38" Classic Pontoon Boat Seats

Pontoon Boat Seats


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Note: pontoon boat seats must be supported against railing.

Classic Pontoon Boat Seats

  • Classic pontoon furniture uses superior quality materials in a more affordable style.  
  • Our pontoon seats will last! The quality of your vinyl and foam won't matter if your seams tear or rot that's why we only use the best UV and mildew treated polyester thread.
  • 30 oz marine grade seat vinyl is coated and treated to exceed industry standards for UV and mildew resistance.
  • Each foam pontoon boat seat cushion is built with a mix of soft & dense foam to give you support and comfort where it matters most.
  • Seat bases with molded drain channels increase the life of your pontoon flooring by allowing water to escape your deck instead of being trapped and left to soak into your carpet and decking.
  • No wood! Enclosed plastic seat bases for storage and high impact plastic seat cushion frames will never rot or break. DeckMate® pontoon furniture has a lifetime warranty on all frame parts.
Pontoon Boat Seat Dimensions:
  • Overall Seat Width: 38"
  • Overall Seat Height: 29.5"
  • Overall Seat Depth: 24.5"
  • Seat Cushion Depth: 18"
  • Seat Base Depth: 24"

Our History

PontoonStuff® was founded on the idea that rebuilding a pontoon boat should be affordable and that you shouldn't need a payment to get that new boat feeling. With factory-grade pontoon furniture, flooring, and parts, we make it affordable to have a great-looking pontoon boat again!

Here are some quick facts about us:

  • We've been in business since 2005, and have helped over 200,000 customers fix up their pontoons. We sell to an average of 35,000 new customers per year.
  • We sell more replacement pontoon boat seats than all other marine retailers combined, and focus on offering everything you need for your pontoon restoration.
  • Designing, building, and selling our pontoon boat seats directly gives us a big advantage: We can invest more in quality because we control the entire process. 
  • All products are stocked and shipped from our facilities in Elkhart, IN and Dalton, GA.

Before building our own DeckMate brand of pontoon furniture in 2012, we sold nearly every brand of replacement pontoon seating, so we understand what makes a high-quality seat. Because of our experience with other seat brands, we knew where to focus our efforts in order to offer superior quality pontoon boat seats.

PontoonStuff® Quality Promise
Our success is tied directly to our ability to provide you with quality products and the best customer service. Quality and excellent service are our top priority!

  • Industry leading warranty - 6 year full replacement on any defective pontoon furniture. No other pontoon boat seat manufacturer offers this level of service because no other manufacturer uses the same quality of materials.
  • If your pontoon boat furniture arrives with any defects or quality issues, we will pay to return and replace your pontoon boat seats immediately.
  • We pay all costs associated with any damaged or defective seating. There is never any cost to you.
  • 100% transferable warranty - if you sell your pontoon boat, the buyer is covered. If you're a second owner, just provide us with the original owner's name or order number.

You're making a big investment with your time and money when you choose to restore a pontoon boat. Making sure all of our customers know we will support them after the sale is important to us. We will take care of any problems you have quickly and at no cost to you, as we personally warranty everything we sell.

* For more information about our warranty, please click here or call (877) 295-9522.

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    38" Pontoon Bench Seat Parts

    38" Pontoon Seat Bench Line Drawing

    1 – Insert stud bolts (E) into the T-Nuts located in the black plastic bar on the bottom of the Back Rest Cushion.

    2 – Place the Back Rest within the designated spaces and secure and tighten the 1” Washers © with the Wing Nuts (B) from the inside of the base.

    3 – Align hinges attached to the Seat Cushion with the inserts located on the front of the base.

    4 – Secure the Seat Cushion to the base with the 1/2” Bolts (D) (You can adjust the hinges left and right, up and down, to get the best fit.)

