    Unfortunately, we do not have the hardware to accomdate that design. I would recommend checking into Amazon or Ebay. That is usually a good place to go when looking for something Boat specific. 

  • What is the shipping time to Lake Havasu City, Arizona? thanks, john t.

    Arizona, is about 3-4 business days. If you order before 4pm EST it will go out that same day. 

  • what is the measurement between the front and rear mounting brackets

    The Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Top brackets from front to rear measure to be approximetly 68 inches.

  • My rails are 1/4 inches diameter. Will these brackets fit over the rail?

    This pontoon bimini top and frame is designed to fit a square railing that 1 1/4 inches wide. It sounds like this pontoon bimini frame will not work if your pontoon boat rails are only 1/4" in diameter. 

  • I have a 2005 Bentley 24 ft Pontoon and the hardware is perfect but I need just the cover is that possible and if so how much is it

    Unfortunately, we do not sell the 8'6"  x 10' bimini fabric by themself. We have tried but the return rate is very high. What we found is that beyond the standard 8' x 8' universal fit pontoon bimini top fabric we sell the larger frames are more custom and depending on the boat manufacturer and our fabrics simply don't fit well. . 

  • Is there electrical wiring in the frame for a stern light in the 8 1/2 x 10 heavy duty pontoon canopy?

    Yes, the electrical wiring for your pontoon stern light is included in this heavy duty pontoon canopy. You will need to run the wire through the frame when you install the pontoon bimini frame on your pontoon boat. 

  • How much does the bimini top weigh? The reason I ask is on my old pontoon, I was able to easily raise and lower by myself - it was made of aluminum with front straps. On my newer tritoon, it has stainless steel round frame - including metal front struts and it weighs a lot more and is a lot harder to raise and lower by myself.

    This pontoon bimini frame and fabric will weigh about 45 lbs when fully assembled. You may want to look at our power bimini frame and fabric. It is more expensive but is the perfect solution to your problem. I have included a link below. 

    Pontoon Power top

  • What is the recommended maximum speed for this Bimini Top?

    While traveling in your pontoon boat on the water we recommened not exceeding 30 mph with the top fully open. While trailering your boat we recommened that you close your top competely and lower it so it rest on the rails on your pontoon boat.

  • do the support struts have to be mounted vertically or can they be on an angle?

    We recommend that you mount your pontoon bimini as close to 90 degrees from your rail as possible. This help to ensure that the pontoon fabric top fits nice and taught. If you are unable to do this the struts do adjust so you can adjust them to get a good fit.

  • Do you sell the 10 foot long x 8 feet wide Bimini top by it self without the frame

    Unfortunately we do not, only the 8' x 8' fabric is universal enough to sell alone. The larger pontoon bimini tops tend to be very custom and unique on each pontoon boat. The pontoon manufacturers have used 9', 9-1/2' and 10' L tops in the past and with so many variations in the framework for the larger bimini tops we were never able to build one that was universal enough to fit. We have tried selling our fabric top by itself but the return rate has always been over 50% so we stopped.

  • Can I get just the cover? I have the exact same frame.

    Do you have one of our frames? If you have the same size frame but it's from a different manufacturer it will not work. Did you have a warranty issue? If something has happened to the top you purchased from us we will just replace it for you.

  • Do you have wider frames? (9 1/2'w)

    Unfortunately the 8-1/2' wide frame is the largest we offer for our pontoon boat tops.

  • Do u have sides that can be added to your pontoon top

    I think you are referring to the flaps of fabric that come down from the top of the bimini and snap to the railing. Unfortunately our bimini tops are not designed this way, we only use small flap in the rear to give it a more custom look. We stopped producing the tops with full length tails due to visibility issues, the boat manufacturers all switched styles due to this also.

  • Can you get sunbarella canvas

    Unfortunately, no we do not offer any Sunbrella Canvas products. 

  • can i get a privacy curtain

    We only have the Changing Room available. We do not offer a full Privacy Curtain. 

  • What is the minimum length of rails this can attach to?

    The mounting brackets for the Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Top is 34" from Front bracket to Middle. Then 37" From Middle bracket to Rear. 

  • The side rails on my boat are round, can your Bimini top frames mount to these round side rails?

    No. These Bimini Tops will only mount to square railings. 

  • What is the warranty on this Bimini Top? The 8' 6" x 10' heavy duty model

    The warranty for the Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Tops is 5 years. 

  • I have a older pontoon boat. not for sure the normal width of a pontoon boat is but mine is 94 1/2 inches wide. does Pontoon Stuff make a bimini top to fit this width?

    Yes, both our 8' x 10 and 8' x 8' pontoon bimini frames will fit the width of your pontoon boat.

  • My Premiere pontoon measures 99" wide outside to outside on 1 1/4" square rails, which width bmini frame would fit? the 8' or the 8'6"?

    You will want to order the 8' 6" pontoon bimini frame.

  • Can it collapse all the way down to my seats so I can get my boat into my boat lift (fit under canopy)?

    Yes, This pontoon bimini will fold all the way down to fit under your boat lift canopy.