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    Ask a Question
    • What's the best way to measure for new pontoon seats

      I will attach a link that will show you the measurements that we need. https://www.pontoonstuff.com/pages/replacement-pontoon-boat-seats

    • How high does the deck railing have to be to support a 38" seat?

      Since our Pontoon Boat Seats sit at 29.5" Tall we suggest to have the railing 20 inches or more to best support our Pontoon Boat Seats.

    • How much does the classic 38 bench weigh

      The 38" Pontoon Boat Seat weighs 46lbs. This includes the Seat Cushion, Back Rest Cushion and Plastic Base. 

    • How much does the 38" classic Pontoon Boat Seat weigh?

      The entire 38" Pontoon Bench Seat with Cushions and Base included, it weighs 48 lbs.

    • Does it come with 2 seats or just one

      This 38" Pontoon Boat Seat comes with a Base, Seat Cushion and Back Rest Cushion. Which makes 1 total Pontoon Boat Seat.

    • will you have a 55 inch bench available in the classic line. would like all seats to match as I will be ordering 2 38 inch seats. do you make a captains chair to math. (grey-blue-charcoal) thanks, Jim D

      We do not carry a 55" Bench is the classic line. Ordering 2 of our 28" benches will allow you to fill the space and have the design of the seats match. We do have Pontoon Captains Chairs that match most color options.

    • Are the back of the seat covered to match, thanks Terry

      The back of the pontoon seats are covered in marine vinyl to match the front. It does not have the accent stripes on the back of the seats. They are covered in a solid color. 

    • Do you sell the cushions for this 38 inch bench seat? (not the base)

      Unfortunately we don't just sell replacement pontoon seat cushions unless they are used with our bases.  Our seats are built custom for our bases they are not universal and therefore will not fit on anyone else's plastic base. This is a very common question and it is always less expensive to simply replace all your seating rather than try to have new cushions custom-made for your bases.

    • Is ur seats offered in white only

      Unfortunately we do not offer a solid white color option. The closest we have is a white and blue color in both our premium and classic pontoon boat seats. Thank you for the opportunity.

    • is white the only seat base color?

      Each of our color styles has a matching base. For example, our Gray/Blue and Charcoal pontoon seats will have a gray plastic base our Ivory and Teal pontoon furniture will have a matching Ivory base and the White and Blue pontoon seats will have a matching White base. 

    • Do you carry 36-inch bench seats

      I'm sorry but we only carry a 28" or 38" bench seat in our Classic line of pontoon boat seats. In our premium we only carry a 28", 38" or 55" bench seat. Do you need the pontoon seat to be exactly 36"? Thank you for the opportunity.

    • How long does it take for seats to be shipped out after order is placed ?

      If you place your order before 4pm (MONDAY-FRIDAY) it will go out that same day as long as the items you have ordered is in stock. Our Pontoon Boat Carpet ships within 48 business hours of placing your order. 

    • Do theses mount to the deck?

      Yes. These Pontoon Boat Seats can mount to the deck of the boat. We include wood screws that will be needed to attach the plastic base to the Deck. 

    • Do you offer any of the seats without a back, or is the back removable? I have a bench across the back and on each side I have a seat, but they do not have backs. Thanks!

      Unfortunately, no we only offer the seats as is, with the Plastic Pontoon Base included. 

    • What all color combinations can I get the 38 " benchs in I need 2 and 2 armrests

      We have all of our Color options listed in the drop down menu of the 38" Pontoon Boat Seats. Depending on what line of Furniture (Premium or Classic) you go with determines what colors are available. 

    • Can I get it ln green and white

      Unfortuantely, we do not offer custom colors when it comes to our Pontoon Boat Seats. The colors we have listed on the website are the only options we have. 

    • is there a color number for the blue or may i get a sample of the vynil so that i can paint my pontoon boat to match please. i will be purchasing an entire set through this website.

      You may get samples of our vinyl seating here: https://www.pontoonstuff.com/collections/pontoon-samples

    • Regarding the note that all seats must be supported against a railing, do they actually get attached to the railing or just rest against it?

      When it comes to the pontoon seating it just needs to rest up against a railing but you can attach if if you feel it to be necessary.

    • Will a speaker with outside dimension of 7 " fit in the flat section of base

      Yes a 7" speaker can easily be installed in this base.

    • what is the base height

      The base height is 12" tall.

    • Can I buy a single corner seat along with the 38 inch bench seat for the starboard bow rail on my pontoon boat and what will be the total length of both seats and cost?

      You can order a single corner seat which is 28" in length and if you add the 38" bench it would come to 66" of total length. 
      The cost for our classic collection would be: $529.98 before any state taxes. That would qualify for free shipping. 
      The cost for our premium collection would be: $709.98 before any state taxes. That would also qualify for free shipping. 

    • Do the seats come with mounting hardware for the floor?

      Yes, all of our pontoon boat seats come with the proper moutning hardware to secure them to the floor of your pontoon.

    • Can I have material samples sent? Interested in gray red/charcoal thanks

      Yes, You can follow the link below to request samples. 


    • Wat size cut out is there for speakers

      We do not offer our pontoon seat bases with pre cut holes for speakers. Our bases are easy to cut into with a jig saw or something similar

    • What color are the pontoon seat bases? White? Off white?

      Our pontoon bases will match the main color of the pontoon seat you order. For example our gray, red, and charcoal pontoon seats come with a gray seat base, our Ivroy and teal pontoon seats come with a ivory colored base, and our white, blue and light blue seats come with a white base.

    • Are all bases in the classic series white?

      The pontoon base colors matching the corresponding colors of the boat seat cushions. For example the are gray, red, and charcoal seats come with a gray pontoon seat base. 

    • What is the difference between the premium and classic seats"

      You will get an 1 1/2 more cushion, as well as more color options and exclusive seats witht he premium seating. Both use 30oz marine grade plywood however.  

    • Will your 38" seat mount, backed up to a 36" consol

      If you are wanting to screw the seat to a console you will need to compare measurements on the height of the back rest. 

    • how do i get to review the premium bench seats 38"john holan

      Bottom of the page under the reviews there is a button that you can click to leave a review. 

    • Do the seat bases come with the seats

      Bases come with our Seat cushions. You are buying a complete set. 

    • Hello, my 1996 Monarc Suncaster 200 calls for a 36" seat for part KC38-200, but I only see a 38" on your site. My 36" hooks into a 28" corner seat part number KC28300. Please let me know if you have this in a 36", thank you.

      We do not have that seat available in a 36" seat. 

    • Do you make 48 inch seat for the front section of the pontoon and what would the cost be

      We do not have a 48" Pontoon Seat. We only have the sizes listed on the website. 

    • I just need several cushions sets not the bases. But I will need (2) two (one right, one left) reclining cushion and bases in the white, blue. light blue. Thanks

      Unfortuantely, we do not offer our seats cushions without bases. They are made with our bases in mind. 

    • What is the weight of a 38" seat ?

      Total weight for the 38" Seat is 48 pounds. This is for the base and for the cushions. 

    • What is the cushion thickness on the classic line . i noticed the premium is 5 in

      The Cushion height is going to 3 1/2" on the classic line

    • What is the height from the bottom of the base to the top of the seat cushion? (Not the back cushion)

      Our Measurement for the classic Pontoon Furniture at its tallest is 18" from base to the top of the Seat Cushion. 

    • How much is shipping cost for 2 38 seats to 29486

      Free. We offer free shipping on our products over $100.00.

    • What does the 5 years full replacement warranty cover? Does it cover weather wear and tear, such as sun damage?

      We do pride ourselves on the quality of our product. Our warranty will cover sun damage and fading. We do recommend covering the seats to prolong the live of the seating.

    • do you have live well seats?

      Unfortunately, no we do not. 

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