  • we have a 32' Sun Tracker Regency party cruiser. the measurement between the railiing inside too inside is 96". do we need to order 8' or 8 1/2' bimini top? we are thinking an 8'....

    With that measurement we would recommend the 8-1/2' wide option. With 96" inside to inside you would have a few inches more and the wider bimini top is a better option.

  • Do you sell just the canvas top and boot?

    We unfortunately only sell the economy bimini top and boot by itself. We will sell you a replacement top if you already have our heavy duty frame.

  • I have a Tahoe DRL 2485, do you have one that will fit my boat? Thank you!

    If your Tahoe framework is  8-1/2' wide with railings between 96" to 102" wide and you have 82" of railing space on each side then the Heavy Duty Pontoon Bimini Top should work for you. 

  • My fencing is 99" outside, will this top work?

    Yes, if your rails are 99" wide this pontoon top will work for you.

  • what type pf warranty do you carry on the heavy duty pontoon boat top? 8.5x10ft

    Our pontoon Bimini tops come with a 3 year warranty. 

  • I need a beige top 96 across four zipper sections

    Follow this link and it will show you what you are looking for! Link:

  • is there a retail supplier in Houston

    Unfortunately, we do not have a supplier in Houston. Our Showroom is in Elkhart IN.

  • What is the distance in inches between the support legs front to back on the 10foot long top?

    If you look at the featured pictures, it will show you the measurements of the brackets locations. 

  • i like the way this top is made i am looking for one to match up with my back cover the 8'6'' will work on the width i need to see if you can provide a 7 to 8' in long and 48'' tall in the black ???

    Unfortuantely, we do not carry that size. We only carry the sizes that are listed on our website . 

  • Is the Bimini prewired for light?

    No, it will come with wires that you will need to put throughout the frame. 

  • can both size tops fit for 8ft wide boats

    If you are purchasing the 8 x 10 or 8 x 8 frame and fabric then yes. The 8'6" wide does not fit a 8 foot wide top. 

  • Do you sell replacement straps for the top.

    No unfortunately, these Bimini Tops comes to us fully assembled.

  • The height is listed at 75" is that including the railing on the pontoon that it is mounted to? What height railing are you assuming?

    No this is the standard 24" railing height. Overall height depends on the height of your railings. 

  • In a lot of your answers about measurement you say to check the measurements in your website. Do you mean just the measurements listed under the product (e.g. 8 ft x 10 ft) or are there more detailed measurements elsewhere?

    You need to check out the featured pictures. There is a measurement for the mounting brackets. You need 34" from the front to the middle mounting and 37 from the middle to rear mounting brackets. 

  • How does a side door affect the mounting/placement of this bimini at the front of a pontoon boat?

    You want to make sure you have enough space where one of the mounting brackets will not and on your side gate. 

  • What is the height of the canopy top from the rails (where mounted)?

    It is approximately, 50" from the mounting brackets to the top of the Frame. 

  • do you sell just the mounting bolts

    No we do not offer hardware separately from the hardware that comes with an entire frame work. 

  • Could I mount this on the front of my 20ft Bentley so I would have the hole boat covered

    As long as you have the available space for the mounting, you shouldn't have any issues using this top. 

  • Between the installation video, what question was answered already on here and an answer I've gotten over the phone, which one of the measurements will make the top the tightest fit? The measurement from the rear to middle bracket and middle bracket to the front? THANK YOU!

    You want to make sure that the front and rear strut are at a 90 degree angle. After that, the adjustments on the front strut will help tighten the top. 

  • Could you send me information on how to measure to make sure I’m getting the correct size top? I need to get two of them. Thanks

    Compare our measurements on the mounting brackets to your available space. This will determine if it will work for you. 

  • i have an 03 suntracker 240 24' pontoon will this fit?

    You will need to compare the measurements we have listed on the website to yours and we can determine if it will work. 

  • Can the top be laid down all the way on the boat railing when not in use for parking under a boat shed or does it stand up at the back at all times?

    The mounting brackets allow you to remove the arms and place them all the way down. 

  • What type of material and weight is the top made of.

    This Bimini Top is made of solution dyed polyester fabric bimini top and storage boot

  • Do you sell replacement 1-1/4" framework mounting brackets as shown in the photo for the 8'-6" x 10'-0" heavy duty pontoon boat bimini top?

    Unfortuantely, we do not offer Pontoon Bimini Parts. We only offer them as a complete set.

  • Do you sell just replacement top canvas, no frame, in this size? 8'6" x 10'

    Unfortunately, we do not offer these fabric separate from the Frame. They are sold and a package. 

  • will this fit the front of a 25' pontoon? We want to add a second top to our pontoon.

    Please check the measurements listed on our website. As long as those measurements match up, you shouldn't have any problems. 

  • Is there a cut out for light for the top and cover if so is the wiring included

    Yes. These come with the stern light cut of the fabric. 

  • What are all of the tools you need for installation?

    You should only need a drill, for the holes and possibly a Phillips head screw driver. 

  • Do you have this top with a stainless steel round frame

    Unfortunately, no. We only have the aluminum frames that are attached with the Pontoon Boat Tops. 

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